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Why Does Sperm Drops after Urine?

Sperm Drops After Urine

Males discharge semen on climax during lovemaking. This semen is a combination of seminal fluids and sperms. Seminal fluids form nearly 98% of total semen volume and the remaining volume is of sperms.

Seminal fluids are produced when a male gets excited. Sperms are produced by the reproductive system on a regular basis and are kept stored in the testicular region.

When a male gets excited sperms are released from testicles and these travel through sperm canal up to urethra.

Causes of Sperm Leakage after Urination

Seminal fluids are produced by the prostate gland and seminal vesicles and these too are unloaded into the urethra. Sperms and seminal fluids get mixed in the urethra to form semen and this entire volume is ejaculated through the tip of the male organ during the climax.

This normal process of semen production and discharge gets disrupted by debilities and disorders and males see sperm drops after urine.

Since sperms are always present, ready to be ejaculated each time a male copulates, and these are kept locked by nerves. Nerves perform their job by gaining regular energy supplementation from the reproductive system and body.

If energy supply is restricted or reduced nerves become lethargic and sperm can flow out into urethra due to mild reasons. Due to weakness in nerves males see sperm drops after urine on a regular basis. Nerves can become weak due to various reasons.

Hand-practice, excessive copulation, exposure to porn material, use of sedatives, regular medication, drugs, etc. are common causes of nerve weaknesses and disorders related to the nervous system. All of these are potent causes of sperm drops after urine too.

Apart from weaknesses in nerves, poor prostate health is also one of the major causes of the problem. Males suffering from enlarged, congested or swollen prostate gland face regular release of sperms and seminal fluids after or during urination.

Enlargement in the prostate gland can occur due to age and other reasons. Aggressive and abusive sexual behavior can cause congestion in the prostate gland which raises the problem of sperm leakage after urination.

Males can suffer from a bacterial infection in the prostate gland which is called prostatitis. This condition can be acute or chronic. Due to infection males suffer from inflammation in prostate gland this inflammation causes drops of sperm leak after urination.

Enlarged and swollen prostate gland constrict urinary canal and promote retrograde ejaculation. In this condition, part or entire semen remains in the urethra and does not pass out completely when male climaxes. This semen is later excreted with urine.

Due to congestion in the prostate when a male gets excited mildly or sits the fluid around gland oozes onto the urinary canal or urethra and comes out with urine. Problems related to prostate gland can arise due to obesity, long sitting hours, low immunity, etc. as well.

Males along with sperm drops after urine also feel pain during urination. This is like a burning sensation which may keep growing in intensity if the problem is not handled.

Delayed start of urine stream, frequent urination, thinning of urine stream, etc. are another symptom of the problem occurring due to the prostate problem.

Due to regular drops of sperm leaks after urination males face serious side effects which harm his health and potency seriously.

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Treat Sperm Leakage in Urine Naturally

The problem of sperm drops after urine is a type of Spermatorrhea. This problem is a set of conditions which cause involuntary loss of semen in males. The ill-effects of all types of Spermatorrhea are very severe and can even cause impotency.

The problem of sperm leakage after urination is a symptom of weakness in the reproductive system which needs attention and also a source of many other disorders and debilities. It even increases the chances of UTI and bladder and kidney infections in a male.

Regular loss of sperms aggravates weaknesses and debilities by creating a scarcity of nutrients and minerals. This problem distresses liver and harms a male’s energy and stamina seriously.

Regular loss of sperms keeps the male reproductive system in overdrive and stresses it out in a short time. Males suffer from problems like low libido and signs of impotency in the form of weak, soft or slow erections.

Low semen volume and low sperm count are other side effects which male face when drops of sperm leak after urination on a regular basis.

There are few useful natural methods which can be employed in order to handle the problem easily. These are few dietary and lifestyle changes which provide strength to body and improve performance of the reproductive system to control the problem. These natural methods also help in treating prostate problems which are largely responsible for causing the problem.

Dates – Natural Remedy to Treat Sperm Leakage in Urine

Use of dates is an old and trusted natural method recommended to males to treat spermatorrhea. Ajwa dates are most effective but if one does not find these other varieties of dates can be used. Take dates in sufficient quantity and remove their seeds.

