How to Stop Seminal Discharge During Sleep at Night Fast Naturally?

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Stop Seminal Discharge During Sleep at Night

Causes of Sperm Leakage During Sleep

Sperms are produced by testicles and are stored there for ejaculation. These are responsible for causing conception afterfertilizing the egg in woman’s ova. Number and motility of sperms describe a male’s fertility. Males possessing higher number of motile sperms in every ml of their seminal fluid are regarded as fertile and potent. After a young boy achieves puberty reproductive system regularly produces sperms. Healthier reproductive system produces better quality sperms.

At the start the quality of sperms is not good enough to cause conception. Boy’s reproductive system expels these sperms by bringing wet dreams to replace them with fresh and new ones. Occurrences of seminal discharge during sleep in a boy around age of puberty is regarded as normal and sign of good health as these signify that boy is fast achieving puberty and adulthood.

In adult male, occurrence of seminal discharge during sleep due to apparent reasons like long term abstinence from lovemaking, break-ups or leading a lonely life for quite some time, are regarded as normal and also sign of good health. Body of an adult male brings episodes of seminal discharge during sleep to replace old and stale sperms with fresh ones and also for releasing building pressure for lovemaking. Occasional occurrences of wet dreams keep an adult male in balanced mental state and help him to stay away from hazardous steps to relieve his erotic desires.

Seminal discharge during sleep is a natural process which has been designed to serve few important purposes. It is not harmful for a young boy or an adult male. It is actually frequency of wet dreams which makes it harmful. If seminal discharge during sleep occurs too frequently it causes severe strain over reproductive system and male body which leads to disorders. These disorders can be serious in nature and alter male’s personality by harming his mental and emotional status.

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Side Effects of Frequent Night Discharge

The side effects of frequent wet dreams are serious and keep growing if problem is not handled. It is due to side effects that this natural process is infamous as a health problem. The causes of wet dreams are multiple and vary from mild to serious. The variety of causes makes this problem difficult to handle. Also this problem in a short time causes damage to health and potency. Even if wet dreams calm down, due to weaknesses and debilities these can resurface again. So the treatment of wet dreams needs to be capable enough to reverse its side effects for real relief.

Young age, stress, low energy, poor stamina and metabolic disorders are common causes of frequent nightfall. Unhealthy lifestyle and malpractices like hand-practice or too much exposure to porn material are other causes of night emissions in males. Use of sleeping pills or habit of smoking, alcohol intake, drugs etc. causes damage to nerves and bring frequent wet dreams.

Males suffering with high blood sugar, nervous system disorders or taking treatment for certain psychological problems suffer with wet dreams due to side effects of these conditions. Poor prostate functions urinary disorders and sleeping problems are also causes of nightfall. No matter what the cause of problem is this problem shall not ignored and proper treatment shall be taken.

Stop Seminal Discharge During Sleep at Night

To stop seminal discharge at night herbs and natural methods are regarded as the best treatments. Occasional occurrence of night discharge is not considered as a problem. Medically it is believed that nocturnal emission once in a week is not going to pose any problem and in fact improves health and potency of a male. But once frequency crosses the limit it is necessary to treat the problem as quickly as possible. However there is no general number which can actually separate unhealthy frequency of night discharge from healthy one.

One needs to keep an eye over side effects of the problem to understand if frequency of night discharge is healthy or it is getting beyond body’s tolerance limits. If one sees signs of weaknesses and debilities along with nightfall it is a clear signal for proper treatment. One can begin with dietary and lifestyle changes to control the problem initially and of it is occurring due to mild reasons.

Most of the males state that they face seminal discharge in the morning. Actually it is true as in the morning person is in REM sleep which brings most of the dreams. If a male sees an erotic dream he can get excited beyond a limit and ejaculate. Many males suffer with frequent nightfall due to poor quality of sleep and disturbances caused in sleep in early hours. Improving quality and duration of sleep are good natural ways to check seminal discharge in the morning. Improve quality of your bedroom and make sure that you stay in sound sleep even in the morning and do not get disturbed.

Home Remedies to Stop Seminal Discharge During Sleep

High Fibre Diet, Vitamins and Minerals

High Fiber Diet

Diet plays a crucial role in curing any health problem. It is vital in case of wet dreams too. Improving diet is very effective way to treat wet dreams. Eat foods which are high on fibre, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants to eliminate debilities which trigger wet dreams. Wholegrain, raw fruits, green leafy veggies, red fruits, seeds and nuts are good sources of vital nutrients and minerals and shall be included in regular diet to eliminate debilities and control the problem.

