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8 Best Home Remedies for Engorgement

Home Remedies for Engorgement

Engorgement is a condition in which breasts of mother are full of milk most of the time, sometimes these are so full that baby is not able to suckle because nipples get flattened completely due to fullness. This condition is painful and frustrating for mother and needs attention.

Engorgement occurs when mother is producing too much milk or she is suffering with edema, this condition is also referred as primary engorgement. Secondary engorgement occurs due to delayed breastfeeding or lesser milk consumption by the baby.

Fullness or engorgement for first few days after childbirth is normal as mother’s body produces colostrums in this period which causes temporary fullness. Home remedies for engorgement are effective ways to relieve the problem.

Home Remedies for Engorgement

Expressing Milk – Natural Way for Engorgement

Expressing milk out is one of the best home remedies for engorgement. Whether it is primary or secondary engorgement if excess milk flows out of breast it makes it softer and also easy for the baby to suckle. Expressing milk out also relieves tightness. Use hand express technique by placing your two fingers of both hands around nipple and press gently, press until milk trickles out hold for few seconds and release, and press again. You can express few times in a day depending on the intensity of fullness. These work as useful home remedies for engorgement.

Take a towel and dip it in warm water, wring and let the excess water flow out. Cover your entire bosom with the towel for few minutes, perform this before breastfeeding the warmth will allow smooth flow of milk and will also make busts softer for baby to suckle. You can also take a warm water bath and let the water flow over your bosom. These also work as effective home remedies for engorgement.

Teach your body how much milk to produce. During childbirth fluids and other medicines can disturb the process of milk production and make glands over-active. If you are producing too much milk do not start feeding the child at any time, design a pattern according to the child’s needs and feed him accordingly.

This will also teach your body how much milk baby needs and when glands shall stop producing it as you already have sufficient milk. These practices also work as home remedies for engorgement.

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Cabbage Leaves – Home Remedy to Cure Engorgement

Home Remedy for Engorgement

Apply cabbage leaves to your busts, take two cabbage leaves and cut to make them of your breast size, also create holes for nipples to stay out of leaves. Put these in a refrigerator for half an hour and later take out and roll them with any round cylindrical object to break the veins of the leaves and cover your busts with these. Wear a bra to keep them in place. Remove after 20 minutes and later apply again during the day after few hours. Generally two applications in a day are sufficient to provide relief but if you need you can apply three times in a day. Stop practicing this when there is no engorgement. This is one of the best practiced home remedies for engorgement.

Cold Packs – Natural Remedy for Breast Problems

Cold packs are also popular home remedies for engorgement. Apply cold packs two-three times in a day to reduce the tightness. It is better to use refrigerated material than ice cubes as these do not cover the bust evenly. Take some un-popped corns in the quantity which is sufficient to fill bags which can cover your busts. Put them in a freezer for two-three hours. When these are frozen fill two plastic bags with these and apply over your busts. Wear a bra to keep them in place. Corns hold coolness for longer period and spread evenly over entire mound. Repeat this two-three times to reduce tightness, these packs are effective home remedies for engorgement.

Comfrey Leaves – Home Remedy to Get Rid of Engorgement

Remedy to Get Rid of Engorgement

Take handful of comfrey leaves and put some water to boil. Put the leaves in a sieve and hold it above the water when it has started boiling. Keep moving the leaves and let the steam hit every leaf and make it moist. Take off after few minutes and wrap them in a thin cloth and apply over your breasts and wear a bra. Let them stay for 30 minutes and repeat the remedy one more time later in the day. This is one of the best home remedies for engorgement.

Proper Breastfeeding Techniques to Cure Bosom Problems

Make sure that your baby is latching-on properly and is able to suckle comfortably. Some times babies are unable to consume enough milk because they are not suckling properly due to wrong angle. The best method is to sit with your legs folded and keep pillow over your lap, place baby over pillow close to your chest and feed. Proper breastfeeding techniques ensure optimum consumption of milk and prevent secondary engorgement to work as useful home remedies for engorgement.

Check your bras and use only those which fit properly neither too tight nor loose. Let your breast in open air for sometime during the day, staying bra-less under a loose t-shirt also helps. Do not ignore any flu-like symptoms, fever or nausea along with engorgement at all.

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