Fill these with banyan milk and add these to 2 liters of cow milk. Keep the mixture to boil till it gets reduced to half. Let the mixture cool down and store it in a glass jar. Consume one tablespoon of this mixture daily till one sees desired results.

Home Remedy to Stop Sperm Leakage After Urine

  • Yogurt
  • Onion and Garlic
  • Tomatoes

Inclusion of yogurt in a regular diet is a good way to stop the problem if sperm comes out after urine. 1-2 bowls of yogurt everyday help in relieving the problem. Use of raw garlic, onions, and cooked tomatoes in the diet are good for the reproductive system and prostate health.

Herbal Teas – Natural Remedy to Treat Spermatorrhea

Sage, fenugreek, and licorice are varieties of herbal teas which provide relief from spermatorrhea considerably in a short time. 2-3 cups of any of these teas are very effective natural methods to handle any form of spermatorrhea.

Fruits and Fruit Juices – Diet to Cure Sperm Leakage

Fruits and fruit juices are sources of vitamins and antioxidants. These shall be part of a regular diet if sperm comes out after urine. Avocado and all types of red fruits are very useful for handling the problem and its ill-effects on health.

Green Leafy Veggies – Natural Treatment for Sperm Leakage

Green leafy veggies are nutritious and sources of dietary fiber. These shall be included along with wholegrain to form the core of the main diet to counter the problem. Milk is a source of nutrition and improves metabolism and energy levels.

Saffron and Almond Milk – Home Remedy to Stop Sperm Drop After Urine

A glass of simple hot milk before bedtime is the easiest way to handle spermatorrhea. Glasses of saffron milk or almond milk are even better natural ways to cure the problem with home treatment.

Staying away from porn material and all types of unnecessary stimulations during the day are very necessary steps for handling the problem. One should avoid abusive practices like hand-practice and stay away from recreational products like alcohol, cigarettes, etc.

Physically active lifestyle maintains energy, metabolism and blood flow. Avoid long sitting hours and exercise as per body’s limit regularly. Avoid activities like cycling, riding, etc. as these put pressure over the prostate gland.

Take sufficient sleep and rest to stay free from stress and spend your idle hours in doing something creative. The natural methods can be utilized by any male to suppress the problem before it aggravates.

If one does not get desired results by these methods herbs are sure shot treatments for any health problem. These are safe and natural methods which do not cause any side effects. Herbs are curative as well as protective and provide multiple benefits along with safe treatment.

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Natural Treatment for Sperm Discharge after Urination

In old times herbs could only be used by a person who had deep knowledge about their potency, dosage, and property. Also, these are refined and processed before use so one needs to know the method by which any herb is refined.

All this made use of herbs an expert’s job. But today with technological growth and development one can use the herbs as easy as popping a pill.

Today herbal supplements are available which are designed and developed by using multiple herbs in perfect combination. These supplements cover all the aspects of the problem they are intended to treat and improve overall health.

Major benefit of herbs is that these provide long-lasting treatment. One gains riddance from the problem and also much-improved health to enjoy good results for a longer duration.

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules are two most effective herbal supplements designed for alleviating spermatorrhea in males. These supplements are easy to use and provide holistic treatment.

One gain benefits of highly refined nerve tonic herbs which repair and strengthen nerves. Males suffering from spermatorrhea due to abusive sexual behavior, bad habits or other reasons, gain strong nerves which stop involuntary loss of sperms.

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules also elevate the level of testosterone. Males suffer from sperm with urine problem due to the exhausted reproductive system.

Healthy testosterone levels rejuvenate the male reproductive system and boost-up male’s virility. These herbs cure the problem of low libido and erectile dysfunction and also improve the quality and quantity of semen.

Males cannot stay on top of their virility if they are not physically and mentally healthy. No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules take care of this aspect of the problem too. These eliminate debilities which occur in the male body and mind due to regular sperm loss and provide a male higher energy and stamina.

These supplements improve glandular functions which promote the release of health-promoting hormones. These hormones speed-up metabolism and increase nutrient uptake and also sharpen brain functions.

Use of No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules to treat involuntary loss of semen also cures problems like poor quality of erections, low libido, and low semen volume. These make a male capable lover in bed and enhance his physical and mental capabilities.

These also reduce the intensity of health issues and improve the overall quality of life. These are easy to use and males can use these supplements even in the rush of daily life. These supplements do not cause any dependency and can be used without any prescription.

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