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Top 10 Foods to Increase Female Libido and Supplements

Foods to Increase Female Libido

Top 10 Foods That Increase Female Libido

Females are prone to suffer from frigidity. The natural phase of their life makes them more susceptible to lose their drive for lovemaking and become frigid.

The low drive for lovemaking in a woman is one of the major causes of terse relationships in couples and also makes a woman frustrated. There are many ways by which women can stay away from the problem and maintain passion in their love life.

Dietary support is reckoned as one of the best ways to alleviate signs of frigidity and increase libido. Here are the top 10 foods to increase female libido that help in curing frigidity and make a woman active in bed.


These come packed with a variety of nutrients. Regular consumption of seaweed in the diet improves the functions of vital organs like liver, kidneys, and bladder and also supports adrenal glands.

The nutritive properties of this food improve female’s energy, stamina and also enhance functions of her reproductive system. This food keeps a woman in a positive state mentally and increases her libido and fertility. Seaweed is one of the most recommended foods to increase female libido.


This variety of fish is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and health benefits. Frequent consumption of salmon metabolizes fat and improves energy levels and it has a direct impact over female libido.

The nutrients and properties of this food increase the flow of blood towards the female’s genital region. It is wonderful for eliminating debilities in the reproductive system and correcting disorders.

It improves sensation in woman’s erogenous zones and helps her gain intense arousals and climaxes easily. This is too one of the popular foods to increase female libido.


These fruits are reckoned as fertility enhancers since ancient times. Figs come with a heavy load of iron which helps in curing variety of commonly found health problems in females.

A large percentage of women runs low on iron and calcium which reduce their physical stamina and endurance and harm their libido. The rich iron content in these fruits also improves the process of ovulation and regulates healthy menses. Regular intake of these foods to increase female libido helps in solving frigidity.


These are great foods for libido and sound reproductive system for men and women both. Regular intake of oysters keeps physical stamina and energy higher and is fertility enhancer in both genders. In women, oysters are believed to be very useful for timely ovulation and release of a healthy egg.

Oysters come with the high zinc content. This mineral gets converted into oxide and dilates blood vessels to promote blood flow, healthy zinc content also balances hormones in the male and female body which regulate the flow of energy towards the reproductive system and organs. This is one of the great foods to increase female libido.


You can use berries as one of the best foods to increase female libido and better fertility. Berries are rich sources of antioxidants and protect a woman’s fertility even from ill-effects of aging.

Regular use of berries as also keeps health issues under control and maintains the physical and mental health of a woman sound. These enhance hormonal secretion and keep reproductive system energized to maintain the higher drive for lovemaking in women.


These are sources of lean protein which is regarded as a far better source of energy than animal protein. It builds and repairs muscles and help in the generation of tissues to maintain the health and endurance of organs.

The bioactive iron present in beans is excellent for women and her health and libido. It improves stamina and energy and also boosts-up her fertility. Use of beans in the diet along with wholegrain is excellent foods to increase female libido. All types of beans are good for improving female libido.


These are most easily available and very useful foods that boost libido in women. Include veggies in the diet to gain supplementation of minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. Particularly dark green vegetables are most suitable for improving female libido.

These come with high folate and B vitamin content which are needed by the female body to maintain fertility and libido. Spinach, romaine, and broccoli are healthy foods to increase female libido and boost fertility.

Dark Chocolates

These come with high flavanoids content which is a type of antioxidant. The properties of dark chocolate burn fat and maintain shape and stamina.

Just before bedtime, use of dark chocolate has shown considerable improvement in the libido of a woman. The limited intake on a regular basis improves overall health and fitness and heightens the desire for lovemaking in women.

Maca Roots

Like oysters, these too are recommended to men and women both for higher libido, physical stamina, and fertility. Maca roots are best sources of iron and iodine and their regular intake helps in enhancing reproductive system functions.

Women suffering from irregular menstruation are also recommended the use of Maca roots on a regular basis to treat the problem. These are excellent foods that boost libido in women.


These are prominent foods to increase female libido and enriched with protein and are sources of energy. All types of bird eggs come with high vitamin B3 and B6 content which are very useful for sound health and regular ovulation. Regular inclusion of eggs in breakfast can be wonderful for improving libido, stamina, and fertility for a woman.

