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Best Natural Remedies for Flabby Legs and Thighs

Get Rid of Flabby Legs and Thighs

Natural Remedies for Flabby Legs and Thighs

Few special techniques, exercises, and steps are most effective ways how to get rid of flabby legs. An excess layer of fat over thighs, buttocks and even calves make legs flabby and out of shape. People avoid wearing short pants and even tight-fitting trousers to hide bags of flesh hanging over legs. This fat is also dangerous for health.

It is not easy to remove fat deposit over legs but here one can find a few steps which can speed-up process of fat removal. You can go through the following ways and know how to get rid of flabby thighs, buttocks, and legs in a short time with lesser effort.

How to Get Rid of Flabby Legs and Thighs Fast?

Massage with Coconut Oil – Home Remedy to Reduce Fat Over Legs

Massage with Coconut Oil

Massages are very useful for removing an excess layer of fat over legs. Massages increase the flow of blood which helps the body to utilize deposited fat for energy production. Use of coconut oil for massages is good. It gets absorbed in the skin smoothly and promotes the flow of blood.

Massage with coconut oil regularly for 10-15 minutes to gain shapely and solid thighs. You can also use coconut oil in cooking to gain healthy fats which get burned for energy production. Coconut oil speeds-up metabolism which increases utilization of fat for energy production. Massages are simple ways how to get rid of flabby legs.

Massage with Apple Cider Vinegar, Olive and Coconut Oil

Apple cider vinegar also provides internal and external remedies to lose excess fat over legs. Prepare a mixture by adding 3 parts of ACV with one part of olive or coconut oil. Apply this mixture over thighs and buttocks and massage with gentle pressure to let the skin absorb it. Wait for 10-20 minutes and wash off.

Repeat massage regularly to gain shapely legs. Mix two teaspoons of ACV with one teaspoon of honey, add this mixture to a glass of water and drink half an hour before breakfast regularly. ACV breakdown fat quickly and prevents its deposition.

It also supplements minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium and treats the problem of water retention. It is anti-toxin and cleanses internal systems and blood. Use of ACV is another way how to get rid of flabby thighs and legs.

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Coffee Grounds – Home Remedy to Tighten and Tone Skin

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds may not appear as useful for shedding fat but these actually are. Take some coffee grounds and grind these to form a powder, add some honey to get a thick paste. Massage this paste over flabby thighs and other areas of legs like hips and leave to dry.

Now scrub it off with wet hands massaging the skin. Wash off while taking a shower. Coffee grounds enhance the flow of blood and tone muscles in the legs.

These provide shapely legs by reducing fat layer quickly. These supplement antioxidants and caffeine which tighten and tone skin of legs to provide firmness. Coffee grounds too are effective ways how to get rid of flabby legs.

Exercises Walking and Jogging

You can also perform squats to bring legs in shape. Stand on your feet and bring your hips down up to level of knees, now hold this position for 2-3 seconds. Come back to standing position and repeat. Gradually increase the duration of squat these exercises will tighten thigh, butt and calf muscles to provide shapely legs.

Simple exercises like walking or jogging are also effective ways how to get rid of flabby thighs and legs. These increase the flow of blood and also maintain the fluid level to provide shapely legs.

Exercises – Natural Way to Get Rid of Flabby Legs


Exercises are surely most effective ways how to get rid of flabby legs, thighs and buttocks. These not only provide shapely legs but also strength of joints like ankle, knees and keep a person agile.

Sit-ups are effective exercises to shed bags of flesh. These enlarge muscles and tone legs and joints. Stand on your toes and grab something to balance. Bring your hips down at least to your knee height and stand back. Repeat 5-10 times initially and increase gradually. Regular sit-ups provide strong and muscular legs.

Exercises, Asana for Floppy Legs

There are many yoga poses which can be immensely beneficial exercises how to get rid of flabby legs. Learn some yoga poses in the presence of an expert and practice at home regularly. Yoga poses are also good for improving control of mind over the body which provides better balance and steady movements.

Dhanur asana, Badhkon asana, Padma asana, Tada asana, etc. are few simple yoga poses which are beneficial for lower body and improve the flow of blood to keep it fit, strong and free from fat.

Home Remedies to Gain Shapely Legs

Remedies to Gain Shapely Legs

  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Lemon
  • Ginger Juice

Saltwater tub baths are excellent for those who suffer with flabby legs due to water retention. Saltwater tub baths allow cells to release excess water due to osmosis and thin down filled-up flesh for legs. Add two cups of sea salt to the bathtub and take a relaxing bath for 20-30 minutes regularly. These are effective way how to get rid of flabby thighs and legs.

You shall use cayenne pepper in your meals more to get rid of flesh over legs. You can add half teaspoon of cayenne pepper, juice of half lemon and one teaspoon of ginger juice to a glass of water. Mix and drink regularly to gain shapely legs.

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