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Green Tea Extract Pills with EGCG to Lose Weight



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Green tea pills for weight loss have become very popular due to their fat burning properties and many other health benefits. People prone to suffer with obesity can use Green tea extract pills and prevent fat from getting deposited in the body.

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Green Tea Extract Pills for Weight Loss

Simple cup of Green tea is reckoned as healthiest drink on the planet. This tea is natural and its leaves release in hot water certain compounds which are wonderfully beneficial for overall health. Today Green tea extract pills are available which saves you from taking the trouble of preparing a cup of tea few times in the day. For complete range of benefits of Green tea you need to drink 3-4 cups of it every day. At every place you may not find good quality tea leaves or you may be forced to carry your teabags with you to get daily dose.

Green tea extract pills are convenient ways which with one dose fulfil your daily requirements and keep you fit and healthy. These help people in staying in shape and shed excess weight. Green tea extract pills are excellent natural fat burner supplements. These improve results of exercises and dietary control and provide quick success to people trying to put-off excess weight. These natural fat burner supplements are suitable for men and women of all ages and work even in absence of regular exercises.

Green Tea Extract for Weight Loss

Natural Weight Loss Supplements for Men and Women

Green tea extract pills works as efficient natural fat burner supplements by speeding-up metabolic rate. These possess properties which increase Basal Metabolic Rate and burns down fat and sugar for energy production. Faster rate of metabolism keeps burning fat even when body is resting. It utilizes deposited fat for energy production when fat intake is lesser. Speeding-up metabolic rate is major aim of exercises recommended to people to shed weight. Regular exercises increase energy requirements of the body and push body to produce energy by increasing BMR.

By consuming Green tea pills for weight loss one gets faster metabolic rate even without exercises and maintain it all day long. Natural fat burner supplements by increasing metabolic rate improve energy supplementation. Higher energy supplementation to bodily systems and organs increase physical activities and rate of fat burn. The properties which improve flow of blood of Green tea extract pills are very useful for bringing body in shape. These pills come with compounds which open-up blocked and constricted blood vessels. When body has reach to each and every part of the body via blood flow it dissolves fat deposited in difficult areas like buttocks, belly, thighs etc.

Green Tea Pills to Suppress Appetite and Lose Weight

Green tea extract pills are effective fat burners and also suppress untimely and excessive hunger. These make dietary control easy and reduce calorie intake. When body gets lesser amount of calories and demands more for energy production metabolism burns down deposited fat. People often fail to control appetite some due to habit and foody nature while others due to internal digestive issues. Green tea pills for weight loss affect obesity by two ways. Firstly these promote fat burning rate and secondly help in curbing excessive calorie intake.

These natural fat burner supplements cleanse digestive tract, eliminate toxins and also regulate bile secretion. Green tea has properties to boost-up liver functions and increase body’s ability to metabolize fat. Healthy digestive system promotes healthy eating pattern, suppresses urge to eat frequently and spicy and also digests food faster for nutrient supplementation. People fond of eating sugary foods collect lot of calories by eating sugar-rich foods daily, consumption of these supplements allows one to control urge to eat sweet and reduce calorie intake.

Green Tea Pills to Suppress Appetite

Best Natural Weight Loss Slim Pills for Quick Weight Loss

Green tea extract pills are reckoned as the best natural fat burner supplements due to their fast, safe and effective properties. These supplements in presence of dietary control and exercises bring faster results and allow a person to gain shape quickly. Even in absence of exercises these allow control over diet and reduce fat to bring back shape of the body. Green tea pills for weight loss are very useful as these provide many other health benefits which also support fitter and stronger body. These natural fat burner supplements handle even indirect causes of the obesity like hormonal problems and faster aging process etc. efficiently.

Green tea pills for weight loss provide long-lasting results. These pills burn fat naturally and maintain faster metabolic rate for longer duration. Green tea pills for weight loss by correcting internal malfunctions improve overall health which maintains fitness till later age. These are effective remedies for curing issues like acidity constipation, bloating etc. which harm healthy eating pattern and cause untimely hunger. Green tea weight loss supplements are safe for men and women of all ages and provide desired results by invigorating internal natural mechanism of the body. These Organic green tea supplements can be taken without medical prescription as these are natural and free of side effects.


What is Green Tea?

Green tea leaves are grown in fields like normal tea leaves. When leaves are plucked from the plant these are green in colour like leaves of other plants. These are processed which turns their colour from green to brown or black. The Green tea leaves are very lightly processed, so that they may lose all sort of contamination attached to surface of the leaves but due to light processing these do not lose their original colour which gives them name of Green tea leaves.

Green tea pills are made by extract of Green tea leaves. These pills due to properties of Green tea extract work as natural fat burner pills and natural appetite suppressant pills. The cup of green tea is made like normal cup of tea, green tea leaves are sweet in taste so mostly sweetener is not added. The amazing benefits of Green tea extract have made Green tea weight loss supplements very popular all over the world.

