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Natural Treatment for Glaucoma

Natural Treatment for Glaucoma

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness in the world. In fact, it is the second most leading cause in the world.

What is the significance of this condition is that it can damage your optic nerve, which would lead to vision loss? The biggest problem with glaucoma is that it doesn’t exhibit any symptom in the early stages of infection.

Studies have revealed that most of them don’t realize that they have glaucoma until it’s too late. This condition gets worse only gradually. Therefore, many are unable to defend this condition at the right time.

In the advanced stages, the permanent damage would have already been done and nothing else could be done to prevent you from becoming blind. Natural treatment for glaucoma is really popular since it can provide long-lasting relief from this condition.

When we take a closer look at open-angle glaucoma, we can see that side vision is affected first. This can lead to tunnel vision, in which you will see only straight ahead.

This is a serious condition and it can lead to permanent blindness. Since the symptoms are gradual, many are unable to deal with this condition in an effective manner.

Natural treatment for glaucoma is the best since it can provide side effect free relief from this condition.

Glaucoma is a serious condition and it should be treated at the right time with the right natural treatment for glaucoma.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the effective natural cures for this condition below.

Natural Treatment for Glaucoma

Lowering Blood Pressure

Lowering blood pressure is an effective natural treatment for glaucoma. High blood pressure and this condition are directly connected.

High pressure inside the eyes is what complicates this condition. So, a couple of lifestyle changes to reduce the high blood pressure would be very effective in dealing with this condition in an effective manner.

Constantly monitor the blood pressure to see if it’s under control.

Lowering Insulin Levels

Lowering insulin levels is an effective natural treatment for glaucoma. Blood pressure will get increased when the insulin level rises.

High blood pressure would affect the pressure in the eye as well. This might make your body insulin resistant as well.

One should realize the fact that those who have obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure are susceptible to this condition. So, try to monitor your sugar levels to deal with this condition more effectively.

Avoid Grains and Sugar

Avoiding grains and sugar is an effective natural treatment for glaucoma. It is important to avoid these food groups as much as possible.

These food groups can increase insulin levels beyond one’s expectation. It is applicable to organic grains as well, as they also add to increased blood sugar.

One should avoid a number of food items including potatoes, rice, pasta, bread, cereal, etc.

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Regular exercise is an effective natural treatment for glaucoma. Regular exercise can reduce insulin levels in an effective manner.

Aerobic and sprint exercises are recommended. One can also opt for strength training. All these will be beneficial in reducing the insulin levels in a natural fashion.

Omega-3 Fatty Acid

The omega-3 fatty acid is an effective natural treatment for glaucoma. There is a type of omega-3 fatty acid named docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) which has the ability to promote the healthy retinal function.

This compound has the ability to prevent macular degeneration in an effective manner. It will be able to prevent blindness from happening. Fish is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. You can also go for Krill oil for maximum result.


Lutein is effective home remedies for glaucoma. These compounds have immense power when it comes to increasing eyesight. However, not too many are familiar with them.

Lutein is a carotenoid usually found in leafy vegetables. It is an excellent antioxidant as well. It will protect the body cells from free radical damage.

Or in short, try to have plenty of leafy green vegetables to protect your eyes. You can eat broccoli, spinach, Brussels sprouts, collard greens, kale, egg yolks, etc.


Zeaxanthin is an effective natural treatment for glaucoma. Egg yolks are rich in zeaxanthin, which is equally important in dealing with this condition.

Egg yolks have these nutrients for the proper health of the body. But they will be lost once cooked. So, try to have raw egg yolk for maximum effectiveness.

Avoid Trans-Fats

Avoiding trans-fats is an effective natural treatment for glaucoma. Trans-fat might interfere with an omega-3 fatty acid in your body.

Trans-fat also leads to macular degeneration as well. Trans-fat is usually found in processed food items mostly. It can also be seen in baked food items. Avoid all of them for the health of your eyes.

Eat Dark-Colored Berries

Eating dark-colored berries are an effective natural treatment for glaucoma. Studies have revealed that bilberry has the ability to prevent macular degeneration.

Dark-colored berries like blueberries and cranberries have bio-flavonoids which are very effective in fighting this condition.

They improve the health of the eyes and the nerves. However, berries should be consumed in moderation as the sugar content can increase blood sugar levels.

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