How to Stop Sperm Like Discharge after Urination with Natural Treatment?

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Sperm Like Discharge after Urination

Causes of Sperm Discharge during Urination

The problem of semen with urine is a type of spermattorhea which is a set of condition promoting involuntary loss of semen in males. It is more of a symptoms rather than a problem. Loss of vital fluids with urine signifies debilities in nerves and exhausted reproductive system. These can be symptoms of enlarged or swollen prostate gland, or prostatitis. Apart from these this condition can be caused by various other reasons.

Problem of loss of seminal fluids with urine raises certain symptoms which clearly signify presence of problem. If a male sees presence of thick whitish fluids after urination it means he is losing valuable sperms with urine. Reducing volume of semen along with spermatorrhea means that problem is aggravating and crossing body’s tolerance limits. Semen with urine problem causes burning or pain during urination.

This pain can be mild in the beginning but keeps on growing and causes more discomfort as problem progresses. Delayed start of urine stream, thinning of urine stream and incomplete evacuation are other signs of spermatorrhea. Once a male notice these symptoms along with sperm like discharge after urination it is time for proper treatment as this problem can aggravate quickly and cause serious harm to health and potency.

Sperms are produced by male body on regular basis after puberty. These are produced in testicular region and kept stored there. Nerves are responsible for keeping sperms locked and prevent them from flowing out till wants them to. But to perform their job nerves need energy and strength. Males in habit of hand-practice, smoking, alcoholism, porn material etc. suffer with weak and damaged nerves. These nerves are unable to keep sperms locked and allow them to flow out and get deposited in urethra on slight excitement. These are later excreted with urine causing the problem.

Poor nerve functions are common causes of spermatorrhea and sperm like discharge after urination. Prostate gland is vital organ of male reproductive system. Irritated prostate gland is one of the major causes of spermatorrhea and sperm like discharge after urination. This gland can get irritated due to aggressive and abusive sexual behaviour, excessive eroticism, growing age and bacterial infection. When this gland gets irritated it allows fluid build-up around it. When pressure is applied to excrete last drops of urine or when male sits or get excited mildly these fluids ooze out of male organ after urination.

Enlargement or inflammation in prostate gland is also sign of irritated prostate. These conditions cause retrograde ejaculation in which male discharges in urethra in place of from tip of male organ. This ejaculate is later excreted with urine and cause sperm like discharge after urination. Even if male does not discharges completely in urethra some part of semen gets left in urinary canal or urethra due to inflamed or enlarged prostate which causes presence of traces of whitish thick fluid after urination.

Prostatitis is a condition which can be acute of chronic and is caused by bacterial infection. Males suffering with congested prostate gland are at high risk of prostatitis. This condition causes inflammation and sperm like discharge after urination. Apart from these long sitting hours, chronic constipation and obesity also causes the problem of sperm discharge during urination. Certain types of activities like too much cycling or riding also puts pressure over prostate gland and irritate it. These activities are also common causes of sperm discharge during urination.

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Stop Sperm Like Discharge after Urination

Sperms are signs of male fertility. These fertilize egg in woman’s ova and bring a life into the world. These are produced by body after series of processes and functions and body also utilizes vital nutrients to produce healthy and motile sperms. Regular and unnecessary loss of these can be very severe over health and reproductive system. Males suffering with aggravated spermatorrhea can even become impotent and lead a lonely life.

If problem of white discharge after urination arises in a male, proper steps to cure it shall be taken as soon as possible. There are few very useful natural methods which can help in eradicating this problem safely. These natural methods address causes of the problem like weak nerves, poor prostate health and others to provide relief. These are easy and harmless for male of any age. Certain dietary and lifestyle related changes are regarded as good natural methods to control problem of white discharge after urination in male.

Yoghurt and Milk

Yoghurt and Milk

Dietary changes help in treating weaknesses and debilities which allow sperms to flow out with urine and cause the problem. Include yoghurt in your diet on regular basis. 1-2 bowls of yoghurt during the day helps in stopping involuntary loss of semen. Males shall eat dates if sperm comes out with urine frequently or regularly. Take Ajuva dates and remove their seeds. Fill these dates with banyan tree milk and add to 2 litres of cow milk. Boil the mixture till it gets reduced to half and let it cool down.

