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10 Best Home Remedies for Stomach Cramps to Ease Pain

Home Remedies for Stomach Cramps

Stomach cramps are quite common and there can be innumerable reasons for the problem. Every person once in his or her lifetime experience stomach cramps. These can be generalized or localized, generalized pain due to cramps can be felt in the entire abdominal region or at any specific point; cramps can cause sharp and excruciating pain or dull ache; these can cause intermittent or consistent pain. Occasional stomach cramps can be due to mild reasons like constipation, overeating, excessive gas, etc., but frequently occurring contractions or those which occur in a pattern are causes of concern as usually such cramps are caused by some serious disorder. Home remedies for stomach cramps are effective in relieving the symptoms and also in bringing down the duration and intensity of the problem.

Home Remedies for Stomach Cramps

Hot Compresses – Natural Treatment to Relieve Cramps

Hot compresses work as one of the best home remedies for stomach cramps. Dip a towel in warm water, wring and flush the excess water out, cover entire abdominal region with the towel and relax for few minutes. Repeat again few times, you can take hot compresses few times in a day to relieve cramps due to inflammations and strains.

Peppermint Tea – Home Remedy to Get Rid of Menstrual Cramps

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is very useful in curing stomach cramps. Drink this tea by infusing a teaspoon of peppermint leaves in a cup of boiling water and let the mixture boil for few minutes and strain and drink. Ginger tea is also very useful in curing stomach cramps, one can prepare a cup of ginger tea by adding crushed piece of ginger to a cup of boiling water, take two inch long piece of ginger to make one cup of tea. All of these are wonderful home remedies for stomach cramps.

Warm Water and Salt – Home Remedy for Menstrual Cramps

Glasses of warm water also work as potent methods. Women suffering with menstrual cramps also get benefited by this treatment. Just drink a glass of warm water to relieve cramps. For effective treatment, mix a teaspoon of salt to a glass of warm water and drink. You can repeat this remedy few times in a day to gain faster relief.

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Lemon and Honey – Home Remedy for Stomach Cramps

Lemon and Honey

Two to three glasses of lemon and honey also work as potent remedies for stomach cramps. Squeeze a lemon in a glass of warm water; add two teaspoons of honey and stir and drink. You can take two to three glasses in a day to relieve cramps and contractions in the stomach.

Chamomile Tea – Natural Remedy to Relieve Cramps

Chamomile tea is very soothing and relaxing too. One cup of tea before bedtime not only relieves cramps by diffusing swelling in stomach but also brings sound sleep. Red raspberry tea is also effective in relieving cramps and contractions. Both of these are the best remedies for stomach cramps.

Milk with Turmeric Powder – Home Remedy to Prevent Menstrual Disorders

Milk with Turmeric Powder

Warm glass of turmeric is an excellent anti-inflammatory and work very well for curing stomach cramps. Just take a glass of warm milk and add a teaspoon of turmeric powder to it, consume this once in the morning and another in the evening to cure stomach cramps. These are also widely practiced home remedies for stomach cramps.

Rice – Home Remedy to Treat Stomach Cramps

Rice also provides one of the most effective home remedies for stomach cramps. Take two tablespoon of rice and add these to one and half glasses of water. Keep the mixture to boil, let the mixture boil on a low flame till rice is half-cooked. Remove the utensil and let the rice soak in the water till water cools down completely. Strain the mixture and collect the water, add some honey for taste and drink one glass of it. You can store remaining water to use again during the day.

Home Remedies to Relive Cramps and Pain

Home Remedies to Relive Cramps and Pain

  • Fennel Seeds
  • Baking Soda and Lemon Juice

Chew some fennel seeds; you can chew them after the meals or between meals to keep digestion smooth and also to prevent cramps. Drinking a mixture of baking soda and lemon also works well for relieving cramps. Just add juice of a lemon to a glass of water and two teaspoons of baking soda, drink the mixture immediately, you can repeat this remedy twice in a day to gain faster relief from cramps and pain. These are widely used home remedies for stomach cramps.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Natural Remedy to Cure Stomach Disorders

Sip on the mixture of water and apple cider vinegar, this also works as one of the best home remedies for stomach cramps. Apple cider vinegar is digestive and relieves gas and acids from the stomach. Add two teaspoons of it to a glass of water and sip through entire day.

Stay Active

Stay active and hydrated to avoid all sorts of stomach disorders. Water is excellent for maintaining health of organs and to keep digestion sound, consumes at least 8 to 10 glasses of it everyday. Take a walk after meals and in the morning before breakfast, this provides numerous health benefits including prevention of stomach cramps. Avoid heavy and processed foods and eat light in dinner. Eat diet high in fiber; include fruits and vegetables in the meals and yoghurt to keep digestion and digestive organs healthy.

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