Do Green Tea supplements help you lose weight?

There are many properties which clearly state that Green tea weight loss supplements help you lose weight fast and in healthy manner. These herbal weight loss supplements help you in reducing calorie intake and burn more calories and fat during the day. These keep you physically active and mentally calm to utilize more calories and deposited fat for energy production.

Green tea extract capsules give you dose of few cups of green tea so these are even easier ways to shed weight than simple Green tea intake. If you exercise regularly you may get into shape very quickly by using Green tea pills for weight loss. People fond of muscular and curvy body also achieve better figure and higher muscle mass with Green tea weight loss supplements.

How do Green Tea weight loss pills work?

Green tea pills come with EGCG which is Epigallocatechin. This compound boosts-up fat metabolism. It inhibits an enzyme which causes breakdown of another hormone called norepinephrine. The hormone Norepinephrine when breaks-down less its quantity increases, higher level of norepinephrine signals fat cells to release fat into bloodstream.

Available fat is turned into energy by body through metabolism. This is the science behind Green tea extract supplements with EGCG which makes them most effective fat burner. The property of Green tea extract supplements with EGCG dissolves deposited fat and brings body into shape. One also get riddance from bags of flesh which hangs around belly, over buttocks and thighs and make one look out of shape and obese.

Are there any other benefits of Green Tea dietary supplements?

Green natural fat burner pills have variety of other benefits which makes them popular herbal weight loss supplements. Green tea extract supplements with EGCG metabolize fat faster and these also come with caffeine. The healthy amount of caffeine increases mental alertness level. It is known for promoting secretion of dopamine in brain which is feel god hormone. One stays mentally sharp and alert and also stays in positive frame of mind during the day.

Use of Green tea pills is excellent for improving focus and memory while working and improves working efficiency. Faster breakdown of fat promoted by Green tea extract supplements with EGCG increases energy production. Higher energy keeps one active and also supports brain functions. Green tea extract capsules are wonderful for fighting back stress, exhaustion, fatigue and tiredness naturally. Green tea pills supplement host of antioxidants. These compounds are anti-ageing and anti-cancerous. These improve skin’s tone, sheen and colour and also protect health from various kinds of deadly diseases.

How do I take Green Tea pills to lose weight in a natural way?

Green tea extract capsules are easy to use. These do not require any complicated method of use. You can consume one pill of organic Green tea supplements half an hour before meal time once or twice in a day with a glass of water. If you combine regular exercises or active daily routine with organic Green tea supplements you get faster results.

What are the ingredients of these Green Tea pills?

Organic Green tea supplements come with Green tea leaf extract as ingredient. It not only helps in weight loss but also enhances skin health and prevents aging. Green tea leaf extract capsules are purely herbal and free of side effects.

Are these natural weight loss supplements safe to use?

These natural fat burner pills are 100% reliable and safe for use. One can use these without any medical prescription. Green tea herbal weight loss supplements due to their herbal nature do not contradict with any other medicine or on-going treatment.

Will I need to exercise or diet to see results?

It is recommended that you follow a healthy dietary regimen and stay physically active. Although Green Tea natural fat burner pills can show their good results even in absence of exercises but dietary control and physical activity provides better and faster results.

How many pounds can I lose by taking this pure Green Tea supplement?

It is not possible to give any general timeline for results for every person as each one has different set of causes and intensity of problem. However use of Green Tea natural appetite suppressant pills and weight loss supplements can provide substantial reduction in overall obesity in each case.

How long do I need to take these Green Tea capsules to get result?

You can use these herbal weight loss supplements until you are not satisfied with the results without any fear of side effects for maximum benefits it is recommended that you use these for at least 3-4 months on regular basis.


Benefits of Green Tea Extract

The major benefit of Green tea extract is its ability to metabolize deposited fat. This extract comes with compound which signals fat cells to release fat into blood stream in place keeping it stored. Release of fat into bloodstream allows body to burn it down for energy production and prevent it from getting deposited. Regular consumption of Green tea extract helps body to utilize deposited fat and bring body back in shape. Regular fat burning process boosts-up energy and keep one active.

Another major advantage of Green tea extract capsules is that these are natural appetite suppressant pills. People exercising regularly or staying physically active if cannot control their calorie intake their efforts go wasted. Dietary control is very necessary for getting in shape and maintaining fitness. Green tea extract pills are natural appetite suppressant pills and suppress urge to eat frequently, spicy, junk food or eating too heavily during meals. These regulate healthy hunger and eating pattern to provide weight loss at faster pace and in healthy manner.

