Eye Vitamins and Nutrition for Good Eye Health and Vision

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Eye Vitamins and Nutrition

Nutrition is very necessary to maintain healthy eyes and make them work at their best throughout life. Proper nutrition prevent aging of eyes and age-related disorders like macular degeneration and cataract efficiently, proper nutrition is also excellent for preventing retinopathy, infections and problems related to lenses of eyes. There are many fruits, vegetables and herbs which provide nutrition for good eye health and vision, these when included in the diet on regular basis provide complete dose of eye vitamins and nutrition which keep these organs protected and in best of health for longer period in life.

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Vitamins and Nutrition for Good Eye Health and Vision

Vitamin A – Natural Remedies for Good Eye Health

Vitamin A

This vitamin helps in protecting cornea the outermost surface of eyes, deficiency of this vitamin can cause blindness. Vitamin A obtained from non-veggie sources is called retinol; whereas one obtained from vegetables and fruits, is pre-formed vitamin A which is converted into retinol by body. Food containing rich dose of this vitamin is healthy nutrition for good eye health and vision. Foods like beef and chicken liver are good sources of retinol whereas as carrots, spinach, cantaloupes, kale, whole milk and cheese are rich sources of provitamin A carotenoids. Including these food items in diet provide necessary eye vitamins and nutrition and protect eyes from infections, age-related macular degeneration, weak ocular surface and retinopathy effectively. These foods are great nutrition for good eye health and vision.

Vitamin C – Natural Remedy to Keep Vision Sharp and Clear

This is water-soluble vitamin and powerful anti-oxidant, it maintains healthy blood vessels and keep capillaries clear and healthy which maintain blood flow in retina. Long term intake of vitamin C is excellent for preventing cataract, macular degeneration and retinopathy. This vitamin helps in improving connective tissues by increasing collagen and keeps outer membrane of ocular surface intact and healthy for longer period in life. It is abundantly available in citrus fruits and vegetables and in combination with vitamin A is complete nutrition for good eye health and vision. Fruits like Indian gooseberry, grapefruit, lemon and oranges are good sources of vitamin C, regular intake of these provide vital eye vitamins and nutrition to keep vision sharp and clear.

Vitamin E – Herbal Remedies to Improve Eye Vision

Vitamin E

These vitamins are powerful anti-oxidants which prevent damages caused to eyes by free-radicals. These compounds flow with blood and damage tissues of the body to cause malfunctioning of organs. Regular intake of foods rich in vitamin E prevent age-related disorders and also play a crucial role in protecting vision from cataract. These vitamins prevent blue light from reaching retina and damaging nerves of the tissue. Foods like almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, cereal, whole grain and spinach etc. are excellent nutrition for good eye health and vision. These foods in regular diet provide vital eye vitamins and nutrition to keep them healthy for longer period in life.

Vegetable Juice – Herbal Remedies to Improve Clear Vision

Along with these vitamins body needs other compounds to utilize all the benefits of vitamins. Lutein and zeaxanthin are two vital compounds which are needed by the body to prevent activities of free-radicals and protect cells and tissues of eyes from oxidative stress. Drinking a mixture of vegetable juices formed by adding two parts of carrot juice and one part each of spinach and beetroot juice provides a dose of eye vitamins and nutrition which maintains proper vision throughout life. This vegetable juice mix provides complete nutrition for good eye health and vision and is good source of vitamin A, C and E along with lutein and zeaxanthin. Other sources of lutein and zeaxanthin are kale, collard, green peas, egg etc.

Bioflavanoids – Natural Treatment for Healthy Eyesight


Bioflavanoids are large family of substances which enhance efficacy and properties of vitamin C, these are found abundantly in fruits and vegetables which are rich sources of vitamin C. Consuming citrus fruits and red and green peppers are excellent for gaining vital eye vitamins and nutrition which protect eyes from diseases and disorders. Consuming fruits and fruits juice and vegetables rich in vitamin C preferably in raw or juice form provide complete nutrition and provide weak eyesight cure.

Like bioflavonoids beta carotene are also compounds which get converted into vitamin A in the body. Foods which are veggie sources of vitamin A are also sources of beta carotene or pre-formed retinol. Inclusion of foods high on beta carotene in the diet is also reckoned as good way to gain eye vitamins and nutrition to keep them healthy.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids – Natural Remedy for Good Health and Vision

Diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids is wonderful for gaining eye vitamins and nutrition to protect them from diseases and illnesses. Flaxseeds, fish, fish oils and nuts are sources of omega-3 fatty acids and also complete nutrition for good eye health and vision. These fatty acids supplement anti-oxidants, prevent ill-effects of UV rays and protect eyes from effects of exposure to chemicals and pollutants. Forming a diet containing rich dose of omega-3 fatty acids provides nutrition for good eye health and vision.

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