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5 Homemade Whitening Toothpaste Recipes

Homemade Whitening Toothpaste Recipes

Teeth lose their natural pearly white color and shine due to foods, drinks, and aging. Health conditions and disorders also contribute to fading natural white shade of dentures. You can make homemade toothpaste which can remove yellow tinge and stains over the dentures and provide shiny white teeth. These recipes are free of side effects and provide wonderful results in a short time. Some of the popular homemade whitening toothpaste recipes are as follows.

Homemade Whitening Toothpaste Recipes

Homemade Toothpaste Recipe for Healthy Teeth

Healthy Teeth

  • Baking Soda
  • Lemon Juice
  • White vinegar

Take some baking soda and add few drops of hydrogen peroxide to form a paste. After brushing your teeth with regular toothpaste rub teeth and gums with this paste, use your finger instead of toothbrush for better results as finger can reach each and every corner of mouth and apply this paste. Let the paste stay in mouth for couple of minutes and rinse off with plain water later. Perform this remedy every alternate day it is one of the popular homemade whitening toothpaste recipes. If you do not want to use hydrogen peroxide, use lemon juice or white vinegar. These recipes also provide desired results in a short time.

Natural Homemade Toothpaste for Whitening Teeth

  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Vegetable Glycerine
  • Soda

Aloe Vera gel is soothing and nourishing for skin and is also great for improving shade of dentures. This also provides one of the effective homemade whitening toothpaste recipes. Add one teaspoon of aloe Vera gel to a cup of water, also add four teaspoons of vegetable glycerine and ΒΌ cup of plain soda. Keep this mixture to boil and boil for 15-20 minutes, remove the mixture and allow it to cool down. Add some peppermint and mix it with the paste. Use this paste to clean teeth regularly. This is one of the useful homemade toothpaste recipes which provide sparkling white teeth in a short time. This paste removes stains and repair damaged enamel to protect teeth from infections.

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Homemade Strawberries Toothpaste Recipes


  • Strawberries
  • Lemon Peel Powder
  • Baking Soda
  • Clove Oil

Strawberries are recommended to prevent stains and paleness due to foods and drinks. These are reckoned as detergent foods due to their teeth whitening properties. Strawberries also provide an effective homemade whitening toothpaste recipes which remove stubborn stains and provide pearly white dentures. Take two strawberries and take out their pulp, add two tablespoons of lemon peel powder.

If you do not have readymade lemon peel powder you can make it at home by drying lemon peels in shade and later grinding them to form a powder. Add one teaspoon of baking soda and 6 drops of clove oil. Blend all the ingredients in a blender to mix them well and store this paste in a glass jar. Take a pea-sized amount of the paste and rub teeth with this mixture, use your finger for better results and rinse off with lukewarm water later. This is one of the excellent homemade recipes one could make.

Natural Homemade Toothpaste Recipes

  • Orange peel
  • Honey
  • Cinnamon Powder

Orange peel is recommended to remove stains from teeth and keep them glowing and shining for longer period in life. Orange peel is also part of wonderful homemade whitening toothpaste recipes. Peel few oranges and keep their peel to dry in shade, when these become crisp grind them to form a powder. Collect two tablespoons of orange peel powder and add one tablespoon of honey, add one teaspoon of cinnamon powder as well. Mix all the ingredients well and keep them in an airtight glass container. Use this paste to brush teeth regularly once or twice in a day, rinse mouth after brushing with this paste with lukewarm water. On regular use, this provides shinier and stain-free dentures. This is one of the useful homemade whitening toothpaste recipes.

Homemade Whitening Toothpaste Recipes

Toothpaste Recipes

  • Banana
  • Rice Powder
  • Peppermint Oil

Banana are rich sources of manganese, magnesium and calcium, their peels are also nutritious and are used as part of effective homemade whitening toothpaste recipes. Take few fresh banana peels and scoop out content attached inside of banana peel. Put this content in a bowl and add a tablespoon of rice powder, add eight drops of peppermint oil and mix all the ingredients well and store the paste in a glass container. Take out some paste and brush teeth with finger, let the pate stay in mouth for couple of minutes and later rinse off with cold water. This provides sparkling white teeth in a short time and also improves strength of dentures.

Take some precautions to avoid paleness from coming back gain. Excessive tea and coffee intake is very harmful as it causes stains, rinse mouth with water each time you consume tea or coffee. Avoid acid producing foods and drinks, excessive acids in stomach changes PH level of mouth and harm enamel, if enamel is damaged teeth collect stains and yellow tinge. Brush and floss regularly, food particles present in mouth are attacked by bacteria and release acids, this acid is damaging for enamel and cause stains. Avoid too much intake of sugary and starchy foods these foods are sticky in nature and release acid if left in mouth for few hours. Include raw carrots, celery or anise seeds to keep mouth fresh and clean and prevent stains.

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