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Why Does Sperm Comes Out When Peeing?

Sperm Comes out When Peeing

The problem of sperm discharge after urination is a type of Spermatorrhea which is highly debilitating and raises the serious risk to health and potency.

Males suffering from this problem see the presence of thick white fluid after urination. Sperms are always present in the testicles of an adult male.

Sperm production is an on-going process in the male body after a male has achieved puberty. These sperms are kept stored in testicles and discharged when male climaxes during lovemaking.

A few types of disorders and debilities weaken the control of nerves and tissues and sperm comes out when peeing. When a male applies pressure to excrete last drops of urine the fluid or sperms come out.

In many cases, males suffer from prostate problems which can cause dribbling of semen or sperms when male sits or gets excited moderately. Such males too find sperm discharge while peeing.

Causes of Sperm Discharge After Urination

Sperms are sources of life. When male ejaculates healthy and motile sperms in woman’s ova these fertilize an egg and cause conception.

Sperms are power-packed miniature compounds which are present in male’s semen in millions in every ml. Regular loss of these vital compounds bring debilities and harm male’s virility.

The problem of sperm comes out when peeing can have many causes. A large percentage of males suffer from this problem due to the congested prostate gland.

Males in habit of hand-practice or getting aroused a few times during the day suffer from congestion of the prostate gland.

The prostate gland produces seminal fluids when a male gets excited but no place to store them. If a male gets excited frequently and there is no discharge it causes fluid build-up around the prostate.

Males ejaculating too frequently via hand-practice or aggressive sexual behavior suffer from enlargement of the gland which also causes fluid build-up.

When male sits he actually sits over prostate which causes pressure and fluid dribbles into the urethra or urinary canal to later come out with urine. When a male gets excited it also causes the dribbling of seminal fluids into the urinary canal and causes sperm discharge while peeing.

Due to growing age males can suffer from enlarged prostate gland which is also called BPH. This problem is benign but causes sperm discharge after urination.

Males suffering from enlarged prostate gland suffer from retrograde ejaculation. This is a condition in which male discharges into the urethra in place of from tip of the male organ. When a male urinates the remnants of semen or sperm comes out when peeing.

Sperm comes out when peeing in males who suffer from weak and lethargic nerves. Nerves are responsible for keeping semen locked.

When these become lethargic or weak on slight excitement allow sperms to travel through the sperm canal and get deposited in the urethra. These sperms come out with urine later. Prostatitis is a condition that causes inflammation in the prostate gland due to bacterial infection.

Males suffering from the congested prostate gland are highly susceptible for suffering from prostatitis. This infection is acute and chronic in nature and when it flares causes sperm discharge with urine. Due to inflammation in prostate gland males suffer from retrograde ejaculation which raises the problem.

To treat the problem of spermatorrhoea, one needs a treatment that can address the root causes of the problem. This problem can show different symptoms like nightfall or passing of semen during bowel movements as well. It is a damaging and debilitating problem and shall not be ignored.

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Stop Sperm Discharge While Peeing

The problem of involuntary sperm discharge during urination raises many side effects. Regular loss of sperms keeps the reproductive system in overdrive which stresses it out very quickly.

The stressed and exhausted reproductive system leads to frustrating disorders like low libido and affects the quality of erections. Males also suffer from poor fertility and become less capable of impregnating a woman.

The problem of spermatorrhea causes poor vitality and deteriorates male’s energy and stamina. To produce healthy and motile sperms body needs a range of nutrients and certain vital minerals.

Zinc is one of the most important minerals needed by the body for maintaining reproductive system functions. Zinc is produced in just enough quantity by the liver.

Regular loss of sperms creates a scarcity of zinc and also leads to the distressed liver. Poor liver functions, scarcity of zinc and other nutrients cause low stamina, energy and strength and males a male victim of stress, fatigue, and tiredness.

If the males suffering from the problem of sperm coming out while peeing do not take proper steps can feel the considerably low drive for lovemaking. This problem can cause poor confidence in males and harm his relationship. Male’s regularly losing semen through urine discharge very low volume of semen on the climax.

Males gain pleasure when they discharge on the climax. Low volume of semen not only reduces their ability to achieve fatherhood but also makes their climax get over in seconds. The lesser pleasure on climax takes a male’s interest way from lovemaking and leads a male to loneliness.

When sperm accompanies urine it increases the viscosity of the fluid and puts extra pressure over the walls of the urinary canal. This can cause bruises and raise the chances of infections.

