9 Home Remedies For Flabby Skin And Skin Tightening

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Time flies and old age brings with itself a lot of foes. Aging is one of the most prominent factors in making our skin look sagging and droopy. Skin loses its connective tissues collagen and elastin, after attaining a certain age. These tissues are responsible for providing elasticity and support that makes our skin look plump and supple. Unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle can also trigger the signs of aging and flabby skin even before the natural process sets in. Instant weight loss, i.e. losing many kilos of weight in a short interval of time also leads to flabby skin along with stretch marks and fine lines.

Inadequate nutrition, post-pregnancy, dehydration, over exposure to sun and smoking are some of the other factors leading to a distorted skin shape. Due to these mentioned reasons, skin loses its moisture resulting in weakened skin tissues. The situation becomes embarrassing when one has to wear crop top, short dresses, sari, sleeveless top, etc. that exposes the unattractive skin folds and stretch marks around waist, arms and belly to everyone. Before resorting to those expensive and dangerous skin uplifting and tightening surgeries, one must try these home remedies for flabby skin that will help get rid of the slack skin on neck, face, arms, breasts, belly, waist area, etc.

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Home Remedies for Flabby Skin

Juices and Foods – Home Remedies to Tighten Skin

A healthy and nutritious diet helps in the internal treatment of skin and makes it glow. Hydration is the key to a tight and youthful skin and one must include high water content foods in their diet. Drink plenty of water at least 4 liters daily, as it makes our cells elastic. Taking lots of fluids and juices helps restoring the tightness in the skin. They will hydrate the body, provide smoothness and help in flushing out the harmful toxins.

Fruit juices and soups must be taken in profusion. Avoid eating fried and oily food items and they must be replaced with raw foods. Eat fresh fruits and vegetable salads as they are packed with essential vitamins and minerals that are good for our skin. Take lots of tomatoes, coconut water and cucumber. Never stuff your stomach by over eating. Fish and seafood are very good skin tightening foods. Protein rich foods such as nuts, eggs, cheese, sushi, tofu, beans, pulses, milk, fish and chicken are a key to firm skin. Proper care must be taken regarding the food we eat and this finds a crucial place in home remedies for flabby skin.

Almond Oil Massage – Home Remedy to Cure Symptoms of Flabby Skin

Almond Oil Massage

Regular massage using various oils aids a great deal in skin tightening and moisturizing and is among remarkable home remedies for flabby skin and skin tightening. Almond oil consists of strong antioxidants that can repair and rejuvenate the skin tissues. It contains goodness of vitamin-E that helps in moisturizing the pores and upliftment of skin.

Coconut and Olive Oil Massage – Home Remedy to Get Youthful Glowing Skin

Coconut oil and olive oil by regular massage are also very useful to bring back a toned and shapely skin. Mustard oil or Sarso Ka Tel helps in developing muscles and providing moisturization to get a youthful glowing skin.

Lime Juice and Lavender Oil Mixture – Home Remedy to Treat Skin problems

Lime Juice and Lavender Oil

Mix few drops of lime juice and lavender oil into castor oil and gently rub over the concerned parts. The procedure of application remains same for all oils. Apply sufficient quantity of oil on your sagging areas all over your body to let skin absorb all its nutrients. Massage twice a day for about 15 minutes and tighten up your flabby skin. Massaging proves to be one of the excellent home remedies for flabby skin.

Egg White and Yogurt Mask – Home Remedy to Cure Flabby Skin

Egg white mask is one of the very popular home remedies for flabby skin. Egg whites have natural astringent properties and contain hydro lipids helpful for lifting up the loose skin. Crack 2 eggs and whisk them to get a foamy mixture. Add 2 teaspoons of yogurt to it and mix the contents well. Apply this face pack on your face and neck and let it rest for 25 to 30 minutes. Wash it off with warm water and repeat them every twice a week to get youthful skin.

Cucumber and Avocado Mask – Natural Remedy to Remove Tanned and Dead Skin

Cucumber and Avocado

One of the other effective home remedies for flabby skin is cucumber and avocado mask. Cucumber serves as a wonderful anti-aging remedy and exfoliating agent. It helps shedding the tanned and dead skin. Avocado on the other hand is an amazing moisturizer and they work together outstandingly in treating slack skin. Chop cucumber and avocadoes in fine pieces and blend them to form a consistent paste. Apply this mask on face and neck for half an hour. Wash off with cold water later on. Apply this regularly at least twice on skin to get satisfactory results.

Aloe Vera Gel – Natural Remedy to Improve Skin Health

Application of aloe vera gel on the affected areas for 15 to 20 minutes thrice a week will greatly improve the elasticity of skin, being one of the best home remedies for flabby skin.

Lemon and Honey – Home Remedy for Flabby Skin

Lemon and Honey

Mix few drops of lemon juice with honey and apply it all over face and neck with the help of cotton ball. Keep it for 15 minutes and splash it with cold water. Do it every day to avail long lasting results.

Rosewater – Home Remedy to Get Rid of Flabby Skin

Rosewater is also a great astringent and moisturizing agent and used as home remedies for flabby skin. It is thus regarded as one of the outstandingly effective home remedies for flabby skin.

So, never let your skin lose its spring. Tone up your hanging, flabby and sagging skin by trying these simple yet effective home remedies for flabby skin and skin tightening measures.

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