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10 Best Home Remedies for Retinopathy

Home Remedies for Retinopathy

Retinopathy is a term used for describing non-inflammatory damages caused to the retina, this condition keeps on progressing and starting from deteriorating vision can cause complete blindness.

Diabetes mellitus is one of the major causes of the problem, other than this, arterial hypertension, premature birth, direct exposure to Sun, long-term exposure to Sun and genetic factors are other causes which damage retina progressively classified as retinopathy.

Home remedies for retinopathy are effective and safe ways to stop the progression of the disease and prevent further damages.

Home Remedies for Retinopathy

Green Tea – Home Remedy to Prevent Retinopathy

Green tea is the healthiest drink on the planet. It is a rich source of antioxidants in the form of bioflavonoids which are active and powerful anti-oxidants. Few cups of this tea in a day without any sugar or honey can provide immense relief by curbing free-radical mechanism and strengthening blood vessels. This is one of the best home remedies for retinopathy.

Carrots and Carrot Juice – Home Remedy for Retinopathy

Carrots and Carrot Juicce

Carrots and carrot juice are other most effective supplements to stop the progression of the disease. Increased intake of carrots in raw form works as potent home remedies for retinopathy.

You can eat two pieces of carrot by adding it to your salad platter with every meal, or extract the juice of carrot and drink at least 300 to 400 ml of it in one day.

Carrot supplements vitamin A, carotenoid and anti-oxidants which work well to stop the progression of the disease.

Vegetable Juice – Home Remedy for Eye Health

Prepare a mixture of vegetable juice and consume regularly, this mixture of juices work as potent home remedies for retinopathy. Extract the juice of carrots 300 ml in quantity and add 200 ml of spinach juice to it. Drink this mixture through the day.

Spinach is again a very useful vegetable for those who suffer from progressive non-inflammatory damage to the retina. This vegetable is a rich source of carotenoid and anti-oxidants and its higher intake through juice and in raw form works as tremendous home remedies for retinopathy.

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Parsley Leaves – Natural Remedy to Improve Macula in Retina

Parsley Leaves

Use parsley more in the diet, this spice is an excellent source of vitamin C, beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin. These nutrients are great for protecting and improving macula in retina. You can sprinkle fresh parsley leaves over your salad or cooked vegetables. You can add fresh leaves to a cup of water and boil them, let the mixture boil for few minutes and later drink and consume two-three cups in a day. Both ways parsley work as tremendous home remedies for retinopathy.

Garlic – Home Remedy to Get Rid of Retinopathy

Garlic very effectively strengthens blood vessels and relieves pressure in arteries. Its consumption in higher dosage also works as potent home remedies for retinopathy. You can chew two to three garlic cloves in raw form or with salad or you can boil two cloves of crushed garlic with a cup of water and drink. Use garlic as spice liberally while cooking. In all these ways garlic provides simple home remedies for retinopathy.

Grapeseed – Home Remedy to Stoop Damage to Retina

Remedy to Stop Damage to Retina

Grapeseed extract is herb which works as one of the potent home remedies for retinopathy. Grapeseed extract is rich source of flavanoids, OPCs, vitamin E and linoleic acid. You can consume 150 to 300 mg of grapeseed extract or as suggested by medical expert. It is more important to ensure proper absorption of this extract so follow these three steps necessarily – consume a fix dosage everyday, ensure optimum dosage of vitamin C through diet and drink plenty of water. Regular absorption of this extract works tremendously well for stopping damage to retina effectively.

Bilberry – Home Remedy to Improve Blood Circulation in Diabetes

Bilberry extract is another very useful herb which improves blood circulation in diabetics, so if you suffer with retinopathy due to diabetes bilberry extract is your choice of home remedies for retinopathy. This extract is rich in vitamin A, C and proanthocyanidines, all of these nutrients are excellent for protecting blood vessels and improving blood flow in capillaries and smaller blood vessels.

Ginkgo Biloba – Home Remedy to Treat Retinopathy

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is a renowned herb which possesses wonderful properties to enhance blood flow towards the brain and other organs. Its regular dosage can be of immense help in stopping damage to retina and progression of all types of retinopathy. The dosage shall be worked out in expert’s guidance although this is a safe herb which is trusted by millions all over the world. Regular use of Ginkgo Biloba is one of the best home remedies for retinopathy.

Exercises – Best Way for Healthy Eyesight

Some basic exercises also work as effective home remedies for retinopathy. Move your eyes in a circular motion for a couple of minutes, first, rotate them in a clockwise motion and then in anti-clockwise. Quercitin is beneficial supplement as it stops insulin and relieves hypertension. It also blocks histamines. Its regular intake is also recommended widely as home remedies for retinopathy.

Eat Fiber Rich Diet for Retinopathy

Eat fiber-rich diet; do not eat fatty, processed, or junk food, cut down on oil, butter, and other fat supplementing foods. Perform mild exercises like walking, jogging, etc., and take a relaxing bath before going to bed to keep stress away and also for relieving blood pressure. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and tea as much as possible and do not strain the eyes by staying awake till late in the night or working for long hours on computers, etc.

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