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Natural Herbal Eye Supplements To Maintain Good Eyesight

Supplements to Maintain Good Eyesight

Most people ignore taking care of eyes until these start causing some problems, most of the disorders affect people so silently that these get noticed only when they have settled in completely. Eyes are exposed to the external environment and these have delicate composition. Health conditions, age, medication, diet and lifestyle all can affect them negatively and harm vision. There are few very useful herbs which have been used since ancient times as supplements to maintain good eyesight. These possess a big dose of nutrients and protect eyes from harmful effects of aging and external stressors to keep vision sharp.

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Natural Herbal Eye Supplements to Maintain Good Eyesight

Amla – Natural Remedy to Gain Sharp Vision


This is richest source of vitamin C, this vitamin is powerful anti-oxidant which inhibits activities of free radicals. Free radicals are responsible for causing premature aging and deteriorate health of all the organs of the body including eyes. Amla is one of the widely trusted supplements to maintain good eyesight. Intake of Amla juice on regular basis on an empty stomach improves eye functions, flush toxins out of blood and promotes blood purification.

It boosts up metabolism and prevents harmful acids and chemicals from flowing with blood into eyes, along with improving eyesight it prevents redness, itching and dryness in eyes as well. Amla can be consumed in raw form as well for gaining sharper vision and healthy eyes, its immunity enhancing properties make it one of the efficient supplements to maintain good eyesight and overall health.

Eyebright – Herbal Supplements to Maintain Good Eyesight

This herb is used in different forms and is proven effective supplements to maintain good eyesight. This herb is used as eyewash and eye drop to keep eyes healthy and free of harmful agents which sneak in to cause damages. This herb prevents dryness and weakness in ocular muscles and also prevents mopping-up of free-radicals around retina and nerves. This herb is one of the powerful supplements to maintain good eyesight and treating infections like conjunctivitis and irritation of outer layer over ocular surface. This can help you in providing weak eyesight cure.

Gingko Biloba – Herbal Remedy to Maintain Clear and Sharp Vision

Gingko Biloba

This herb has powerful properties to enhance flow of blood towards retina and protect it from harmful agents. This herb keeps nerves healthy and strong and also supplements powerful and active anti-oxidants to inhibit eye aging. This herb too is recommended as one of the effective supplements to maintain good eyesight.

Bilberry – Herbal Remedy for Healthy Eyes

This herb too is one of the oldest remedy and supplements to maintain good eyesight. This herb improves night vision and prevents capillary fragility which hinders smooth blood flow and reduces supply of oxygen and nutrition to cells and tissues. It is rich source of bioflavonoids which inhibit free-radical damage caused to eyes and works as effective protection against macular degeneration, cataracts and diabetes-induced degeneration of eyes. It is also effective in preventing glaucoma and is one of the popular supplements to maintain good eyesight.

Garlic and Turmeric – Home Remedies to Improve Good Eyesight

Garlic and Turmeric

These spices work like herbs and powerful supplements to maintain good eyesight. These have anti-oxidants and suppress activities of free-radicals and toxins. Garlic in particular prevents flow of toxins in blood and also keeps blood flow smooth. Turmeric is rich source of curcumin which prevents formation of cataract and also diffuse swelling and inflammation. These are effective supplements to maintain good eyesight and can be used in cooking or in raw form to gain their health benefits.

Herbal Eye Supplements for Weak Eyesight

I-Lite capsules are natural herbal eye supplements which have been designed after using time-tested herbs as ingredients to maintain good eyesight and also treat disorders and problems related to vision. These natural herbal eye supplements possess ingredients which are sources of vital nutrients necessary for keeping eyes free of diseases and weaknesses and maintain sharp vision. These pills on regular use supplement vitamin A, C and E which are very important for eye health. I-Lite natural herbal eye supplements improve immunity so that body can protect these delicate organs from effects of external stressors and infectious agents, these pills lower overall toxicity in body and in blood to protect eyes from damages and infections.

I-Lite natural herbal eye supplements provide big dose of powerful anti-oxidants, these compounds delay eye aging and keep them healthier. These natural herbal eye supplements are very effective in improving condition of people suffering with cataract, near-sightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. I-Lite natural herbal eye supplements use pure and safe herbs as ingredients which makes them completely safe and free of side effects. Their regular use is wonderful for keeping eyes healthy and cure disorders which harm vision.

I-Lite natural herbal eye supplements prevent infections like conjunctivitis, dryness, blockages of tear glands, red eyes and swelling in eyes very effectively. These help in reducing strain caused to eyes by regular use in dim light or by working on computer for long hours. These natural herbal eye supplements keep ocular muscles strong, lens clear and also maintain active nerves. Use of these pills is excellent for preventing ill-effects of aging over eyes and improves night vision and colour perception.

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