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Get Rid of Smile Lines Around Eyes and Mouth

Natural Ways to Reduce Smile Lines Around Eyes and Mouth

Lines and wrinkles over face are signs of ageing these can appear even prematurely due to poor health of skin, here you can find safe natural ways how to get rid of smile lines around eyes and mouth.

Get Rid of Liver Spots on Your Face

Natural Ways to Remove Age Spots from Your Face

Natural ways are very effective to get rid of liver spots on your face and gain shinier and brighter skin. Liver spots or age spots are small portions of skin with higher melanin secretion. Skin cells secrete melanin to protect inner layers of skin from UV rays present in sunlight. People also collect liver spots due to poor care, frequent dryness and toxin damage to cells of skin. Natural remedies exfoliate dead and dark skin cells and bring out fresh cells to dissolve liver spots safely. These are most effective ways how to remove age spots and suitable for all types of skin.

How to Get Rid of Liver Spots on Your Face?

Lemon Juice

Lemon is one of the simplest and effective natural remedies to get rid of liver spots on face. Squeeze sufficient amount of lemon juice and apply with the help of a cotton ball over dark spots. Leave it on for 10 minutes and wash off. Do not go out in Sun while wearing lemon juice, it can darken skin even more. Use lemon juice before taking shower regularly till you see off the problem. You can also apply lemon juice before bedtime and wash off in the morning. Both ways it dilutes and dissolves dark spots and provides evenly toned shinier skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains acid which are effective in lightening and reducing age or liver spots. You can apply ACV directly over skin or after diluting it with water. Apply and leave it to dry, wash off with plain water later, and repeat regularly. You can also prepare a mixture by adding honey and ACV in equal parts. Apply this mixture over age spots and wash off after 20-25 minutes. Both ways ACV is very useful way how to remove age spots.

Onion Juice

Onion juice too is rich in acids which are effective in dissolving dark spots on skin. The simple way to use onion to get rid of liver spots on your face is by rubbing its slices. Cut an onion into thin slices and rub it liver skin containing age spots. Leave the juice to dry and wash off later. You can also process onion in a processor and apply onion juice with the help of a cotton ball. Leave the juice for 20 minutes and wash off. Repeat this remedy regularly for few weeks to get rid of spots and marks completely.


Horseradish is rich in vitamin C and also possesses antioxidants which increase blood circulation in skin. Grate a piece of horseradish and apply its paste over age spots. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes and wash off. If you stay out in the Sun and suffer with liver spots frequently you can keep a natural lotion ready. Take four inch long piece of horseradish and grate it. Take ¼ cup of ACV and mix grated horseradish with it. Leave the mixture for two weeks in a glass jar. After two weeks strain and collect the liquid and apply three times in a day till you get rid of liver spots on your face. This is another trusted way how to remove age spots.


You can apply buttermilk layer after layer to lighten and remove them completely. Buttermilk due to lactic acid is excellent agent to remove dark spots. Apply with the help of a cotton ball. Apply one layer and leave it to dry and apply another till you have applied few layers, wash off and repeat regularly till problem gets resolved. You can take small piece of green papaya and press the fleshy part of it over age spots. Rub gently and leave the paste for 20-30 minutes. You can even grate some papaya and apply the paste. The enzymes in papaya on regular application help to get rid of liver spots on your face.

Yoghurt, Oatmeal and Lemon Juice

Yoghurt too contains lactic acid and also healthy fats which exfoliates and soothes skin to remove dark spots. Add one tablespoon of yoghurt to two tablespoons of oatmeal, add two teaspoons of lemon juice and form a paste. Apply over face rubbing it in circular motions. Focus more over dark spots and leave it for 40 minutes. Wash off later with cold water and repeat 2-3 times in a week. You can also massage dark spots with plain yoghurt regularly. It exfoliates and brings fresh layer of skin. Both ways yoghurt is excellent remedy to how to remove age spot.s

Castor Oil

Castor oil is trusted remedy for skin and it also lightens and removes marks and spots. It is thick in consistency so dilute it with coconut or olive oil. Add any of these oils in equal quantity with castor oil and massage the dark spots for few minutes. Leave it on and wash off later. You can apply one more time before bedtime and wash in the morning. It is very effective way to get rid of liver spots on your face. You can also massage dark spots with Aloe Vera gel to gain even tone of skin.

