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Natural Poison Ivy Treatment to Relieve Symptoms Effectively

Natural Poison Ivy Treatment

Poison ivy rash results when human skin gets in contact with the natural poison plant urushiol. Notably, it is one of the deadliest poisons on the planet.

When it comes in contact with human skin, one will experience blisters, swelling, pain and extreme itching. Natural poison ivy treatment is better than anything else.

One will experience intense pain and itching when one gets in contact with this deadly plant. Soon, one can expect to see a red bump on the skin. Intense burning sensation and irritation will follow. Fever is also expected.

The worst thing about this is that the symptoms can last for 10 days as well in some cases. It may disappear after a few hours as well.

Natural poison ivy treatment is preferred over the rest for the simple reason that it will be able to deal with the symptoms in a side effect free manner.

It will not let the symptoms get worse. And it will strengthen the body to deal with in an effective manner. There are several natural remedies for this condition in nature.

Let’s take a closer look at some of those herbal remedies below. It can cause intense suffering if left untreated. Therefore, it is really important to deal with it in the seriousness it deserves.

Natural Poison Ivy Treatment

Baking Soda – Home Remedy to Treat Poison Ivy

Baking soda baths and pastes are effective natural poison ivy treatment. Baking soda is very common in all the kitchens and it can be able to provide immense relief from the suffering.

It is an excellent natural remedy for itchiness associated with this condition. To get rid of itching, bath with water filled with a half cup of baking soda.

Try to bathe in lukewarm water for the most effectiveness. Another method is to make a fine paste with baking soda and water. Apply this paste on the affected area to relieve the irritation and pain associated with this condition.

Oatmeal Paste – Herbal Remedy to Get Rid of Skin Infections

Oatmeal Paste

The oatmeal paste is an effective natural poison ivy treatment. First, cook a little bit of oatmeal and then apply this cooked oatmeal on the affected area.

To make a fine paste, try to cook it really well. Also, one can expect better results when one puts the oatmeal when it’s hot. The heat from the oatmeal would be useful in dealing with the symptoms of this condition.

However, one needs to make sure that it’s not way too hot; else you will end up burning the skin. As a final measure, one can add a teaspoon of baking soda as well.

It will be very useful in getting rid of the itching and irritation associated with this condition.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Herbal Remedy for Itchy Skin

Organic apple cider vinegar is an effective natural poison ivy treatment. Apple cider vinegar will be able to deal with this condition in an effective manner. Apply this on the affected area.

The good thing about apple cider vinegar is that it has the ability to suck the poison out of the pores. One can also go for a warm compress of vinegar made of cotton towel. Apply this in a regular interval for maximum effectiveness.

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Aloe Vera Gel – Natural Remedy to Deal with Skin Infections and Irritation

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is an effective natural poison ivy treatment. Aloe vera has been in use for centuries to deal with various skin problems and it is an excellent herbal remedy to deal with this condition.

Apply aloe vera gel directly on the affected area. However, for maximum effectiveness, one must use the organic aloe vera gel from the trusted source.

If you don’t have access to that then get a plant and make gel from the inner flesh of the leaves. The gel is better than juice when it comes to effectiveness.

Goldenseal – Natural Poison Ivy Treatment

Organic goldenseal is an effective natural poison ivy treatment. One can get goldenseal root in powder form and should be applied with a little bit of hot water.

Apply this fine paste on the affected area. It will reduce the chances of infection tremendously. For the best results, try to drink goldenseal tea as well.

It is available in the powder form in the market. Try to take advantage of that.

Himalayan Crystal Salt – Natural Remedy for Healthy Skin

Himalayan Crystal Salt

Himalayan crystal salt is an effective natural poison ivy treatment. Poison ivy makes the skin red and wet. This can be reversed with the help of Himalayan crystal salt. It is very good in keeping the skin dry. Also, it would be beneficial in taking a bath in the water with Himalayan crystal salt.

Hazel – Herbal Remedy to Provide Relief from Itching

Organic witch hazel is an effective natural poison ivy treatment. It clears the infection and also provides relief from itching.

Banana Peel – Natural Treatment for Skin Problems

Banana Peel

Banana peel is an effective natural poison ivy treatment. Rub the banana peel on the affected area. It’s an age old herbal remedy for this condition and the most effective as well. It cools the rashes.

Cucumber – Natural Remedy to Cure Symptoms of Poison Ivy

Organic cucumber is an effective natural poison ivy treatment. This provides an excellent cooling effect on the body. Prepare a cucumber paste and apply it on the affected area. This paste soothes the skin in a natural fashion. It will give relief from itching and irritation.

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