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9 Best Home Remedies for ADHD

Home Remedies for ADHD

ADHD is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, more and more parents seek advice for this problem in their young children these days; the number of adults showing symptoms of this disorder is also increasing at an alarming rate.

The main reasons behind the problem are poor diet, poor health care during pregnancy and after childbirth, and genetic factors. ADHD can show its symptoms after seven years of age and it is two to four times more common in boys than girls.

This disorder is devastating for one’s personality; it can harm one’s professional life too seriously. In adults, it is very difficult to pinpoint the presence of ADHD as the symptoms of the problem are quite similar to those caused by other psychiatric issues.

This disorder is not something which can be eradicated completely out of one’s personality but by proper treatment and regular management, this can be kept under control. Home remedies for ADHD are easy to use methods to curb the attacks of this disorder and keep a person mentally and emotionally balanced and calm.

Home Remedies for ADHD

Massage – Excellent Remedy for ADHD

Massage work as the excellent home remedies for ADHD, for adults as well as for children. Take coconut, sesame or olive oil in sufficient quantity, warm it a little and apply to your palms generously. Gently massage all the body from head to toe before going to bed. Self-massage also works well but it is better to get massage so that you can relax completely during that. Massages with these oils bring relaxation and also promote sound sleep. If massaging entire body everyday is not possible, massage feet with warm oil and go to bed. Both ways oils provide the best home remedies for ADHD.

Lemon Balm Tea – Home Remedy for ADHD

Home Remedy for ADHD

Lemon balm teas work as effective home remedies for ADHD. Prepare a lighter cup of tea for children, for adults add a teaspoon of lemon balm to a cup of water and boil, drink this mixture few times in a day. For children use half or one-fourth teaspoon of lemon balm to make a cup of tea. This provides relaxation and prevents flares of ADHD.

Passionflowers – Natural Treatment for ADHD

Passionflowers are excellent for bringing sound sleep by enhancing mental relaxation and discarding anxiety causing thoughts. Teas of this herb work as potent home remedies for ADHD too.

Again, limit the dosage of the herb for children to half or one-fourth of adults. Mix two teaspoons of the herb in a cup of water and boil, drink after straining and take two-three cups in a day to prevent hyperactivity of mind. For children, it is advisable that you first try this herb by keeping a pack of it overhead side of their bed; if this brings some improvement you can make its tea.

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Coffee – Home Remedy to Prevent ADHD

Home Remedy to Prevent ADHD

Drinking coffee also helps in keeping brain calm and preventing surge of ADHD however higher intake of coffee can hinder sleeping pattern hence its intake shall be low and limited.

Meditation – Natural Way to Relief from ADHD

ADHD needs to be managed regularly and meditation works wonderfully well for this. Adults can learn the technique of meditation from any expert and practice it regularly at home. If one is able to focus for few seconds it can do wonders in providing relief.

For children the best way is to paste a plain white sheet over a wall and make dark red spot in the middle of the sheet, ask child to stare at the spot till it turns into two and then many and then disappears.

Lure them into it and make it like a game, this can bring-in substantial change in their behavior. Both of these are the best home remedies for ADHD.

Fish Oils – Home Remedy to Improve Brain Functions

Use of fish oils in the diet supplement, omega-3 fatty acids which are great for nervous system and also improve activity of brain’s neurotransmitters. Inclusion of green oats has also been found very effective in enhancing relaxation and improving nervous system.

Both of these home remedies for ADHD work wonderfully well for adults and children.

Ginkgo Biloba – Natural Remedy to Prevent hyperactivity

Natural Remedy to Prevent Hyperactivity

Ginkgo biloba is herb which can be used for preventing hyperactivity of brain; this herb has potent properties to maintain healthy brain functions and works well for people suffering with ADHD.

Chamomile Tea – Home Remedy to Cure Disorder of Hyperactivity

Chamomile tea is also one of the best home remedies for ADHD, few cups of this tea relax mind and nerves and keep a person calm and collected to stay away from flares of disorder.

Relaxation – Best Natural Way to Manage ADHD

Soaking in the sun can be of great help in keeping the disorder under control. It has been found to relax mind and brain and also prevent uneasiness due to seasonal changes which may initiate ADHD attack. Force your young kids to take a break from techie games and gadgets, too much video game or computer game particularly the virtual reality games can be harmful to a kid having this disorder.

Even for healthy kids, too much indoor games can hinder their mental development. If as an adult you stay indoors too much, work out some time to go out in the open and relax. These practices are very useful for managing ADHD effectively.

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