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Female Libido Booster Supplements

Herbs are excellent remedies for any health problem that humans may face. These are safe, effective and provide long-lasting results. Herbal supplements made up of herbs are most suitable for countering problems that lead to frigidity in females.

Herbs with their natural properties address root causes of low libido and alleviate all of these simultaneously. These also boost-up the health and functions of the female reproductive system and improve her fertility.

The all-round benefits of herbs and herbal supplements provide a woman sound physical and mental health which keeps her protected from frustrating disorders like frigidity in the future as well.

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Lady Fire capsules are the most reliable and effective female libido booster supplements which improve drive in women for lovemaking by providing her better health and stamina, calm and peaceful mind and sound reproductive system. These come with multiple herbs used in Ayurveda since ages to treat issues related to woman’s health and fertility.

Some of the major herbs used in these supplements are Shatavari, Safed Musli, Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Kali Musli and variety of Bhasma like Lauh, Abhrak, Swarna, etc. Combination of herbs and Bhasma make these supplements most suitable and effective for treating the problem of female libido.

Safed Musli promotes the secretion of a hormone that arouses drive for lovemaking. It also comes with highly refined properties to improve reproductive system functions and physical energy and stamina.

Shatavari is reckoned as Shilajit for women. It strengthens the reproductive system, eliminates weaknesses, provides faster recovery from illnesses and pregnancy, increases milk production and rejuvenates entire health. These herbs boost-up female’s physical stamina and provide her calm and relaxed mind.

These improve secretion of health-promoting hormones and youth hormones which bring youthful verve for lovemaking in her. Bhasma cure disorders which affect woman’s health like anemia, poor bone density, muscle wasting, fat deposition, slow digestion and release of harmful hormones.

Lady Fire capsules are complete health tonic for a woman and provide her sound health to boost-up her libido and fertility. Due to a wide range of benefits, these female libido booster supplements provide keep a woman active in bed for a longer period in life.

In the case of elderly women, the use of Lady Fire capsules dilute the intensity of menopausal symptoms and maintain passion in her love-life. These supplements promote full-bodied intense arousals in female and facilitate smooth penetration. These maintain woman’s genital passage healthy, moist and clean and provide riddance from infections and allergies.

Woman achieves sensational climaxes multiple times in each session to enjoy bedtime acts each time and anticipates sex. Lady Fire capsules are not mere supplements that increase libido in women. These are natural remedies for treating menstrual problems and higher fertility. These cure problems like leucorrhea and maintain an entire vaginal area of a woman firm and healthy.

Best Way to Increase Sex Drive in Women

The best way to cure female libido for the long term is the use of supplements that increase libido in women and changes in dietary and lifestyle regimen. Combination of all these ensure that woman at any age enjoys a higher drive for lovemaking and gain maximum out of her love-life.

These measures provide long-lasting results and wonderful benefits like better physical and mental health and higher fertility. These measures are corrective steps to eliminate menstrual problems, psychological issues and other health issues like high cholesterol, hormonal imbalance, slow metabolism, etc.

These also improve woman’s musculoskeletal system which becomes weak due to hormonal disturbances that occur after pregnancy, menopause and irregular menstruation.

Avoiding a certain type of activities and food items is also very necessary to gain the best results from treatment and maintain them for a longer duration.

Women regaining libido shall avoid excess intake of soy products. Although these food items are recommended for handling problems related to the female reproductive system their excess intake can cause high estrogen level which can fluctuate the level of other hormones.

Limited intake of soy products shall be maintained. Avoid alcohol and all types of tobacco-based products. These cause harm to nerves and also raise toxin level in blood.

Sufficient rest and sleep are necessary for relieving and avoiding stress. Regular exercises or physically active lifestyle helps in maintaining fitness and stamina and also sound mental health. Yoga, Meditation and similar types of activities help a woman stay mentally stress-free and physically charged and active.

Always maintain your bedroom comfortable and get stress-free before bedtime. Taking a warm water shower after adding essential oils of your choice can relieve tense nerves and muscles and make you fresh to enjoy bedtime acts with enthusiasm.

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