Best Natural Ways to Get Thinner Lips Naturally

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Get Thinner Lips Naturally

Natural Ways to Get Thinner Lips Naturally

If you have exceptionally large lips you can get thinner lips without surgery.By proper makeup techniques it is not hard to create an illusion of thin lips and enhance attraction of face. Relatively large lips over a thin face can be embarrassing for many. Such women avoid using lipstick and other cosmetic items to reduce prominence of lips over face.

In place of avoiding essential cosmetic items it is good to makeup in right manner and make lips look thinner. Here are few tips how to make your lips look smaller without undergoing any surgical measure.

How to Make Your Lips Look Smaller?

First of all you need to determine what colour of skin you have and what sorts of shades will be suitable over your facial skin. For choosing cosmetic items required to make lips appear thinner colour plays an important role. Right shades and suitable colours bring realistic results and make task easier. Once you know the shade of your skin choose cosmetic items like concealer, lipstick and foundation accordingly.

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Apply Foundation Over Facial Skin

After assorting the cosmetic items you can begin with applying foundation over your facial skin. This is next step how to make your lips look smaller. It is not essential but makes things easier. The skin can vary in shade over small portions which alters colour of creams and concealer as well and deteriorates final looks. By applying foundation you get evenly toned skin and colours reflect in better way and evenly.

After foundation apply colour different than your natural shade of skin around lips. You can use colour of your choice and blend it around the lips evenly. Different shade of surrounding skin will help to get thinner lips which will appear more natural even from close quarters.

Applying Concealer – to Make Lips Look Smaller

Applying concealer is next step how to make your lips look smaller. Apply concealer in a way so that it covers some part of your lower and upper lips. Apply some concealer over top of the upper lips and extend it over lip region in right shape. Repeat the same process for lower lip. Blend the concealer well to minimize appearance of ridge of lips and make it appear as part of your face skin.

Proper colour of concealer and its correct application will instantly reduce size of lips and make them appear thinner. To make this task easier you can apply lip liner in the form of a thin line. It will work as boundary while you apply concealer and also keep appearance of lips symmetric.

Use Dark Lipstick to Get Thinner Lips

Now finally use a dark lipstick to get thinner lips through makeup. Apply any bright shade of lipstick over lips and see the results. The different shade of skin around lips and concealer will hide actual ridge of lips and make it appear as part of facial skin. Dark lipstick makes lips appear more prominently which creates an illusion of thin lips. This is exact process how to make your lips look smaller through makeup.

Treat Any Injuries to Lips

Take some precautions to keep your lips smooth and beautiful. Treat any injuries to lips whether mild or severe immediately. Lips contain dense blood vessels and usually injuries heal faster but by taking proper care you can speed-up healing process and avoid lips from deteriorating. Injuries can change the shape of lips as body heals without taking beauty of face in consideration. Apply anti-inflammatory agents and others, in case there is bleeding. Cover cuts and wounds till these heal completely to avoid infections.

Use Olive Oil or Aloe Vera to Keep Lips Moisturized

Use Olive Oil or Aloe Vera to Keep Lips Moisturized

Keep lips moisturized and protected from dryness and chapping. Lips do not have sweat glands these lose water rapidly and are unable to keep upper skin moist which makes them dry. Dryness can cause irritation and trigger swelling to make them look thick and large. Use natural agents to keep lips hydrated like olive oil or Aloe Vera gel etc. These not only protect lips from dryness but also keep skin cells nourished and protected from internal stressors. Soft and supple lips maintain their natural color and are easier to manage through makeup.

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Remove Hair around Lips to Make lips Thinner

Take a close look and check if you have hairs around lips. Many times hairs around lips make them appear large and big. If you have hairs around lips there are easy ways to remove them. Hair removal around lips makes them look thinner. There can be other causes of large lips as well. There are certain medical conditions which can make lips disproportionately large and big. People wearing braces can also have lips appearing large and relatively more prominent than normal.

Remove Makeup and Lipstick before Going to Sleep

Properly remove makeup and lipstick before going to sleep. Use good quality lipsticks without artificially designed ingredients. Cheap lipsticks and can damage delicate texture of lips and also bring regular dryness to harm their appearance. Use good cleansing agents to remove lipstick and makeup and maintain hydration. Avoid smoking, and other kinds of activities which can trigger formation of lines, cracks or skin folds around lips. These steps help in avoiding cosmetic surgeries and maintain your looks.

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