Along with weight loss Green tea extract is beneficial in many other ways. By dissolving deposited fat it clears fat deposition in blood vessels. This relieves pressure over heart and controls conditions like hypertension, irregular heartbeats etc. It also reduces chances of heart attack, stroke etc. and maintain healthy cardio system. Better cardio system maintains stamina higher. Green tea is famous for its wonderful and super-charged antioxidants.

Green tea extract too comes loaded with super-charged antioxidants which rejuvenate entire health. These compounds scavenge free-radicals which speed-up aging process and also give rise to deadly health problems like cancer. Dose of antioxidants provided by these supplements also improve looks of a person and keep him or her fitter and attractive.

Green tea extract is excellent for sharp brain and sound mental health. It prevents many psychological problems which are commonly affecting people of different age-groups. It is also very useful for preventing deadly diseases which occur due to rapid rate of brain cell damages.

Regular use Green tea extract supplements increase longevity. The variety of health benefits these provide can increase life-span of a person and also keep his or her health protected from various disorders People who are prone to suffer with diabetes can also use these supplements to maintain high blood sugar levels within normal limit and also prevent problem from occurring. It is clinically proven to increase insulin sensitivity of cells and lower high blood sugar levels.

Uses and Health Benefits of Green Tea Extract

Uses and health benefits of Green tea extract are many. Few top ones are listed below –

Aids in weight loss – This is one of the major advantages of Green tea extract. It stimulates fat cells to release fat and promotes its utilization for energy production. This process reduces fat level and also brings body in shape.

Increases endurance and energy – Consumption of green tea extract improves body’s ability to exercises longer. It improves energy levels and also enhances muscular endurance for repetitive motions and performs exercises for longer duration.

Suppresses excessive hunger – Green tea extract naturally reduces frequent desire to eat. It also prevents a person from eating heavy meals and stuff body with excess calories. Use of Green tea extracts helps in maintaining dietary control easily and for long term to stay in shape and protected from obesity.

Improves heart health – By metabolizing deposited fat not only this extract helps in getting in shape but also clears arteries. It removes fat deposition in blood vessels which causes pressure on heart and increase chances of hypertension, heart attack, stroke etc. It is well known for improving health and functions of overall cardio system.

Improves sugar metabolism – Green tea extract improves insulin sensitivity. It allows easy absorption of sugar in cells where sugar is utilized for energy production. By improving insulin sensitivity it treats high blood sugar levels efficiently and also protects a person from type 2 diabetes. Better sugar metabolism also improves energy and protects health form side effects of diabetes.

Sharpens brain functions – There are many hormones which can improve alertness, memory and focus. These hormones get depleted due to ageing, health conditions, medication and bad habits like alcohol and lead to poor memory and focus and chances of deadly diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s etc. Use of Green tea extract has been found as wonderful in maintaining healthy levels of hormones which keep brain alert and sharp even at later age.

Supplements antioxidants – Antioxidants are compounds which are protective, rejuvenating and anti-aging. More antioxidants body gets healthier it become and maintain youthful energy and verve. Antioxidants are not only great for health but also for looks. These provide glow to skin and keep it blemish-free, radiant and soft till later age. Antioxidants are anti-cancerous too and protect body from various types of cancers. Green tea extracts due to dense antioxidants protects brain cells from oxidative stress and ill-effects of aging.



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Green tea extract

Direction of Use

Take one green tea diet pills twice a day with water regularly for about 3 to 4 months to obtain good result.

4 reviews for Green Tea Extract Pills with EGCG to Lose Weight

  1. Anu Alex

    Great for getting the goodness of green tea without having to brew/drink constantly throughout the day. Green Tea extract pills with EGCG are my favorite!! Thank you for this product.

  2. Sarah

    Green tea is undoubtedly best health drink, and appreciated by millions, but these pills are tremendous. You can carry these and use even while travelling, dense nutrients inside give you innumerable health benefits. I have gained healthy and beautiful body by using these supplements. Regular use of these pills has dissolved extra kilos of fat and even from difficult areas of the body which my regular exercise and diet control was not able to do. My energy and stamina are upbeat and skin is lot healthier and youthful. Recommendable!

  3. Albina

    It is not just weight loss that you get by using these supplements. These come enriched with multiple health benefits. Faster metabolism, clean internal system and calm and collected mind. I have used Green tea Extract pills with EGCG for about four months, along with weight control these have given me lot sharper and alert mind. My memory is sharper and moments of anxiety are gone. I feel completely in control and of course healthier now. These are complete health supplements. Fantastic!

  4. Tina Bundy

    Girls if you want to look naturally beautiful take care of your health first. I ignored my health and cosmetics could not cover up my blemishes for long. These became too evident and I was looking old and sick. These supplements overhauled my system and gave it a new leash. Now I do not need commercial cosmetics, my skin is charming and radiant and my body lot slimmer and light. I am in best shape and all types of wears suit my personality. Simply amazing pills go ahead.

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