Hot Milk or Herbal Tea Before Bedtime

You can drink a glass of hot milk before bedtime to get relaxing sleep. Drinking herbal teas in place of regular cup of tea or coffee are also useful ways to stop seminal discharge at night. Herbal teas improve quality of sleep, keep nerves relaxed and energized and also maintain physical energy and stamina to control problem of wet dreams. Licorice, sage and fenugreek teas are good cups for controlling night emissions.

Garlic and Onion

Garlic and Onion

Use of spices garlic and onion are also effective ways to stop seminal discharge at night. These spices come with properties which help a male to suppress involuntary loss of semen.

Active and Healthy Lifestyle

Leading an active and healthy lifestyle which includes physical activity and regular exercises as per body’s limit, are also very helpful to avoid sperm leakage during sleep.

Emptying Bladder Before Bedtime

Certain precautions like emptying bladder before bedtime and reading any good book before going to sleep help in preventing excitement during sleep and nightfall.

If these steps fail to bring desired results it signifies that either problem is too deep rooted or occurring due to serious causes. Herbs have been used in Ayurveda since ages for treating health problems effectively. These are natural remedies which provide long-lasting results and treat health problems holistically. Use of herbs is suitable for male of any age and is completely free of side effects. These along with treatment reverse its side effects and provide multiple other health benefits which make them best treatments for any health problem.

Use of herbs requires wisdom. One needs to have knowledge about potency, dosage and method of use before using any herb. Today using herbs has become very easy as these are available in supplement form which can be used by anyone at convenience of home. Use of herbal supplement to cure health problems is not only effective but also convenience and much less expensive.

Natural Treatment for Sperm Discharge While Sleeping

As far as herbal supplements are considered there are hoards of supplements on the internet and all of these claim their efficacy in dealing with nocturnal emission. Out of crowd of these supplements we recommend No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules as most efficient, reliable and effective supplements. Use of these in combination provides wonderful results in a short time and also reverses ill-effects of the problem completely. No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules come with perfect blend of herbs to avoid semen leakage during sleep.

These contain highly refined and active herbs which are nutritive, aphrodisiac and purgatory in nature. Along with these herbs there are major herbs in these supplements which are renowned for their vitality enhancing, anti-ageing and nerve improving properties. Combination of these herbs makes them complete supplements to eradicate problem of nightfall along with its ill-effects and bless a male with enviable vitality, virility and vigor.

Nerve improving herbs treat damaged and lethargic nerves and make them healthy and strong. Males having strong and active nerves in genital region are able to prevent all sorts of involuntary loss of semen during sleep or during lovemaking. Healthy nerves resolve problem of nightfall by suppressing passing of semen without males wish while dreaming or lovemaking. Males gain instant relief from night emission due to nerve tonic herbs present in these pills.

Aphrodisiac herbs maintain level of testosterone hormone. This hormone can go down due to stress, poor testicular functions, ageing, free-radical damages, toxin damages and malpractices like hand-practice. Low testosterone make reproductive system exhausted and causes lethargy in nerves and organs. By gaining rejuvenated reproductive system males gain higher libido, better erection quality, optimum fertility and riddance from issues like early discharge and nightfall for long term.

Nutritive and vitality enhancing herbs make sure that male reproductive system and nerves stay active and energized always. These herbs supplement bioactive nutrition, increase rate of energy producing reactions and also circulate energy all over body. These herbs boost-up male’s stamina, strength and vitality so that male stays protected from disorders and maintain optimum performance of reproductive system.

Strong purgatory and anti-inflammatory herbs present in these supplements diffuse inflammation in internal organs, circulate blood smoothly and cleanse internal organs and systems to make them free from harmful toxins and chemicals. These herbs eliminate ill-effects of bad habits like alcoholism etc. and unhealthy lifestyle to boost-up health naturally. Anti-ageing herbs come with antioxidants which scavenge free-radicals responsible for causing ageing and poor health.

These compounds rejuvenate entire health and provide a male youthful energy, stamina, strength and vigour. No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules by providing entire range of properties holistically treat and cure nightfall and improve a male’s quality of life. These even reduce intensity of physical and psychological disorders by improving health and hormonal secretion. These are safe and free of side effects and easy to use.

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