Eggs and Saffron with Milk

Store it in a glass jar and consume one tablespoon of it daily. It is very useful remedy for stopping semen with urine. Eggs are also good foods to check the problem. Prefer boiled eggs in place of other varieties. Milk provides nutrition and also energizes nerves and muscles. Add few strands of saffron to a glass of milk and boil. Drink this milk before bedtime daily to eliminate the problem. Almond milk shake also works as useful remedy for treating spermatorrhea.

Fruits Juice

Fruits Juice

Consume at least 10-12 glasses of water daily. Do not hesitate to urinate and go whenever you need to. Fruits juices and raw red fruits are excellent for treating debilities which trigger the problem. Avocado black currant and walnuts too are excellent foods to treat spermatorrhea. All types of foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids can be consumed to control the problem. Include foods rich in zinc in regular diet. To get sufficient dose of zinc sunflower and pumpkin seeds are most useful. These changes fulfil requirements of the body and let it stay nourished and energized to eliminate disorders like spermatorrhea and sperm like discharge after urination.

Exercises and Physical Activity

Physical activity is also very crucial if sperm comes out with urine. Stay active during the day and avoid long sitting hours. Take a short walk after every couple of hours if needed to sit for few hours regularly. Exercise as per body’s limit. Walking is very useful exercise for males suffering with spermattorhea. Walk about 12,000 to 13,000 steps every day.

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol

Avoid smoking, alcoholism etc. or minimize them. Drink herbal teas in place of regular cup of tea or coffee. Also reduce intake of beverages to minimum. If you enjoy self-stimulation or porn material it is time to stop these completely. These practices aggravate weaknesses and make spermatorrhea even more serious. Ensure that you get sound sleep for sufficient duration regularly to counter stress.

Natural Treatment for White Discharge after Urination in Male

If dietary and lifestyle changes do not work for a person Ayurveda provides infallible remedy for treating spermatorrhea. Herbs are most trusted and effective remedies for treating health problems since ages. These are even today trusted by millions for handling health problems. Herbs cannot be used directly. Although these are natural vegetation but need to be refined and processed before use. After refining, dosage of the herbs is to be determined as per age, health condition and gravity of the problem.

If multiple herbs are to be used than knowledge about potency, properties and dosage is a must before use. All this requires deep knowledge and wisdom which is not with every person. But today with advent of technology one can get benefits of herbs in most convenient manner. Herbal supplements are designed and manufactured by using pre-refined and processed herbs in right combination and dosage to resolve health problems.

All one needs to do is take a pill or two on regular basis and get benefits of multiple herbs in safest manner. No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules are most effective reliable supplements to treat problem of semen with urine in males of all ages which come with trusted herbs as ingredients. Regular use of these supplements eliminates the problem along with its side effects and takes a male’s vitality and virility to much higher level.

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules strengthen nerves and repair damaged ones. These check flow of seminal fluids or sperms in a short time and prevent them from flowing out involuntarily. These supplements also come with herbs which are prolific in improving prostate health. These herbs diffuse inflammation of prostate and also clear bacterial infections, these shrink enlarged gland back to normal size and also clear fluid build-up around gland to improve its functions. Elderly males suffering with BPH also gain wonderful results by using these herbs.

Healthy prostate and active nerves stop loss of sperms with urine and improve male’s virility. Along with these herbs No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules come with aphrodisiac and nutritive herbs. Aphrodisiac herbs elevate level of testosterone hormone and guide regular flow of energy towards genital region. Regular energy supplementation eliminates debilities and reenergizes all the organs and entire system. Nutritive herbs eliminate deficiencies and boost-up energy production. These herbs provide higher support to all the systems of the body and enhance male’s vitality.

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules cleanse internal systems and keep blood purified. These come with herbs which are sources of powerful antioxidants which inhibit free-radical mechanism and provide youthful verve and energy. By using these supplements not only male get fast and holistic cure for problem of semen with urine but gains much improved vitality, virility and fertility.

These supplements improve libido and erection quality and allow male to discharge at his will. These increase sperm count, semen volume and provide a male enviable energy and stamina to lead a passionate love-life. These supplements are harmless and can be used without any medical prescription due to their herbal nature.

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