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11 Simple and Best Home Remedies for Heel Spur

Home Remedies For Heel Spur

Natural Home Remedies for Heel Spur

A heel spur is abnormal growth due to calcium deposition around the heel and at the joint of the plantar fascia and heel bone.

The plantar fascia is a strong ligament which forms an arch of the foot; it is attached to the heel bone and the toe. While walking, running or jumping we put excess pressure over this ligament.

Due to certain reasons, this ligament starts to move away from heel bone creating a gap; the body tries to fill this gap which causes calcium deposition in a hook-like a shape.

This hook-shaped calcium deposition is referred to as a heel spur.

Heel spurs do not cause pain, it is stretching of plantar fascia and swelling in the ligament which causes pain and difficulty in walking.

Deficiencies, arthritis, poor blood flow in legs, use of poorly-shaped footwear and obesity are the main reasons for causing heel spurs.

The victim experiences pain while jogging, jumping or running which is worse in the morning, it hurts severely when a person starts to walk after coming out of bed but calms down substantially after some time.

Higher physical activity during the day arouses more severe pain the next morning. Inflammation and protrusions around the heel can not be noticed by looking at the foot.

Home remedies for heel spur are effective and easy to use remedies which can be of immense help in treating the problem.

How to Treat Heel Spur at Home Naturally?

Coconut Oil – Home Remedy for Heel Spur

Massages with warm coconut oil are good remedies for heel spur.

Heat coconut oil in sufficient quantity and gently massage the entire foot with it, massage at least two times in a day, once in the morning and another before going to bed.

Wrap your feet with a warm towel after a massage. Coconut oil massages relax muscles and ligaments and also work well for reducing swelling.

Natural Remedies to Curb Heel Spur

  • Molasses
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Baking Soda

Take two glasses of molasses, add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and baking soda and mix the mixture well. Dip the feet in this mixture for 30 minutes.

Repeat this treatment in the night as well to gain relief from pain and swelling. On regular use this work as one of the best home remedies for heel spur.

Borax Powder – Natural Remedy to Relieve Swelling

Borax powder with water also forms a good solution to treat heel spurs.

  1. Add borax powder with water and dip the affected foot in the mixture for 30 minutes.
  2. Take this treatment twice in a day regularly for a few days.

This is also one of the easy to use remedy for heel spur.

Ice Packs – Home Remedy to Relieve Swelling and pain

Ice packs also work as an effective method for heel spur, ice reduces inflammation and also curb the pain, ice packs also draw higher blood flow which promotes quick and proper healing.

Apply ice packs two-three times in a day to relieve the symptoms and cure the problem quickly.

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Flaxseed Oil – Natural Remedy to Treat Heel Spur Problems

Flaxseed oil massages also work as useful home remedies for heel spur.

Gently massage the entire foot with flaxseed oil and tie a bandage to let the oil stay. Repeat this massage in the night as well before going to sleep.

Linseed Oil – Home Remedy to Cure Symptoms of Heel Spur

Linseed oil also possesses similar properties like that of flaxseed oil hence massages with linseed oil also work as an effective remedy for heel spur.

After taking massage with any oil wrap the feet with a warm towel to bring-in quicker results.

Epsom Salt – Home Remedy to Maintain Heel Health

Add a cup of Epsom salt to a bathtub full of warm water; take a tub bath with this mixture for 15 to 20 minutes.

If a bath is not possible, dipping the affected feet in a mixture of Epsom salt and water also works as one of the easy to use but effective home remedies for heel spur.

Alfalfa Tea – Natural Remedy to Prevent Formation of Heel Spur

Drink alfalfa tea two to three cups every day, this herb contains anti-oxidants and potent anti-inflammatory properties to reduce swelling and pain.

Regular consumption of this tea provides relief and also prevents the formation of heel spurs. Few cups of alfalfa tea in the day are the simplest home remedies for heel spur.

Ginger Tea – Home Remedy to Cure Heel Problems

Drink ginger tea by crushing a piece of ginger and adding it to a cup of boiling water. Let the mixture boil for a few minutes later strain it to drink.

Drink three to four cups in a day, ginger has immense anti-inflammatory and blood cleansing properties which work very well for calming discomfort caused by heel spurs and also prevent their formation in the future.

Few cups of ginger tea during the day are easiest home remedies for heel spur.

Turmeric – Home Remedy to Curb Swelling and Pain

Increase intake of turmeric, you can sprinkle a teaspoon of turmeric over salad or can use it liberally while cooking to aid the body with its strong anti-inflammatory properties which will curb swelling and pain.

Turmeric intake also works as one of the best home remedies for heel spur.

Support foot by adding cushion under the heels, also check for footwear if they are well-shaped and do not put extra strain over plantar fascia.

Take proper rest and do not overexert foot in any manner.

Certain type of exercises also work as effective treatments for heel spurs but do not perform any exercise without proper understanding and training as these can also aggravate the problem.

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