How to Stop Precum Leakage after Urination with Natural Treatment?

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Stop Precum Leakage after Urination

Causes of Seminal Discharge after Urination

Loss of seminal fluids or sperms after urination is a type of spermatorrhea. This causes regular loss of vital fluids and also damages urinary canal.Males suffering with this problem face severe side effects which can make their life miserable. Mostly males ignore this problem in the beginning and try to find a treatment much later. Till then symptoms have already aggravated and problem has caused serious damage to health and potency. If problem is managed at early stages it can be checked easily. However, even if one faces serious side effects of spermatorrhea the problem is completely treatable and its ill-effects on health can be reversed completely.

Males suffering with spermatorrhea face precum leakage after urination. Precum is small amount of white, transparent and slipper fluid which male organ secretes to facilitate penetration. In case of male suffering with weak nerves or poor prostate gland health this fluid oozes out on slight pressure applied to excrete last drops of urine each time male urinates. Due to precum leakage after urination males also face problems like pain or burning during urination, delayed start of urine stream, thinning of urine stream and frequent urination.

Irritated prostate gland is major cause of precum leakage after urination. Prostate gland is responsible for producing seminal fluids which are vital part of male’s semen. This gland can get irritated due to various mild to serious reasons. Males enjoying hand-practice excessively are common victims of congested prostate gland. Due to congestion when male applies pressure to expel last drops of urine the fluid deposited around prostate ooze out after urination. Many times male discharge along with urine as fluid oozes into urinary canal or urethra while sitting or on slight excitement caused during the day.

Inflammation and enlargement of prostate gland also causes precum leakage after urination. Prostate can get enlarged due to benign reasons like ageing. It can get swollen due to bacterial infections. Enlarged or swollen gland has fluid build-up which causes problem of precum leakage after urination. Enlargement and inflammation also causes retrograde ejaculation in which male does not discharge completely as prostate gland constricts urinary canal due to which part of semen is left in urethra which is later passed out with urine and causes seminal discharge after urination.

Apart from hand-practice prostate gland can get irritated due to arousals without ejaculation, excessive copulation, long foreplay before lovemaking, excessive cycling, long sitting hours, obesity etc. All these conditions cause seminal discharge after urination by irritating prostate gland.

Apart from prostate gland malfunction weak nerves, use of sedatives, medicines like anti-depressants, sedentary lifestyle and poor diet can also cause the problem. Seminal discharge in urine affects male’s sexual and physical stamina negatively and makes him weak. Correct and proper treatment can not only stop the problem but also reverses its side effects.

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Stop Precum Leakage after Urination

To stop semen discharge in urine there are many natural methods which are effective. These methods can be employed by male without disclosing his problem to anyone else. Males generally ignore and allow the problem to aggravate due to hesitancy. Natural methods are harmless and do not require any medical prescription. These can be used instantly too prevent problem from aggravating. Occasional seminal discharge in urine is not regarded as a problem. Once in a while male can discharge after urination due to mild reasons which are not any problem. But if discharge occurs frequently or regularly and male faces other side effects of the problem then treatment is necessary.

Other side effects of the problem are pain and burning during urination, reducing desire for lovemaking, too flaccid male organ, low volume of semen and problems related to erections. Males also face low stamina and suffer with chronic fatigue. This problem can promote psychological problems too. Males due to poor physical energy and disorders related to reproductive system suffer with disturbed emotional and mental status. Issues like anxiety, depression, irritability, mood swings etc. surge due to frequent loss of seminal fluids with urination.

Amongst most effective natural methods for treating seminal discharge with urine use of dates is very popular. The Ajuva dates are regarded as most effective varieties to handle all types of spermatorrhea. In absence of this variety any type of dates can be used. Take 10-15 dates and deseed them, fill these dates with banyan milk. Add these to 2 litres of cow’s milk and keep the mixture to boil. Let the mixture get reduced to half and allow it to cool down. Store this mixture in a glass jar and consume one tablespoon of it every day regularly. This natural method has been found very useful in stopping loss of seminal fluids with urine for improving strength and virility of a male.



Make few dietary changes include yoghurt in regular diet. Consume 1-2 bowls of yoghurt every day. Eat 3-4 cloves of garlic and one medium sized onion regularly. These are good foods to suppress problem of regular semen loss with urine. Avocado is very nutritious fruit and of it is available fresh can be used regularly to get rid of spermatorrhea and its side effects easily. Include all types of red fruits in daily diet these are good or handling the problem.


