Get Rid of Large Pores on Face, Nose and Cheeks

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Get Rid of Large Pores on Face

Natural Ways to Reduce Large Pores on Face, Cheeks and Nose

Large pores on cheeks and nose are major causes of acne, blackheads, whiteheads and oily skin. Skin around nose, cheeks and other parts of skin contain dense sweat glands which in presence of large pores make skin oily and cause skin conditions.There are natural ways which tighten skin and squeeze down large pores. Use of these natural ways is most effective and safe method how to get rid of large pores on face. By handling large pores through natural ways you gain healthy skin of face and also relieve skin conditions like pimples etc.

How to Get Rid of Large Pores on Face, Nose and Cheeks?

Ice Cubes – Home Remedy to Remove Large Pores

Cold can constrict pores of skin and reduce sebum secretion. Regular use of ice is simple way how to get rid of large pores on face. Wrap one or two ice cubes in a wash cloth, or you can crush ice cubes and collect it in a cotton cloth. Apply over affected region for few seconds and remove, apply again and repeat few times. Apply ice regularly 2-3 times in the day to gain relief. For more convenient way you can add few ice cubes to one or two glasses of water to make it chilled. Wash face with chilled water 2-3 times in the day. Cold water too reduces opening of over skin and lower sebum secretion.

Baking Soda – Home Remedy to Treat Skin Problems

Baking Soda

Baking soda exfoliates and cleanses skin efficiently. It also treats existing pimples and prevent future acne outbreak. Add some water to baking soda and form a paste, rub skin around nose and cheeks and other parts of skin with it. Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash off. Repeat 3-4 times in a week regularly and later lower frequency to 2-3 times in a week. Cleansing and exfoliating skin helps in reducing size of pores and tightening skin. This is useful remedy how to get rid of large pores on face.

Home Remedies to Improve Skin Health

  • Sugar
  • Lemon
  • Honey
  • Olive Oil

You can sugar as well to exfoliate and reduce large pores on cheeks and nose. Add two tablespoons of sugar to a tablespoon of olive oil and few drops of lemon juice. Mix them well and use resultant paste to scrub skin. Massage skin with the paste forming circular motions and leave it on for 20 minutes. Wash off and repeat regularly or every alternate day to get rid of large pores. You can add lemon and honey in equal parts and add some sugar. Use this paste to exfoliate skin and repeat 2-3 times in a week for a month.

Egg and Lemon Juice – Home Remedy to Reduce Large Pores

Egg and Lemon Juice

Egg whites are rich in vitamin E, this promotes blood flow and increase collagen, higher collagen tightens skin and constricts pores. Take one or two eggs and collect their white part. Whisk it till it starts foaming and apply over skin. Place a tissue paper over wet egg white layer and leave it for 20-30 minutes. Later peel off and wash off with plain water. Repeat this remedy 2-3 times in a week. You can also whisk egg white with 2-3 teaspoons of lemon juice. Apply this paste over skin and leave for 20-30 minutes and wash off with cold water. Repeat this twice in a week for a month. Both of these are excellent remedies to constrict large pores on cheeks and nose and other parts of face.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Home Remedy to prevent Formation of Pimples

Apple cider vinegar is skin toner and brings back PH balance of skin. It is astringent and possesses anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties; its regular use is simple way how to get rid large pores on face. Dilute ACV with water after adding them in equal parts. Dab a cotton ball and apply over skin forming circular motions. Leave the mixture to dry off and wash later. Repeat regularly it will heal existing pimples and prevents future outbreak. Perform this remedy at night and apply any light natural moisturizer. Repeat till you see positive results.

Rose Water – Home Remedy to Get Rid of Large Pores on Face

Fuller’s earth is used since ancient times for handling issues related to skin. It is effective in handling marks, spots and signs of ageing and also reduces large pores on skin. Make a paste by adding rose water to sufficient quantity of fuller’s earth. Apply this paste in the form of a thick layer and leave it to dry. Sprinkle some water to make it wet again and remove it forming circular motions. Wash off with plain water. Regular applications of this paste 2-3 times in a week are effective ways how to get rid of large pores on face.

Cucumber and Lemon Juice – Home Remedy to Gain Soft and Glowing Skin

Cucumber and Lemon Juice

Extract some cucumber juice enough to cover entire skin. Dab a cotton ball and apply evenly over face, leave it to dry and wash off, repeat 3-4 times in a week. Cucumber lightens skin tone, keeps it hydrated and removes dark spots. It generates collagen and tightens large pores on skin. You can also add some lemon juice to cucumber juice and apply. Both ways it handles large pores on cheeks and nose efficiently.

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