Apple Pie Tacos Recipe

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Apple Pie Tacos Recipe

Sweet and twisty apple pie tacos are a great way to satisfy your hunger. These beautifully shaped little dumplings are a great source to relish yourself and spreading happiness on the dining table.Their crusty shells make them tastier to eat. Cinnamon sugar coating enhances its taste even more. It is easy to make and too delicious to eat. It can be made quickly. No dessert bites can be such easier to make and this much yummy. It is being liked by children and adults alike. They are health beneficial too as they have apples in them. It’s good to call them healthy and crusty apple pie bites. They taste too delicious when served with different seasonings.

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Preparation and Cooking Time

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Cooking time: 35 minutes

Total time: 1 hour 10 minutes (approx.)


  1. Tortillas flour = 6 packs

  2. Oil for frying (deep frying)

  3. Sugar = two-third cup

  4. Cinnamon = 2 teaspoons

  5. Apples = 3 (peeled and chopped)

  6. Brown sugar = 3 tablespoon

  7. lemon juice = 1 teaspoon

  8. cinnamon = 1 teaspoon

  9. cornstarch = 1 teaspoon

  10. water = half cup

  11. Toppings = frozen cream or caramel sauce.


  1. Use a cutter and cut neat circles from tortillas. You can have 5 from each pack.

  2. Now take a bowl and add sugar and cinnamon in it and mix it well till it all becomes creamy.

  3. Now heat the oil at a medium heat and add those previously cut tortillas in it one by one but make sure that the oil is hot and is bubbly. Fry them till they became brown in color.

  4. Make sure that after frying these tortillas are crispy. Now take them out of the pan and set them on cinnamon sugar.

  5. Meanwhile peel some apples and mix them in lemon juice well.

  6. Chop these apples.

  7. Heat a pan and add these chopped apples, brown sugar and cinnamon and let them to be cooked at medium heat. Stir them gently. Take some water and add one teaspoon corn starch in it and dissolve them finely, add this solution in the heating pan and stir it gently so that it gets mixed well with all other elements.

  8. Cook them for about 4 to 5 minutes till the solution is vanished and only soft and mashed apples are left behind.

  9. Your filling is ready now.

  10. Now take tacos one by one and fill them with sauce gently fold them halfway round and set them to refrigerate.

  11. You can have caramel sauce or whipped cream as your topping according to your own taste but add the toppings just before serving.

  12. Your tacos are ready to serve now.


At least 10 persons can enjoy these sweet, crispy, topped and filled tacos and can satisfy themselves.

Health Benefits

  • The biggest health benefit of apple pie tacos is that they contain apples which are too good for health. Apples are rich in fiber and Vitamin C. These are very low in calories.

  • Apple pie tacos contain sugar, proteins, fats and carbohydrates in sufficient amount.

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