Top 10 Tips To Get Relief From Computer Eye Strain

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Get Relief from Computer Eye Strain

Computers have become necessary part of every person’s daily life, but for some it is regular part of the job or their job is to work on computers. Fiend net-surfers also spend too much time on computers andthose who love games etc. also sit in front of computer for long hours and strain their eyes. Strain caused by computer screen can be devastating for eye functions and deteriorate vision. Tunnel vision is one of the common complaints caused by computer eye strain. If you cannot avoid gazing at computer screen it is better to follow some tips to get relief from computer eye strain before it harms vision.

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Tips To Get Relief From Computer Eye Strain

Work under appropriate lights. People working under bright lights strain their eyes too much as they have to look on the screen harder. Light over the head or bright Sunlight pouring from windows can be straining and shall be stopped to protect eyes. Use floor lights with fluorescent bulbs and lighten the work place so that it stays less bright than the screen. If it is necessary to open windows make sure that you stay sideways and not in front of windows. These are good tips to get relief from computer eye strain and protect vision from its harmful effects.

Computer screen is reflective, for those who need to read or analyse information over screen the images forming over screen can be not only disturbing but highly straining. Use anti-glare screens to avoid image formation over screen and strain on eyes. People working with open windows or bright light behind their back also strain their eyes more severely and harm their vision. Making these necessary changes reduce strain and work as good tips to get relief from computer eye strain.

Take a break at regular intervals. The best way to relieve eyes is by covering them with palms for 1-2 minutes few times in a day. This provides relaxation to strained muscles and nerves and also make ocular surface wet again. These breaks are energizing and reduce strain over eyes substantially. If you are unable to do so just move away from computer for some time after every couple of hours to relax eyes. Both of these are good tips to get relief from computer eye strain and cure weak eyesight in safe manner.

Use cucumber to relax eyes. Once you reach home wash your face with water and cut a cucumber into thin slices and keep them in refrigerator. Take them out after half an hour and place one slice over each eye and relax for 20 minutes. Use two more if you need to, these slices will refresh eyes and vanish strain to prevent any harm to vision. These too are effective tips to get relief from computer eye strain.

Use latest devices. Old box-shaped computer screens or CRTs are very straining for eyes, these come in flat and wider versions but even these are straining and much brighter for eyes to tolerate for longer duration. Use LCDs as these are friendly to eyes and cause much less strain. Keep these screens at right height, these should not be below or above eye level to maintain proper vision and also avoid problems in the back of neck. These are useful tips to get relief from computer eye strain which protect vision and other problems as well.

Wash your eyes in the morning and evening. This relieves strain and refreshes them. The best way to refresh is by splashing normal water over closed eyes 20 times and later warm water as many times in the morning and evening. The normal and warm water brings blood flow and relax strained muscles and nerves which work well to curb ill-effects of strain caused by watching computer screen for longer duration. This too is one of the useful tips to get relief from computer eye strain.

Perform exercises regularly. General exercises like walking and jogging are also good for eyes as these enhance blood flow all over the body which reenergizes all the organs. Performing exercises specifically for improved eye functions are also good for curbing ill-effects of long term computer use during the day. Place your thumb in front of eyes at a distance of a foot, move thumb from left shoulder towards right and follow tip of the thumb with eyes without moving your head. Bring back thumb to original position and repeat few times. These exercises too are great tips to get relief from computer eye strain.

Wear computer glasses, these are available in the market which have been designed to reduce strain caused by computer screen. Also, adjust display settings of screen and maintain proper brightness and contrast to reduce strain. These are effective tips to get relief from computer eye strain.

Do not forget to blink. While working on computer people do not watch, they actually look on screen with full focus. If a person does not blink at regular intervals eyes lose their moisture and ocular surface becomes dry which can cause chronic red eyes or swelling. Take a break in between and blink frequently to keep ocular surface moist and wet. These too work as effective tips to get relief from computer eye strain.

Place a towel soaked in warm water over eyes, wring it to flush excess water out and let it stay till it stays warm, apply again if you need. The warmth of towel will relax and refresh eyes. These warm compresses are useful tips to get relief from computer eye strain.

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