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9 Best Home Remedies for Ringworm to Prevent Infection

Best Home Remedies for Ringworm

Ringworm is a fungal infection and not something caused by any worm, it is highly contagious and can spread from one person to another very easily. Direct skin touch or indirect touch through the soil, used clothes, pets, etc., can infect a healthy person.

Ringworms are raised red-colored patches on the skin which form a ring or series of rings, these patches have sharp boundaries and blisters which can ooze.

These are hard to go and flare again and again; on flares, these cause severe itching. Ringworm can occur on scalp, nails, feet and groin area.

Home remedies for ringworm are effective methods which relieve the infection safely and in a short duration.

Home Remedies for Ringworm

Turmeric – Home Remedy to Curb Ringworm


Turmeric is powerful anti-fungal which is also potent anti-inflammatory. Boil two-three roots of turmeric in a glass of water. Let the mixture boil for few minutes, later let it become warm and wash the area thoroughly with it. You can prepare a paste by taking a teaspoon of turmeric powder and adding few drops of mustard oil. Apply this paste covering the entire ring after washing it with turmeric water. Repeat this remedy till infection lasts it is one of the best home remedies for ringworm.

Holy Basil Leaves – Natural remedy to Treat Ringworm

Take few leaves of holy basil, soak them in water for couple of hours and later grind to form a paste. Apply this paste covering the infected part and let it stay. Holy basil leaves have potent properties to curb bacterial and fungal infections and provide relief on regular use. This is one of the best home remedies for ringworm.

Oregano and Mustard Oil – Natural Remedy to Get Rid of Ringworm

Oregano and Mustard Oil

Take a teaspoon of oregano herb in powder form, add few drops of mustard oil and make a paste. Apply this paste, cover entire infected area and let it dry out. Repeat this remedy till infection lasts, this works as one of the potent home remedies for ringworm. Take handful of mustard seeds, grind them to form a paste, wash the affected part with warm water and apply the paste and let it stay till it dries out completely. Repeat the remedy till symptoms subside it is one of the best home remedies for ringworm.

Vegetable Juice – Home Remedies for Healthy Skin

Vegetable juices work as home remedies for ringworm and can also be used as a support to other remedies. Drinking vegetable juice in sufficient quantities elevate immunity which helps immensely in flushing out the infection from inside. Extract 300 ml of carrot juice and 100 ml each of beetroot and spinach. Mix these juices to get a 500 ml mixture of vegetable juices and drink through the day. This will improve your immune system and help in flushing out the infection. This is highly effective home remedies for ringworm which can enhance the efficacy of other remedies and provide numerous other health benefits.

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Oils – Home Remedies to Remove Itching


Oils also provide a few effective home remedies for ringworm. You can use coconut oil, tea tree oil and castor oil whichever is easily available. Just apply any of these for few days regularly, bandage the area so that oil does not get wiped off. These oils possess potent anti-fungal properties which curb the infection and will also provide immense relief from severe itching. All of these oils are used as home remedies for ringworm since a long time.

Garlic – Home Remedy to Cure Skin Infections

Garlic has properties to kill 30 different types of bacteria and fungi; this can be taken internally as well as externally. Chew two bulbs of garlic to gain anti-fungal properties to fight back skin infection and crush 4 to 5 bulbs to form a paste. Apply the paste over the affected part of skin and tie it with a bandage to let it stay. These two steps work as powerful home remedies for ringworm.

Papaya – Natural Remedy to Cure Symptoms of Ringworm


Rub the affected part with some mashed papaya, this fruit contains bromelain which is effective anti-fungal and powerful anti-inflammatory. Tie it with a clean cloth so that it stays for longer duration. Keep repeating the remedy till symptoms subside. Papaya bandages are widely used home remedies for ringworm.

Vinegar and Salt – Home Remedy to Relieve Itching and Infection

Wash the affected part with a mixture of vinegar and salt, just add a teaspoon of common salt to a tablespoon of vinegar and apply over affected part. Let the mixture stay and dry out, regular application work as capable home remedies for ringworm. You can wash the affected part with plain apple cider vinegar as well. Keep washing the area for few days regularly, this will help in curbing the infection and relieve itching. Both of these are potent home remedies for ringworm.

Stay away from place where you can infect others, avoid pools and sharing towels etc., change bed sheet regularly and soak the area in Sun whenever possible, sunrays curb the breeding of fungi and create an inappropriate environment for them to survive. Eat citrus fruits, green vegetables and curd more in the diet. Avoid too much tea, coffee or alcohol and drink plenty of water nearly 8 to 10 glasses in a day. These will show their good effects in a short time.

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