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Top 10 Herbs For Better Eyesight And Eye Vision

Herbs For Better Eyesight And Eye Vision

Eyes are delicate and vital organs of the body but these stands in the way of many potentially harmful agents and factors, starting from sunlight to air and water and other agents which are suspended in environment classified as pollutants or debris, all pose a serious threat to eyesight and vision.

Eyesight cannot improve on its own, it can only deteriorate with age and due to stressors, unless person eats supportive diet or consume herbs for better eyesight and eye vision, one can only expect a vision to deplete.

There are many safe and effective herbs for better eyesight and eye vision which keep these organs nourished and free of disorders to keep vision sharp and clear for longer period in life.

Top 10 Herbs For Better Eyesight And Eye Vision

Milk Thistle – Natural Herbs for Better Eyesight

Milk Thistle

This herb is well known for its wonderful effects on the liver. Liver malfunction can cause weak eyesight and blurred vision, plus poor liver functions can also increase sugar levels and cause harm to vision. For people prone to suffer from high blood sugar or having liver-related problems intake of milk thistle is excellent to keep problems related to vision away. This is one of the widely used herbs for better eyesight and eye vision.

Eyebright – Herbal Remedy to Improve Eye Vision

This herb is beneficial for eyes in many ways. Its use has been found as very effective in preventing dry and itchy eyes. It also keeps ocular surface of eyes clean and free of dust and debris which protects lens and prevent swelling of capillaries. Regular use of eyebright is widely recommended by practitioners to protect eyes from day to day strain and works as one of the useful herbs for better eyesight and eye vision.

Fennel – Herbal Remedy to Prevent Cataract and Glaucoma


This herb is easily available and its use as tea or as an eyewash has been found very effective in calming inflammation of eyes or redness in eyes. The use of this herb is also very effective in preventing serious problems like cataract and glaucoma. The properties of this herb to decrease intraocular pressure make it one of the effective herbs for better eyesight and eye vision.

Bilberry – Herbal Remedies to Improve Eye Vision

This herb is renowned for improving night vision. This is rich source of anthocyanosides which are excellent in improving microcirculation of blood, these compounds are powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants too and prevent macular degeneration, retinopathy and reduce inflammation of retina. Use of bilberry as fruit or juice is beneficial for eyes and is one of the trusted herbs for better eyesight and eye vision.

Green Tea – Natural Remedy for Healthy Eyes

Green Tea

The teabags of this tea are used to diffuse puffiness around eyes and inflammation of eyelids. Intake of green tea supplements tannins which are powerful anti-oxidants; these compounds keep blood flow within eyes smooth and also help in reducing intraocular pressure. The overall properties of green tea make it one of the good quality herbs for better eyesight and eye vision.

Saffron – Natural Remedy to Treat Eye Problems

Regular use of this herb has been found useful in improving the condition of people suffering from cataract. This herb has innate properties to improve the performance of blood vessels and increase blood flow. It is also a rich source of active anti-oxidants which make it one of the useful herbs for better eyesight and eye vision.

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Turmeric – Home Remedy to Gain Sharp and Clear Vision


This rhizome possesses powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Medical experts believe that oxidation of lens is one of the major cause of eye disorders which deteriorate vision. Use of turmeric has been found very beneficial in preventing oxidation of eye lens which makes it one of the effective herbs for better eyesight and eye vision.

Grape Seed Extract – Herbal Treatment for Eye Problems

This herb contains numerous compounds which are beneficial for eyesight and vision like linoleic acid, vitamin E and flavonoids. This herb is recommended to treat disorders like eye strain, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and cataract. This herb is also well known for its anti-histamines and anti-oxidant properties which make it one of the very effective herbs for better eyesight and eye vision.

Goldenseal – Herbal Remedy to Reduce Eye Allergies and Irritation


This herb is protective and curative both. Its use as eyewash protects eyes from allergies and irritations and cure weak eyesight. If used regularly this herb prevent staph infection, sties, and trachoma which are triggered by allergic reactions.

Gingko Biloba – Natural Remedy to Improve Vision and Eye Health

This herb is renowned for improving blood flow towards the back of the eye. This property of this herb makes it very effective in treating and preventing glaucoma and also macular degeneration. It is also nervine tonic which improves performance and activity of nerves, nerve weaknesses are also common causes of poor vision, color perception, and night vision.

Use of this herb has improved vision and eye health considerably even in those individuals who suffer from diabetes or restricted blood flow due to other medical conditions. This too is one of the widely prescribed herbs for better eyesight and eye vision.

Apart for using herbs healthy lifestyle is also very important to maintain and improve vision. Performing eye exercises keep eyes and ocular muscles healthy and strong which also plays a crucial role in maintaining sharp and clear vision for a longer period in life.

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