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8 Simple Eye Care Tips to Protect Your Vision Naturally

Eye Care Tips to Protect Your Vision Naturally

Eye Care Tips to Protect Your Vision

The health of eyes deteriorates with age and slowly person loses sharpness in vision, people also complain about the difficulty in differentiating colors and reduced vision at night.

All of these are the result of constant strain that our eyes are subjected throughout the day and day after day.

Follow simple eye care tips to protect your vision naturally and enjoy sharper and clearer vision for a longer period in life without the support of glasses or lenses.

These eye care tips to protect your vision naturally relieve eyes of constant strain and also counter side effects of health conditions which weaken muscles and blood vessels of eyes to reduce vision.

Simple Eye Care Tips To Protect Your Vision Naturally

Relax Your Eyes

Relax your eyes a few times in a day, this is simple but one of the very effective eye care tips to protect your vision naturally.

We do not relax our eyes and ignore the stress that is constantly caused to them while we are working. Develop a habit of covering your eyes with palms for at least 1-2 minutes 4-5 times a day.

This will not take more than 10 minutes during the day but will do a world of good for keeping eyes healthy and energized.

Eye Exercises

Perform eye exercises regularly. These exercises are simple and can be performed anywhere easily.

One of the popular exercises to sharpen vision is performed by placing thumb right in front of the eyes at a distance of about afoot.

Move thumb from your left shoulder towards the right and follow the tip of the thumb with your eyes without moving your head.

Bring back thumb from the right-hand side to left again and repeat 5-6 times. Move thumb slowly and do not lose sight of the tip of thumb at any time.

This is one of the effective exercises which keep eyes healthy and vision sharp, these exercises are excellent eye care tips to protect vision naturally.

Wear Sunglasses

Wear sunglasses whenever outside. People often complain about watery eyes when they are out in the open, this is a sign of stressed and tired eyes.

Always wear sunglasses to protect eyes from harmful UV rays present in sunlight and also from dust and hot and cold air.

Sunglasses also prevent environmental pollutants from affecting ocular surface and eye lens and keep eyes protected and safe.

Try to wear sunglasses with a darker shade in place of light ones. These are good eye care tips to protect your vision naturally.

Vitamin A, C, and E – Herbal Remedies to Gain Eye Vision

Supplement your body with vitamins A, C and E. These vitamins are vital for improving and maintaining sharper and clearer vision.

Vitamin A is vital for eye health and smooth functioning of all the organs. Vitamin C boosts-up the immune system and is also powerful anti-oxidant which delays the process of aging.

Vitamin E promotes blood flow and maintains a healthy supply of nutrition and oxygen to eyes.

Green leafy vegetables, carrots and all types of fruits are good sources of vitamins and keep eyes healthy for a longer period in life. Dietary changes are excellent eye care tips to protect vision naturally.

Refresh your eyes regularly. The only way to bust stress caused to eyes during the day is by relaxing them in a proper manner.

There are a couple of excellent eye care tips to protect vision naturally which refresh and relax eyes. These can provide the best eyesight treatment.

Take proper sleep during the night, avoid working till late in the night and take at least 6-8 hours of sleep necessarily.

This kind of sleep is good for overall mental and physical health and also for maintaining vision. Refresh your eyes after waking up.

Splash eyes while lids are closed 20 times with normal water and 20 times with warm water. This will clear all the stress and strain and will energize them for the day.

Cucumber – Herbal Remedy to Improve Eyesight

Use cucumber to keep your eyes relaxed and stress-free. Cut a few slices of cucumber and keep them in the refrigerator for half an hour, take out two slices and place them over eyes and relax for 20 minutes.

Perform this one more time during the day. This will relieve strain off eyes and also make them appear brighter and shinier to improve your looks.

These also work for preventing dark circles under the eyes and wrinkling of skin over lids and below eyes. This too is one of the useful eye care tips to protect vision naturally.

Quit Bad Habits

Quit bad habits. Smoking, excessive alcohol intake, untimely eating, and sleeping for a lesser duration, all speed-up process of aging and also deplete vision.

Reading in dim light, avoiding spectacles and watching TV from near or for longer duration without break, are few other habits which need to be changed.

Smoking reduces blood flow towards the eyes and increases the chances of retinopathy and macular degeneration.

Quitting these habits help the body in keeping eyes healthy and vision sharper and clearer these too are useful eye care tips to protect vision naturally.

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Medicines and Eye Drops

Check your medicines and eye drops. Using medicines too much like pain-killers or sedatives also causes adverse effects on eyes.

Eye drops which are an anti-allergic hinder the flow of blood in eyes use these as and when absolutely necessary. These are effective eye care remedies to protect weak eyesight naturally.

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