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Best Home Remedies for Bad Breath

Are you tired of dealing with bad breath? Discover home remedies for bad breath in our detailed guide, helping you regain confidence and enjoy better oral freshness.

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is a very embarrassing problem. Many people ignore a person suffering from a bad smell in their mouth, which dramatically shatters their confidence.

In most cases, bad breath occurs due to a dirty mouth. Decaying food particles trapped in the mouth is the major culprit.

Apart from that, plaque build-up, i.e., an invisible layer of bacteria covering your mouth, is also responsible for causing bad breath.

In fewer cases, it may be possible that a bad smell arises from a dental condition such as a cavity or gum disease. Food can be easily trapped inside a cavity or broken layers of teeth.

Occasionally, bad breath can very well result from a respiratory disorder such as lung infections or sinus.

Diabetes results in a chemical-like smell coming from the patient’s mouth, and of course, food with strong odors, like onions, garlic, alcohol, etc., are plausible factors.

Tobacco chewing is a bane and must be stopped immediately if one wants to improve oral health.

Home Remedies for Bad Breath

Markets are filled with many types of mouthwash that curb bad breath, but most contain alcohol and flavoring agents in huge amounts.

Instead of spending cash, one can easily put a leash on bad mouth odor and get a refreshed mouth just by simple natural remedies for bad breath.

In ancient times, people took aid from simple kitchen ingredients such as fennel seeds, cinnamon, mint leaves, rosemary leaves, white wine, etc.

These home remedies for bad breath are very much effective and useful even in today’s scenario.

They are safe, simple, efficient, and cost-effective, fulfilling all aspects of a good mouthwash. Hence, take a look –

Prevent Bad Breath Naturally

Cinnamon – Home Remedy to Get Rid of Bad Breath

Cinnamon Powder Natural Cure

Cinnamon is rich in an essential oil named cinnamon aldehyde that keeps bad breath at bay and fights harmful bacteria in the mouth.

  1. Boil a teaspoon of cinnamon powder in water, then strain and cool it.
  2. Use this solution as a mouthwash to refresh your breath.

Fennel Seeds – Home Remedy to Maintain Oral Health

Fennel seeds also work as excellent mouth fresheners that are very popular for combating bad breath.

Gradually chew around a tablespoon of fennel seeds that will help stimulate saliva.

Fennel seeds possess wonderful antimicrobial qualities that fight odor-causing bacteria in the mouth.

One can also make fennel tea by boiling fennel seeds with water and drinking it as a remedy for bad breath.

Tongue Cleaning – Home Remedy for Bad Breath

Tongue Cleaning Get Rid of Bad Breath

Proper tongue cleaning is vital and must be done daily as home remedies for bad breath.

Very often, bacteria get coated over the tongue leading to the fermentation of proteins and the production of smelly gases.

Hence, use a suitable tongue cleaner or scraper to dislodge these bacteria and eliminate bad breath.

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Lemon Juice – Home Remedy to Get Relief from Bad Breath

Lemon Juice Home Remedy to Treat Skin Problems

The acidic content of lemons makes them best suitable among home remedies for bad breath. Acidic nature kills bacteria and prevents further microbial growth.

The pleasant smell of lemons masks the bad breath coming from the mouth.

  1. Add a tablespoon of lemon juice and a pinch of salt to a cup of water.
  2. Rinse your mouth with it to get relief from bad breath.

Parsley – Home Remedy to Cure Foul Smelling Breath

Parsley Natural Remedies

Parsley contains chlorophyll that balances out the odor of the mouth and has been used as a home remedy for bad breath for generations.

One can have parsley to get rid of foul-smelling breath in various ways, such as simply chewing a parsley sprig for a few minutes.

The second method is adding some drops of vinegar and then chewing parsley.

Apart from these two measures, one can grind some parsley leaves and water in a juicer and prepare parsley juice to combat bad breath.

Clove – Home Remedy for Oral Health

Cloves Natural Remedies

Cloves also have strong antibacterial properties that inhibit bacterial growth in the mouth and serve as mind-blowing home remedies for bad breath.

Pop a few pieces of cloves and chew them for 5 to 10 minutes thoroughly.

One can even prepare a clove tea by boiling ground clove powder with a cup of water for 15 minutes.

These herbal remedies for bad breath will alleviate your problem for good.

Fenugreek – Home Remedy to Deal with Bad Breath

Fenugreek is touted as one of the effective home remedies for bad breath, especially due to catarrhal infections.

Making fenugreek tea by boiling a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds is very helpful in dealing with bad breath.

Strain and drink this herbal tea once a day.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Home Remedy to Treat Bad Breath

Apple cider vinegar balances out the pH levels in the mouth due to its acidic nature, which provides an unsuitable bacterial growth environment.

Gargle with raw apple cider vinegar to combat bad breath.

One can add a tablespoon of ACV to a glassful of warm water, which will be a beneficial home remedy for bad breath and improve your digestion.

Anise Seeds – Home Remedy to Improve Oral Health

Anise Seeds Natural Remedy

Anise seeds are marvelous home remedies for bad breath that kill the bacteria growing in your mouth.

Just much a tablespoon of anise seeds once or twice a day and get ready to obtain a refreshing breath.

Tea Tree Oil – Home Remedy to Eliminate Bad Breath

Tea tree oil has also been a powerful home remedy for bad breath since time immemorial. It has potent antiseptic properties that keep microbes away from your mouth.

Add a few drops of tea tree oil to your toothpaste from which you brush your teeth daily.

Alternatively, you can also purchase an herbal toothpaste that contains tea tree oil as one of its ingredients.

  1. One can also make a natural mouthwash by using a few drops of peppermint oil, tea tree oil, and lemon oil and mixing them in a glass full of water.
  2. Rinse your mouth with this mouthwash and get instant riddance from bad breath.

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