Drinking a glass of plain hot cow’s milk before bedtime is also very effective natural method for handling the problem. Boil a glass of milk with few strands of saffron, when milk is warm add two teaspoons of honey and drink, repeat twice in a day regularly it is good natural way to treat spermatorrhea.

Herbal Teas

Herbal Teas

Sage, licorice and fenugreek teas are very effective natural ways to treat and cure spermatorrhea. These teas come with many health benefits which suppress debilities causing sperm or semen loss with urine. 1-2 cups of any of these teas is good way for handling the problem.

Avoid junk, processed, spicy and greasy foods and drink at least 10-12 glasses of water in a day. Do not suppress urge to urinate. Avoid malpractices like hand-practice completely and eliminate unnecessary stimulations during the day.

Lead an active lifestyle. Include activities like walking, jogging, swimming in daily routine to improve metabolism and maintain blood flow. Avoid long sitting hours and take a walk after meals for faster digestion. Active lifestyle helps in treating the problem and improves health and fitness.

If natural methods do not provide desired results then use of herbs is recommended to eliminate it completely. Herbs are natural remedies which come with strong medicinal values. These safely enhance body’s natural mechanism to treat and cure health problems. For safe and holistic excessive precum leakage treatment herbs are most reliable and effective natural methods.

Herbal supplements are easy ways to gain benefits of multiple herbs. These are easy to use and one gets dependable treatment at convenience of home. Herbal supplements possess pre-processed herbs in right combination and dosage which collectively alleviate the problem of precum leakage. One also gains complete reversal of ill-effects and much improved vitality, virility and potency to lead a passionate love-life.

Natural Treatment for Seminal Discharge in Urine

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules are most reliable herbal supplements to treat and cure problem of sperm with urine. These supplements come with combination of herbs which address root causes of the problem and eliminate them and on regular use rejuvenate entire physical, mental and sexual health of a male to provide long-lasting relief. Males by using these supplements get benefits of multiple herbs with each dose these supplements are curative, protective nourishing and provide all these benefits simultaneously for faster results.

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules come with herbs like Shilajit, Kaunch, Kesar and Ashwagandha which have proven properties to treat prostate problems. These herbs even provide relief from age-related enlargement of prostate gland and protect elderly males from surgeries. Effects of these herbs cure congestion and clear fluid build-up around prostate. These herbs diffuse inflammation and eliminate bacterial infection to bring back prostate in normal health.

Proper prostate gland functions increase semen volume, enhance male’s fertility and prevent loss of seminal fluids with urine. Some of the herbs used in these supplements energize nerves and keep them active and alert. Healthy nerves of male genital region promote intense arousals, promote duration of male in bed and also provide perfect control over discharge. These herbs are amazingly beneficial for natural and fast excessive precum leakage treatment.

Herbs for Excessive Precum Leakage Treatment

Herbs for Excessive Precum Leakage

Shilajit, Ashwagandha and other herbs used in these supplements are nutritive, energizing and aphrodisiac. These herbs with their magnificent properties improve a male’s vitality and rejuvenate his reproductive system. Males stay on top of their stamina and lead a passionate love-life by gaining sound reproductive system. These herbs cure problems like low energy and stamina, low libido and improve quality of erections. These also increase sperm count and allow male to achieve fatherhood easily.

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules come with strong purgatory herbs. These herbs seal good effects of aphrodisiac, nutritive, energizing and nerve tonic herbs by cleansing internal systems and organs. Toxins and harmful compounds which get deposited in body later promote debilities and make disorders resurface. By eliminating these stressors purgatory herbs make positive results long-lasting. These supplements also inhibit free-radical mechanism by supplementing super-charged antioxidants which bring back youthful energy, health and verve in a male.

Proper hormonal secretion in body is vital for sound physical, mental and sexual health of a male. These supplements improve glandular functions and promote release of health promoting hormones which keep bodily systems in upbeat health and functions. Use of No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules provide holistic treatment for semen with urine problem, reverse its side effects and provide a male enviable vitality, virility and vigor. These are harmless and can be used by male of any age without any prescription.

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