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Natural Skin Nourishing Face Pack



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Chandraprabha Ubtan is a natural skin nourishing face pack that gives face skin the necessary boost to make it appear fresh and younger naturally. This herbal rejuvenating scrub exfoliates dead skin and nourishes it naturally by enhancing blood flow.

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Herbal Skin Rejuvenating Face Pack

Chandraprabha Ubtan is a natural skin nourishing face pack which revamps skin by removing layers of dead skin and excess oil to provide radiant, soft and glowing skin instantly. Regular use of this Ubtan casts many positive effects which make skin look fresher, tighter, evenly toned and suppler. This herbal ubtan powder is safe for even those who have sensitive skin and can be used regularly to enhance health and appearance of skin.

Face gives one’s first introduction but it is also exposed to all kinds of stressors. Today pollutants in the air, chemicals and harmful substances in water and food adulteration make skin of face, hands and neck rough to deteriorate looks. Cosmetic products which claim their efficacy in treating and nourishing skin do not work and hardly provide any benefits; at best these can form a layer over skin and give a temporary enhancement. Use of such products over a period of time can be harmful to skin and also after a period these become useless too. Today men and women are living in a competitive world. In race of survival, taking care of oneself is very low on priority list, although everyone wants to look better and beautiful yet taking out sufficient time to take care of body and looks is extremely rare. Natural skin nourishing face pack of Chandraprabha Ubtan is quickest and easiest way to handle skin problems and give face skin the necessary boost to make it appear younger and fresher naturally.

Why does face skin need nourishment? In fact, entire skin over human body needs nourishment but face skin needs more attention because it is exposed to outer environment all the time and secondly any lifestyle issue, mental tension or deficiency or ailment leave mark on face. Lack of sleep or tiredness can cause dark circles. Even weaknesses in the body due to deficiencies and ailments can cause dark circles and make face appear dull and gloomy. With growing age, number of dead cells increase and in absence of proper blood flow these increase even more. These dead cells form a layer over skin which makes skin luster-less and also form marks and spots. Chandraprabha natural skin nourishing face pack is herbal rejuvenating scrub which exfoliates dead skin and nourishes it naturally by enhancing blood flow. If it is applied at neck and hands too it can prevent ill-effects of environment and harsh UV rays to maintain natural glow and softness of the skin.

This herbal ubtan powder removes excess oil which covers face to deteriorate its natural shine. When skin is exposed to air and sunlight it secretes oil through pores to keep skin moisturized and soft, but this oil allows dirt and other agents present in the air to stick on skin which clog the pores and cause pustules. Herbal rejuvenating scrub of Chandraprabha removes excess oil off the skin, opens up pores of skin and enhances its radiance to improve glow and tone. Chandraprabha herbal ubtan powder naturally enhance glow, softness and tightness of skin by improving blood flow, removing dead cells, opening up skin pores and removing excess oil and dirt off the skin to make face skin look fresh, younger and radiant.

Some people suffer with acne and small-pox and have marks of it on the face; these make them low on confidence and passive. Chandraprabha skin nourishing face pack handles skin blemishes of all types very efficiently. This ubtan powder takes few minutes in entire day and start reducing dark spots, acne and small-pox blemishes to remove them completely in a short time. This is herbal rejuvenating scrub which enhances skin tightness and tone and not only removes marks and spots but also remove wrinkles and fine lines on face as well. The skin tightening effects of this herbal product prevent signs of aging like crow’s feet and deep lines on forehead very effectively and in short time. This herbal ubtan powder works excellently for removing dark circles around eyes and dark colored corners of lips.

Using Chandraprabha Ubtan is very easy and simple. Just take 3-5 grams of powder and mix it with milk or curd or with Gulab jal and mix well till it forms a paste. Apply this with fingers in circular motion for few minutes and let it stay for 10-15 minutes till it dries out completely. Later scrub it off and wash the face with fresh water. Mix this powder with milk or curd for treating dark spots, acne marks, blemishes and scars and with Gulab jal for anti-aging, wrinkles, soft and silky skin. Men and women can use this regularly and gain softer, shinier and naturally glowing blemish-free, tighter and smoother skin. One can make results of this face pack even better by applying Aloe Vera gel after washing the face. The effects of this Ubtan are long-lasting unlike expensive cosmetic products which can be harmful in the long run and also provide just temporary improvement.



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50g per pack


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8 reviews for Natural Skin Nourishing Face Pack

  1. asthagill67

    I have no words. Really. I was so much depressed due to acne and blemishes. I used to get useless free advises wherever I met people. So, I decided to search it all by myself about the best skin nourishing face pack and discovered that Chandra Prabha Ubtan might be effective, though I wasn’t sure at that time 4 months back. I thought why not to give it a try as I found it affordable to purchase. And here is the result. I am so much excited as I get compliments everywhere. They ask me what’s the secret behind! I wanted to share my ‘before’ and ‘after’ photograph as well but there is no upload button. lol

  2. Anita Sharma

    Chandra Prabha ubtan is an excellent remedy for acne and scars that has restored my youthful glow back, and wait a minute, how could I forget the skin complexion part! I faced sun tan and dullness as well and this face pack improved my skin complexion and quality. Now I don’t have uneven skin tone. Thanks a lot people..

  3. Swift

    This product worked really well for my wife. She is so happy that I can’t describe this in my words.

  4. Divine Sharma

    Satisfactory results.

  5. Shanaya Irani

    Good product, worth trying!

  6. Rehman

    It is a very nice capsule.

  7. Jenal Waugh

    I am using this face pack every night from last 1 week; I observe noticeable result in my face. All my acne spots are reducing considerably and my skin becoming smooth and glowing. Awesome product. I will surely order it again.

  8. Nicole M.

    This pack removes all dead skin from my face in one go. It also nourished my skin very well. Great product.

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