10 Simple Eye Care Tips for Computer Users to Protect Eyes

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Simple Eye Care Tips for Computer Users

Anyone who uses computer for more than 2 hours in a day on regular basis may suffer with computer vision syndrome. This syndrome presents itself in many types of unpleasant symptoms like itchy, red and burning in the eyes. If proper steps are not taken people complain about shaded vision at the sides and even tunnel vision on aggravation of the problem. Computer eye strain has become bigger cause of eye problems these days than watching too much TV. Here are few eye care tips for computer users by employing these one can reduce the strain and keep vision clear and sharp.

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Eye Care Tips for Computer Users to Protect Eyes

Check your Workstation

People often work at a place which casts direct light over computer screen. This makes viewing screen more straining as person needs to focus more while reading any information and allow pupil to dilate making difficult for ocular muscles to focus. One should use sources of light which are close to the floor and with fluorescent bulbs or tubes. Proper lighting can minimize the strain and make working on computer for long hours less damaging for eyes, these tips are good eye care tips for computer users.

Use Anti-Glare Screens

Computer screens are reflective, if there is any movement or dark coloured wall behind your back, when you work on computer its reflection is going to cause lot of strain due to reflection. By using anti-glare screen you can reduce this reflection considerably and there will be less strain on eyes. Anti-glare screen also reduce sharpness and brightness of screen which affects sides of eye lens and leads to tunnel vision in the long run. This is one of the useful eye care tips for computer users.

Check Level of Screen

Mostly people do not pay much heed to the level at which their screen is, if screen is at lower or higher level than your eye-line you will need to raise or lower your neck to see at it. This hinders blood supply towards brain and eyes and also causes stiffness in neck and its muscles. This can cause permanent low supply of blood and cause problems like heaviness or aches in head and strain on eyes. Keep screen at right distance to avoid its shininess affecting your eyes and exactly at the level of your eye-line to prevent excessive strain. These too are good eye care tips for computer users.

Blink Frequently

People while working on computer become focussed and do not blink for a longer duration. Blinking is natural activity of body to keep ocular surface moist and wet and also remove dust and debris that get deposited over lens and ocular surface. While reading from computer screen less frequent blinking makes ocular surface dry and causes redness in eyes. Frequent blinking can keep strain and other problems away and reduce strain to prevent harm to vision. This too is one of the useful eye care tips for computer users.

Relaxation Techniques

While working on computers relax your eyes after regular intervals. Close your eyes tightly for 5-10 seconds and open, close them again after 10-15 seconds, and repeat 3-4 times. This will give some time for eyes to recuperate and wither away the strain caused by computer screen. There are other relaxation techniques as well, you can adopt any of these, all are good eye care tips for computer users.

Take a Break

Give your eyes a breather by moving away from computer screen for couple of minutes at regular intervals. Walk around the office or come out in the balcony and let eyes see near and far objects for a while before you come back again to work. These breaks reenergize eyes and help body in reducing strain caused by screen. These breaks too are great eye care tips for computer users.

Eye Exercises

Learn one or two eye exercises and perform them regularly. These exercises strengthen eyes and ocular muscles and suppress ill-effects of strain caused by working on computer for long hours. There are many exercises and one can choose one or two from these to perform as per convenience. These exercises too are good eye car tips for computer users.

Check your Diet

If you are not supplementing enough vitamin A, C and E through your diet you are asking for trouble. Deficiency of these vitamins can be hazardous even if you are not a computer user, supplement your body with enough of these vital vitamins by eating citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables and nuts to keep eyes healthy. Proper dietary changes work as great eye care tips for computer users and thus provides with the best weak eyesight treatment.

Take Proper Sleep

Lack of sleep can be hazardous for eyes and overall health. Ensure that you sleep for sufficient duration so that eyes can recuperate and stay energized and strong all day long. Working on computer and not taking proper rest can give a double blow to eye health and harm vision in a short time. Giving proper rest is one of the necessary eye care tips for computer users.

Computer Accessories

Use latest monitor to reduce strain over eyes, old CRT monitors are more straining on eyes than modern LCDs or plasma monitors, replace them if possible. If changing your monitor is not possible wear computer glasses, this will curb strain and prevent ill-effects of working on computer for long hours. These too are good eye care tips for computer user.

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