If infections reach bladder or kidneys these become a serious threat for health. To handle the problem of sperm coming out after peeing there are few natural methods. These can be helpful in curbing the problem before it aggravates.

Nutritious Diet

Diet is very crucial in handling any health problem and it stands true for spermatorrhea too. Nutritious diet supplementing an entire range of nutrition reenergizes nerves, tissues and reproductive system and its organs to control the problem.

Tomatoes are good for prostate health. One should include cooked tomatoes in place of raw ones as these are more beneficial. These possess antioxidants which control enlargement and help in clearing fluid build-up around gland to relieve the problem.

Garlic and Onion

Garlic and onion are useful remedies for males suffering from any form of spermatorrhea. These foods are aphrodisiac, control bacterial infections, and also improve metabolism. Garlic and onion shall be used in raw form for better effects.

Herbal teas are other very effective natural methods to treat and cure any form of spermatorrhea. Sage, fenugreek, and licorice are excellent for handling the involuntary loss of semen of any type. Consume 2-3 cups of any of these after regular intervals during the day to gain relief.

Yoga Poses

One should avoid exercises like cycling if sperm comes out when peeing as it puts pressure on the prostate gland. Certain yoga poses are very effective in improving the health of the reproductive system and the prostate gland. One can learn these poses under the supervision of an expert and later practice them at home to stay away from the problem.

Asparagus and Avocado

Asparagus, avocado, all types of red fruits and all types of green veggies are very supportive for controlling the problem of spermatorrhea. Leading an active lifestyle improves the flow of blood towards the genital region.

It helps the body in curbing bacterial infection in the prostate and also supplies energy to nerves and organs of the genital region. Avoiding long sitting hours, taking a walk after meals and exercises as per body’s limit are good ways to curb the problem.

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Natural Treatment for Sperm Coming Out After Peeing

When a male sees sperm coming out after peeing it is a sign of debility in nerves or poor prostate health. This problem needs treatment immediately without delays.

Other symptoms of the problem are burning or pain during urination which can be moderate to excruciating at different times. This problem also causes the thinning of the urine stream and delayed the start of the stream.

One also feels incomplete evacuation after urination due to spermatorrhea. If not treated this problem aggravates weaknesses and make a male stressed and fatigued.

It also raises psychological problems by promoting irritability, mood swings, and other issues. Spermatorrhea lowers testosterone levels.

This can further aggravate weaknesses in the reproductive system and also promotes signs of depression. The scarcity of testosterone also causes poor muscular endurance and promotes muscle wasting.

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules are the most trusted, reliable and effective supplements that provide fast and long-lasting natural treatment for spermatorrhea.

These pills come with magnificent herbs as ingredients. Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Kaunch beej, Vanshlochan, and Kesar are main herbs of these supplements which come with various other herbs to support their effects. These herbs improve vitality, nerve functions, prostate health, and balance hormonal secretion.

The positive impact of these herbs strengthens the entire nervous system and eliminate ill-effects of bad habits like alcohol, smoking, hand-practice, etc. and suppress the problem of spermatorrhea.

These herbs supplement bioactive nutrients and increase the rate of energy-producing reactions. By promoting the release of metabolic hormones these herbs improve nutritional uptake and boost-up male’s vitality.

Main herbs of NO Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules improve energy production in the male body and elevate the level of youth hormones like testosterone. Higher youth hormone level increase supply of energy towards the male genital region and rejuvenate entire system.

In short duration, male gains higher vitality and stamina and energized reproductive system to recover from side effects of spermatorrhea quickly.


Shilajit is a unique and special herb which powerful anti-aging and also most effective for treating prostate gland problems. This herb diffuses inflammation of the gland, eliminates fluid build-up, reduces the enlarged size of the gland and clears the bacterial infection.

The use of this herb in these pills makes them the most effective supplements for treating prostate problems. This herb even treats BPH in elderly males and minimizes chances of surgeries.

The positive impact of Shilajit and other herbs suppresses spermatorrhea naturally and for the long term by providing a healthy prostate gland.

Kaunch Beej

Kaunch beej is prolific in increasing sperm count. Males lose sperms and suffer from poor quality of sperms which are less capable of impregnating a woman. Kaunch beej brings back optimum fertility by increasing the count of healthy and motile sperms in male’s semen.

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules do not need any complicated method of use or any medical prescription. These are harmless and fit for prolonged use. One gains fast and natural treatment and resounding vitality, virility, and potency to lead a passionate love-life.

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