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9 Best Home Remedies for Broken Bones

Home Remedies for Broken Bones

Bones are the toughest part of the human musculoskeletal system. These are made up of living tissues which gets repaired and replaced by the body regularly, though with growing age repairing and replacement process slows down considerably.

Although bones are flexible and enduring yet excessive pressure or trauma can break or crack them. These are called fractures or broken bones. Bones can rebuild themselves and rejoin the break. In fact, the repairing process begins immediately after a fracture.

Doctors cover the broken part with plaster so that bones are held at the right place and these can rejoin correctly; the rest of the work is done by the body. Healthier and stronger the healing system of the body is, earlier the fractures heal.

Home remedies for broken bones are ways to the speed-up joining of bones and also curb the side effects of the injury.

Home Remedies for Broken Bones

Black Caraway Seed Oil – Home Remedy for Broken Bones

Home Remedy for Broken Bones

If you are recovering after fracture or have cracked any bone take black caraway seed oil, warm this oil in sufficient quantities and apply over the affected part massaging it gently. Cover the oil with a cloth and repeat massage few times in a day regularly. This oil also hastens repairing process and curbs pain or swelling effectively. This is one of the best home remedies for broken bones.

Castor Oil – Natural Treatment for Broken Bones

If you have bumped the bone hard or plaster has been removed recently after fracture, castor oil packs work as useful home remedies for broken bones. Dip a cotton cloth in castor oil and wrap it around the broken part. Cover the cloth with a plastic sheet or tape and let it stay for two days. Later you can repeat again. Regular application of castor oil packs diffuse swelling and hastens repairing.

Turmeric – Home Remedy for Treating Fractures

Home Remedy to Treat Fractures

Turmeric is powerful anti-inflammatory and excellent healer. This spice can be used for speeding-up recovery from bone damage or fracture. Drink a glass of warm milk twice in a day after adding a teaspoon of turmeric powder to it. This will diffuse swelling and speed-up recovery process. You can also increase its intake by using it while cooking or can cook raw turmeric as vegetable. Turmeric is one of the popular home remedies for broken bones and other type of injuries caused to musculoskeletal system.

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Pineapple – Home Remedy to Recover Broken Bones

Pineapple is one of the widely recommended home remedies for broken bones and also for other type of injuries and damages caused to human musculoskeletal system. This fruit contains bromelain which is powerful anti-inflammatory; presence of this substance in pineapple makes it a good choice for treating fractures. Eat at least half fruit of pineapple in a day to recover quickly from fractures.

Sesame Seeds – Home Remedy to Recover Broken Bones

Home Remedy to Recover Broken Bones

Sesame seeds also help in quick recovery after fracture and reduce intensity of symptoms and side effects. Add 50 grams of sesame seeds and soak with a glass of water. Let the mixture sit overnight and in the morning strain the mixture and consume sesame seeds on an empty stomach. These are good sources of zinc which speed-up healing process and work as excellent home remedies for broken bones.

Almond Milk – Home Remedy for Formation of Bone Tissues

Drink a glass of almond milk to supplement complete dose of calcium and other minerals to speed-up formation of bone tissues and repairing of bones. Soak 5 to 6 almonds in water and let them sit overnight. In the morning peel them off and grind to form a paste. Take a teaspoon of clarified butter and heat it on a pan and add almond paste to it, keep stirring and fry just for 20 to 30 seconds. Add a glass of milk to the pan and let the mixture boil, later take it off from burner and let it cool down. Drink once in a day when it is warm. This is one of the best home remedies for broken bones.

Onion and Turmeric – Natural Treatment to Repair Bones

Grate an onion and mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder with it. Apply the paste to the affected part and tie it with a bandage to hold it at right place. Let the bandage stay for couple of hours and repeat this for few days regularly to speed-up the repairing process. This too is one of the best home remedies for broken bones.

Cold Compresses – Natural Remedy to Reduce Swelling and Pain

Natural Remedy to Reduce Swelling and Pain

Cold compresses also work as great home remedies for broken bones. If you have bumped your bone hard on something and area has swelled quickly you might have cracked or fractured your bone. Apply cold packs by wrapping few ice cubes in plastic sheet and numb the area. If you are recovering from a broken or cracked bone-cold packs a few times in a day speed-up the process of recovery and suppress the side effects like swelling and pain. Cold compresses are easy to use and safe home remedies for broken bones.

Soy Flour and Vegetables – Home Remedy for Broken Bones

Use low-fat soy flour and vegetables like collard, mustard green, broccoli, honey, banana, oranges, avocados, apples, pears, walnuts, potatoes, red grapes, raisins and chickpeas in the diet. These are rich sources of magnesium and boron which speed-up healing process of bones.

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