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Cause of Blurred Vision and Dizziness

Cause of Blurred Vision and Dizziness

Blurry vision may come and go the duration for which it lasts depends upon the cause of blurred vision and dizziness.

Sometimes blurry vision stays for long, in fact, it keeps on becoming graver and graver with every passing day.

The causes which harm eye functions and organs, or those which affect the quality of lens and image formation over retina are the most devastating reasons for the blurry vision which needs proper treatment.

Regular blurred vision can deteriorate focus, cause headache and dizziness. In most of the cases, proper precautions, and changes in habits and daily routine are able to resolve the problem, but in some cases which occur due to diseases or deficiencies, etc. proper treatment is needed to bring back normal vision.

Few commonly found causes of blurred vision and dizziness are

Cause of Blurred Vision and Dizziness

Mini Stroke

It is a cause of blurred vision and dizziness which is not related to eyes. This is a condition in which blood stops flowing towards the brain and causes fatigue, numbness in limbs, difficulty in speaking, inability to balance and blurred vision.

When this condition is over vision in most of the cases comes back to normal but if a lack of blood supply has caused any damage to eyes or nerves which carry the image to brain the vision may take a long time to recover.


Low or high sugar levels both are causes of blurred vision and dizziness. Amongst signs of high or low blood sugar, blurred or hazy vision is one of the common symptoms.

Once blood sugar levels come back to normal the vision also becomes normal but frequent episodes of change in sugar levels keep deteriorating vision and in the near future person may need to take the support of glasses or lenses to see things clearly.


Or colloquially called nearsightedness is a condition in which a person can see near objects clearly but is unable to see far off objects.

This condition is common amongst younger age groups who spend most of their time watching TV or playing games on computers.

People at any age can develop blurry vision due to this problem by straining their eyes regularly through bright light and screens. This is one of the common causes of blurred vision and dizziness.


This disease progresses slowly and does not cause much of the problem at the initial stage. It causes a cloudy lens and makes it opaque which prevents light rays to pass through and converge over retina to form an image.

Once this problem has settled in it needs proper treatment and it keeps on progressing until treated. This too is one of the common causes of blurred vision and dizziness which is commonly found in elderly people.


This condition occurs due to damage caused to the optic nerve by harmful agents, metals, and pollutants or due to genetic reasons.

In this condition, a person loses vision from the corner of the eyes first and later entire vision gets affected.

There are different ways by which this problem may present itself but the one in which person first losses sideways vision and later front vision is the most common cause of blurred vision and dizziness.

Brain Aneurysm

Inflammation of an artery in the brain causes headache and blurred vision. If any artery bursts and starts bleeding it becomes life-threatening but even if the artery is inflamed and not bleeding it causes blurred vision and dizziness.


These medicines are known to promote glaucoma, mostly these cause narrow-angle glaucoma by squeezing the pupil.

Avoiding the medicines usually resolves the problem and vision gets back to normal in a short duration. These medicines too are common causes of blurred vision and dizziness.


These are known for increasing eye pressure in people and bring conditions like cataract or glaucoma. These medicines too are well-known causes of blurred vision and dizziness.

Anti-Psychotic and Breast Cancer Treatment

These are other causes of blurred vision and dizziness. The treatment for breast cancer and drugs used to treat psychotic problems can harm vision and make it hazy and unclear.

People undergoing such treatment or taking these drugs shall get their eyes tested every six months to avoid the problem.

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Habits and Lifestyle

Smoking and the use of tobacco in any form gradually harm vision and make it hazy. Excessive alcohol intake dilates the pupil of eyes and initially affects night vision and slowly deteriorates near and far vision both drastically.

Long hours on computers, reading in dim light and waking till late in the night can cause temporary to permanent blurred vision by increasing pressure in the eyes. Deficiency of vitamins like A, C, and E or minerals like zinc, iron, magnesium, etc.

can cause disorders that cause blurred vision and dizziness. Too much exposure to hot and cold air, water and staying out in sun for long hours without glasses also allow harmful UV rays to damage the retina and cause blurred vision and dizziness. Thus one needs to avoid all these activities in order to provide a weak eyesight cure.

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