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How To Avoid Computer Vision Syndrome And Digital Eye Strain?

Computer Vision Syndrome and Digital Eye Strain

Problems related to vision due to CVS or computer vision syndrome and digital eye strain are growing at a rapid pace these days, the reason is growing dependencies on computers and popularity of video games, virtual games, etc.

The regular gaze at the screen of computers or play stations cast severe strain on eyes. This strain initially causes mild symptoms which if ignored turn into serious problems which may last forever.

It is not possible for anyone to completely stay away from computers or other sources of trouble like TV, LCDs, etc. but one can certainly avoid computer vision syndrome and digital eye strain by following some helpful tips.

These tips protect eyes and some of them even help in improving vision, these are very beneficial for young kids and teenagers as they are common victims of the problem.

Avoid Computer Vision Syndrome and Digital Eye Strain

Stay at a Safe Distance

Watching TV from a distance lesser than 8 feet or working on a computer with a screen closer than a couple of feet is asking for trouble.

The rays falling over retina emerging out of TV or computer screen can be devastating for vision and eyesight. Place your TV and your computer in a way that even unknowingly you do not watch or work on them from a closer distance.

This is one of the easiest ways to avoid computer vision syndrome and digital eye strain.

Keep Room Properly Lighted

If you work on a computer or watch TV in the darkroom you are heading for a disaster. Darker surroundings make rays emitting out of the screen too sharp and straining for eyes.

Keeping room overtly lighted can also cause trouble; brighter surroundings push a person to focus harder on a screen which strains eyes and cause weakness.

Avoid watching TV in the bedroom at night, if necessary keep room properly lighted to avoid strain, proper lighting is another useful way to avoid computer vision syndrome and digital eye strain.

Refresh your Eyes in the Morning

The best way to do so is by splashing warm and plain water over the eyes after waking up. Splash warm water at least 20 times over closed eyes and plain water the same number of times to increase the flow of blood and re-energize all the organs of the eyes.

This curbs ill-effects of strain and prepare them to work without getting stressed-out throughout the day. These methods are good ways to avoid computer vision syndrome and digital eye strain. These will be providing you with the proper weak eyesight cure.

Blink more Often

Usually, people gaze at a computer screen for long hours, during this gaze they hardly blink, if one does not blink the harsh light rays can cause dryness over an ocular surface which can cause red eyes, scarring and damage to the lens in the long run.

By blinking more often you can keep the ocular surface moist and outer membrane protected which works as a barrier for infectious agents and harmful pollutants and dust. These also are good ways to avoid this problem.

Take Breaks in Between

Even if you are watching your favorite program or game take a break and move away from screens. While working on a computer take a break after every hour or an hour and half of 10 minutes to allow eyes to recuperate.

Little relaxation in between can do a world of good to avoid computer vision syndrome and digital eye strain.

Wear Computer Glasses

These are very useful ways to avoid computer vision syndrome and digital eye strain. These glasses protect the eyes from harmful rays and also suppress strain. These glasses are good for preventing strain caused by TV and other bright sources of light.

Eat Healthy Food

A proper diet prevents eye aging and keeps them enduring and healthy. A healthy diet rich in nutrients keep immunity higher and prevent infections and allergies in eyes.

A proper diet also keeps eyes protected from strain. Form a diet that includes green vegetables, citrus fruits, whole grains, and nuts on a regular basis.

These foods supplement vital vitamins like A, C, and E and also other compounds that keep vision sharper and clear. Some of these foods delay eye aging and maintain healthy vision.

A proper diet is one of the useful ways to avoid computer vision syndrome and digital eye strain.

Perform Eye Exercises

Regular exercises keep eyes healthy and also help in shedding stress and strain. By performing regular eye exercises one can easily avoid computer eye syndrome and digital eye strain and keep vision clear.

These exercises maintain strength in ocular muscles and also keep tear glands active to keep eyes healthy and protected from disorders. These are also very useful for the delaying process of aging.

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General exercises are also good for keeping eyes healthy. Exercises like walking, jogging, swimming, etc. enhance the flow of blood and reduce the toxicity level of the body.

These benefits slow down the process of aging and also keep all the organs energized and healthier. Performing regular mild exercises is a good way to avoid this eye problem.

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