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10 Best and Worst Foods for Teeth

Best And Worst Foods For Teeth

Many foods and drinks can be classified as the best and worst foods for teeth. The best foods for teeth are the ones which suppress bacteria and inhibit the formation of plaque whereas the foods and drinks which promote the growth of bacteria are reckoned as worst foods for teeth.

If one chooses diet wisely and weighs the best foods for teeth more than the bad ones oral and dental treatments may not be needed ever.

Here one can find 10 different foods and drinks which are either the best foods for teeth or worst foods for teeth. Some of the foods considered as the best foods for teeth are –

Best Foods For Teeth

Fruits and Vegetables – Natural Remedy for Healthy Teeth

Fruits and vegetables are good for health but some of these are the best foods for teeth. Fruits like banana, apples, papaya, etc. are good for teeth as these are high in fiber and rich in minerals and vitamins.

Carrots, broccoli, figs, celery, etc. are vegetables which are the best foods for teeth. Forming a diet comprising of these food items is an excellent way to keep oral problems away.

Lemon and oranges are also reckoned as the best foods for teeth but since these are acidic and excessive acid in the stomach is harmful for oral health hence shall be used with meals in small amounts regularly.

Due to acidic nature lemon and oranges if consumed in a higher dosage can become the worst foods for teeth.

Dairy Products – Herbal Remedies to Increase Teeth Strength

If you need not worry about cholesterol levels too much, dairy products too are the best food for teeth. These are rich sources of calcium which keeps bones and teeth healthy and strong.

These foods also help in keeping enamel healthy and prevent the formation of plaque in the mouth. If one cannot consume fat due to high cholesterol level low-fat dairy products are equally beneficial for keeping oral health sound and work as the best.

Milk, yogurt, cheese, etc. are cavity-preventers, these stick to plaque and nullify acids produced by it which cause tooth decay.

If one is allergic to milk, soy milk is also a great source of calcium and works as one of the best foods for teeth. One can also try some calcium supplements to increase teeth strength.

Sugar-Less Chewing Gum – Herbal Remedy to Prevent Cavities

Doctors have always rejected chewing gums because of sugar present in these but with sugarless chewing gums this opinion has changed completely.

Now, these are recommended as the best foods for teeth. These gums contain xylitol which inhibits bacteria present in the mouth and helps in preventing plaque deposition, these also stimulate the production of mucous and salvia which further inhibit the growth of bacteria thereby preventing cavities and tooth decay.

Nuts – Natural Foods for Healthy Teeth

Almonds, raisins, and dates are the best foods for teeth. These are sources of nutrients and minerals and also keep digestion good.

Previously raisins were rejected as good foods for dentures due to high sugar and sticky nature but nutrients available in these are excellent for keeping oral health sound.

Teas – Herbal Remedies to Avoid Stain

Whether green or black both are good for keeping oral health sound and dentures strong.

These are sources of antioxidants that prevent tissue damage and also curb the activity of acids that corrode enamel exposing teeth to bacteria. One should rinse mouth after 30-45 minutes after drinking tea to avoid staining.

Worst Foods For Teeth

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Sugary and Starchy Foods

Foods that are high in sugar or starch are the worst foods for teeth. Avoid all such foods to keep dentures healthy and free from cavities and plaque.

Sugar and starch both feed bacteria present in the mouth and allow it to proliferate, chocolates and sugar candies are reckoned as the biggest culprits in causing cavities due to high sugar content.


These drinks possess acids and also soda which can allow gas and acid in the stomach to regurgitate in the esophagus and change PH level of mouth making it more conducive for bacteria to grow and breed.

Avoiding intake of these is very good practice; carbonated and other soda-containing drinks are classified as worst foods for teeth.


Some juices are acidic in nature, their intake in higher quantity can alter PH level of mouth to cause cavities and tooth decay.

Though juices are reckoned as worst foods it is not advisable to avoid them completely. Consuming a controlled quantity of juices of fruits that are high in fiber and rinsing mouth after drinking them can minimize their ill-effects and provide necessary vitamins and minerals to keep the body healthy.

Foods Causing Dry Mouth

All foods which cause dryness in the mouth are the worst foods. When there is little saliva in mouth bacteria grow freely and starts forming plaque, such foods shall be avoided completely or mouth shall be rinsed thoroughly to remove dryness after their intake.

Hard to Chew Foods

Foods that have hard external coating can damage the outer layer of teeth when this layer is damaged bacteria find a way to sneak in the root of teeth and cause decay. Avoid such foods to keep teeth intact and free of damages.

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