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Kamni capsules are natural female libido enhancer pills that can bring back desire for lovemaking even in an aged woman approaching menopause. These capsules are made up of potent herbs which have been used since ancient times to improve female health and her reproductive system.

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Libido Booster Pills for Women

Women due to physical as well as psychological reasons face problem of low libido more commonly than men. This is one of the major reasons for causing strained relationships in compatible couples. Women pass through many phases in life which can cause debilities and weaknesses and also disturb internal systems of the body. Apart from these responsibilities at home and work place can tire-out even toughest woman to make her frigid. Woman’s body needs extra support to stay healthy and also to enjoy her love life while shouldering her responsibilities. Herbal female libido enhancer pills are wonderful in providing this support which not only makes a woman capable of enjoying her love life but also stay healthier and fitter.

Women due to lack of estrogen hormone in the body or its imbalance with progesterone suffer with low libido and frigidity. This imbalance is harmful in many ways to the body and also to female’s reproductive system. Women suffering with problems like anemia or facing low immunity suffer with vaginal infections, allergies and other ailments frequently which also cause low libido. Problems related to menstrual cycle like PMS, cramps, irregular periods, excessive or scanty periods etc also deplete a woman’s desire to make love by making her uncomfortable.

Women due to circulatory problems or others have lesser cell generation in their genital region; this deteriorates tissue health and makes them weak. Such women suffer with tissue wear and tear which causes pain and inflammation during lovemaking to make it disappointing and pleasure-less. Excessive vaginal discharge, lack of sensation and poor or slow arousals are other reasons which cause low libido even in a young woman. Due to growing age, women’s body faces slowness of systems; even reproductive system experiences this slowness which causes low libido. Herbal female libido enhancer pills are so effective that these can bring back healthy desire for lovemaking even in an aged woman approaching menopause.

Best Libido Enhancer Pills for Women

Herbal female libido enhancer pills come loaded with effective herbs which provide varied benefits. These not only improve functioning of female reproductive system but also improve health to keep problems like low libido at bay. Due to herbal nature, the female libido enhancer pills are safe for use by women of any age as these are free of side effects. Out of all available sex booster capsules for women, Kamni capsules are reckoned as the best and most effective. These pills come loaded with herbal ingredients which have been used since ancient times to enhance female health and her reproductive system. Kamni capsules contain herbs like Naga Bhasma, Bang Bhasma, Ras Sindoor, Abhrak Bhasma and Lauh Bhasma. These female libido enhancer pills on regular intake provide many benefits which enhance female’s desire and drive to make love and also to gain maximum pleasure.

Kamni libido booster pills for women enhance blood flow towards her genital region. Higher blood flow brings more nutrition and oxygen to enhance cell generation and also to stimulate nerve function. Higher cell generation improves tissue health and makes them stronger and enduring; with healthier and stronger tissue lining, women have fewer chances of wear and tear and skin damages in their genital area. Improved nerve function promoted by these capsules increase sensation; higher sensation allows woman to gain intense arousals and explosive climaxes.

When woman gets aroused on slight persuasion by her partner and gains maximum fun and pleasure during the act, she wants it more and enjoys it to the fullest to lead a happier and satisfactory love life. These benefits provided by Kamni sex booster capsules for women reinstate natural desire and attraction for lovemaking even in menopausal women. Women approaching menopause or those who have passed it suffer with poor hormonal secretion which depletes blood flow and make reproductive organs weak and sluggish. Kamni herbal sex booster capsules for women, by nullifying ill-effects of hormonal imbalance boost-up functioning and health of reproductive organs to enhance libido in woman.

Natural Female Sex Booster Pills

Kamni sex booster capsules for women supplement nutrients to remove deficiencies and boost-up energy levels. These relieve stress and fatigue so that woman has necessary energy to enjoy bedtime activities. Daily chores can exhaust any woman out and low energy does not arouse interest in lovemaking; but with Kamni capsules, women remain energized and keener to make love after handling her daily responsibilities as well.

These female libido enhancer pills also enhance immune system and prevent infections and allergies occurring in female genital region. When woman is free of troubling problems, she stays active and interested in bed time activities and also enjoys it to the fullest. Kamni capsules are not just for those who suffer with low libido. These pills are wonderful supplements for every woman who wants to gain more out of her love life and stay healthy. These can be used as supplements as these are purely natural in their effects and do not cast any sort of side effects.



What are the ingredients of Kamni capsules?

Kamni capsules provide the most effective natural treatment for low libido problem in women. These capsules are helpful in increasing women’s desire to make them more fascinated about lovemaking. The herbs used in the preparation of these capsules provide the best natural way to activate the intimate organs of the female body. The ingredients used are Ras sindoor, Bang bhasm, Lauh bhasm, Nag bhasm and Abhrakh bhasm.