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Get Rid of Deep Wrinkles on Neck Fast

Natural Ways to Reduce Deep Wrinkles on Neck Fast

Ageing is natural process which brings few signs in the form of deep lines and wrinkles. Deep lines and wrinkles over neck appear prominently and look completely unflattering.

Get Rid of Large Pores on Face

Natural Ways to Reduce Large Pores on Face, Cheeks and Nose

Large pores on cheeks and nose are major causes of acne, blackheads, whiteheads and oily skin. Skin around nose, cheeks and other parts of skin contain dense sweat glands which in presence of large pores make skin oily and cause skin conditions.

Natural Ways to Reduce Baggy Sagging Neck Skin

Natural Ways to Reduce Baggy Sagging Neck Skin

Sagging skin of neck can be embarrassing and deteriorates looks of a person face exercises to get rid of turkey neck are effective and bring positive results in a short time. Face exercises for turkey neck provide firm neck and tighten skin these also help in reducing chubby face and eliminate signs of ageing or obesity. Baggy sagging neck skin increases one’s age and makes him or her appear much older than real age, it is completely unflattering and everyone wants to get rid of it quickly, here are few useful ways to get toned and firm neck skin.

Face Exercises to Get Rid of Turkey Neck

Fish Face Exercises

There are few simple face exercises to get rid of turkey neck, forming a fish face, is one of them. Sit in a chair and tilt your head backwards to look at the ceiling, move your head backwards as far as possible and move your lower lip to cover your upper lip, hold this position for few seconds and release. While moving your lower lip up stretch neck muscles and keep them tight. Perform these exercises 4-5 times in a day regularly to get rid of baggy sagging neck skin.

Sit in a chair in a relaxing position with your shoulders down. Tilt your head backwards and look at the ceiling now stick your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Put pressure over your lower muscles to stick the tongue with pressure over roof and hold it for 10-15 seconds, relax and repeat again. Bring your head back to normal position to regain blood flow and repeat again. Perform this set of face exercises for turkey neck few times in the day regularly and gain firm and toned neck.

Another one of the effective exercises to get rid of turkey neck can be performed in a lying position. Lie down straight and tilt your head backwards so that your chin face ceiling. Now turn your face towards right as much as possible, bring it back to original position, turn it to your left and hold each position for at least 5 seconds. Repeat few times and perform this entire exercise few times in the day regularly. In a short duration you will see considerable reduction in baggy sagging neck skin.

Circle your tongue inside closed mouth in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction equal number of times. Perform at least 15-20 turns in each direction and perform this exercise 3-4 times in a day regularly. There is another one of the simple exercises to get rid of turkey neck. Sit in a comfortable position and stick your chin out a bit. now form a pout, make it as big as possible so that your give neck muscles a full stretch. Hold your pout for 10 seconds and release and repeat again few times. Perform this few times in a day regularly as face exercises for turkey neck.

Chin Slapping

Chin slapping is another way of getting rid of sagging neck skin. Sit in a comfortable position or stand and stick your chin out a bit. Now slap the saggy skin with back of your hand. Keep your hand hard and slap with some force so that you get a mild tingling sensation. Slap 10-15 times at a time and wait for blood flow to rush, slap again few times and perform these 2-3 times in a day after regular intervals. The slapping will entire flow of blood which will firm the skin by increasing collagen production and you get rid of baggy sagging neck skin.

Stand straight and tilt your head backwards not much just enough to stretch neck muscles. Now put your index fingers over either side of windpipe and massage running your fingers all the way from base to jaw. Apply gentle pressure not too much to affect breathing but enough which can shift the muscles beneath a bit. Perform these massages for 10 minutes and repeat 2-3 times in the day. These are excellent face exercises for turkey neck.

Human beings have a groove below neck. It is soft arch which lies just above chest bone at the place where neck begins. Use your index finger and make circles with it massaging the inner region. Do not put pressure which can constrict the air flow but maintains some pressure which stimulates the blood flow. Start by massaging for a minute 2-3 times in the day and gradually increase the duration every day. These exercises will tone and firm the skin of neck and remove bags of flesh.

You can combine regular exercises along with these for faster effects. Running, jogging, aerobics, Yoga and other exercises are good for reducing overall fat in the body and increase flow of blood to tighten skin. In combination with face exercises these show faster results in removing baggy sagging neck skin.

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