How to take Kamni capsules to obtain maximum benefits?

To get maximum benefits out of these Kamni capsules and to feel the ecstasy while lovemaking, it is recommended to take one or two capsules twice a day. The herbs in the capsule will provide the necessary nourishment to the female reproductive system, making them more alive to feel the sensation. This will help a woman to enjoy her intimate moments and to have amazing climaxes.

Are Kamni capsules safe to use?

Being natural in their composition, these female libido enhancer pills are the safest way to help a woman to increase her lovemaking desire to make her enjoy the pleasure. The herbs used in it do not cast any side effect to the women’s reproductive organs and thus provide the proper care to them.

How long do I need to take Kamni capsules to boost my libido?

One can use these female libido booster capsules to enjoy lovemaking act. To get optimum benefits out of them, it is recommended to use Kamni capsules for about 3 to 4 months. Being a natural formulation, this herbal supplement may take time to show results but once benefited the effects are long lasting.



Kamni capsule is a very effective female libido enhancer pill. The powerful herbal ingredients make this capsule a very effective herbal remedy.

Lauh Bhasma Lauh Bhasma: As the name indicates, it is prepared from iron. It has several purposes. It is generally prescribed for iron deficiency disease like anemia. Women experience iron deficiency and that can be the reason behind some of the problems related to female reproductive system. In that case, this ingredient is going to be very effective. However, it should be consumed under strict medical supervision to stay away from unwanted side effects.

This ingredient is nourishing, sour and bitter in nature. This is very effective in dealing with cardiovascular diseases as well. Above all, it is a natural aphrodisiac and women will be able to improve performance in bed with the help of this ingredient. It has the natural ability to improve strength, stamina, vitality and power. It will also improve immunity. Skin complexion is another thing which will witness an improvement with the use of this ingredient.

Ras Sindoor Ras Sindoor: Ras Sindoor has both mineral and herbal ingredients in it. It has the ability to improve immunity and strength in a natural fashion. It has the natural ability to deal with abdominal pain, cardiac diseases, urinary tract diseases etc. It has ingredients like Shuddh Gandhaka, Vatankura and Shuddha Parada.

This herbal ingredient has the ability to strengthen the damaged nerves and it will improve the love making experience for the women. Blood circulation to the genital passage walls will be improved and that will improve sensitivity and erection. This herb will also increase desire for lovemaking.

Nag Bhasma Nag Bhasma: This Ayurveda medicine is prepared from Lead. It has many uses in Ayurveda as it is used in the treatment of skin diseases, diabetes, asthma, liver diseases etc. However, it should be taken under strict medical supervision.

It has the ability to balance the vata, pitta and kapha in female body. Lead is called Naga in Ayurveda and that’s why it got that name. This herbal ingredient has amazing therapeutic value and therefore it has been in use for many centuries. Clinical studies have proved that this herb is extremely effective for the overall health of female body and female reproductive system. It also will increase libido in women.

Abhrak Bhasma Abhrak Bhasma: It is also known as Sahasraputi. It is known for its ability to strengthen ligaments, body and saptadhatu. This herb can be very useful in dealing with vata disorders, ratta pitta and joint diseases. It is extremely effective in dealing with all the vata related problems relating to central nervous system. Improved nervous system will improve sensation and arousal in genital passage area.

Bang Bhasma Bang Bhasma: It is very effective in dealing with urinary disorders and general weakness. It gives strength to body cells and helps treat general weakness. All sorts of genito-urinary disorders can be treated with this herbal ingredient. It is very effective in treating lack of strength and fatigue.

It provides nourishment to body cells. It is also very effective in dealing with coitus weakness disorders. This herbal ingredient improves coitus strength. It gives strength to the internal organs by providing nutrients to the body cells.



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Female Libido Booster Pills


4 reviews for Female Libido Enhancer Pills

  1. anna.hardey

    Such a miracle Kamni capsules have offered me. I can feel the sensation and now gained the interest in lovemaking. Highly recommended product for the ladies having low libido. I am so impressed!

  2. dylanpatrick

    I ordered Kamni capsules 3 months ago for my wife. Their regular dosage had really helped her. She has now started responding to my actions. Now she never denies for lovemaking. It has really saved our relationship.

  3. Shahnaz Patel

    This pill brought new light into my life. My conjugal life was quite boring and frankly speaking, I almost gave up. One of my friends suggested me Kamni and I thought there was no harm in trying the product if it is herbal in nature. I tried and it worked. Today, my love life is perfect, the way I always wanted it to be. Thanks to Kamni!!

  4. William Anderson

    My wife started responding to me. In fact, she initiates it first that wasn’t expected.

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