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Long Looks capsule is a herbal formulation which has been specially designed to improve height of those individuals who were unable to gain optimum growth during their growing years. This height growth supplement is safe and suitable for men and women alike and do not cast any sort of side effects.

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Natural Height Growth Pills

More than average height is like blessing, it gives confidence and also attraction to the personality. Tall and slim individuals catch eyes when in public, when one knows he or she is noticeable it boosts-up their confidence to the sky. Some individuals even after eating healthy diet and having disease-free body do not gain average height and remain towards shorter side. Genetic factors play a role in determining one’s height, but it has also been noted that one or two children of shorter parents gain average or more than average height and even vice versa. So it is not proven yet that genetic factors are solely responsible for determining one’s physical growth. There are many other processes which can overcome effects of genes and improve or reduce height of offspring in human beings. Natural height growth supplements can initiate these processes in the body to allow a person to gain optimum height and physical growth even after growing age is over.

At young age, particularly during adolescent age, human beings experience release of HGH hormone. This hormone is major cause for physical growth in terms of height and bone density. Till the age of 20 years, this hormone is released regularly and in optimum quantity, but after the age of 20 the quantity of this hormone starts depleting by 10% in every 10 years. The release of this hormone at young age particularly during adolescent age causes growth in height by contributing in many important processes in the body. HGH increases calcium retention and mineralization of bones, increases muscle mass, stimulates growth of all internal organs except brain, stimulates immune system and improves protein synthesis. Apart from these, there are various other contributions which HGH makes in the growth of body. Once this hormone decreases in the body, the growth rate of a person also slows down. Herbal height growth supplements after the age of 20 can naturally promote physical growth of a person by initiating processes performed by HGH.

Human skeleton determines height of a person, if bones are not getting enough minerals these do not grow up to their optimum size which causes dwarfism. Growth hormone during growing years performs this function to allow optimum growth of bones. Conversion of fat into muscles is another major contribution of HGH in the growth of human body, with reducing HGH conversion rate of fat into muscles also slows down and at later ages it stops completely which causes muscular atrophy and more fat content in the body. During growing years, due to activities of HGH, human beings experience highest rate of fat conversion into muscles. Calcium absorption by bones is most important for maximum growth of bones. This is another major role of growth hormone which it plays during growing years to promote physical growth of a person. Apart from these, supplementing other minerals to bones and allowing their proper and complete absorption to promote growth of bone tissue. Height growth supplements even after lesser secretion of growth hormone can promote increase in height by their wonderful benefits.

Long Looks capsules are purely herbal preparations which have been specifically designed to improve height of those individuals who were unable to gain optimum growth during their growing years. These are safe and suitable for men and women alike and do not cast any sort of side effects. Long Looks capsules come loaded with herbs like Spirulina, Amla Extract Powder, Neem Extract Powder, Antioxidant and Preservative as main ingredients. These herbal ingredients collectively initiate the processes which are vital for increasing height of the body and make Long Looks natural grow taller pills.

Long Looks natural grow taller pills improve rate of fat conversion into muscles. This enhances energy levels in the body as body is able to metabolize fat for energy production and also to produce lean muscle mass. Lean muscle mass in the body gets converted into muscles easily which increase muscle mass and reduce fat content. Another major advantage of these natural grow taller pills is that these improve rate of calcium absorption by bones. When bones can absorb calcium in optimum quantity these gain bone tissues which enhance bone density. Improved bone density increase height and strength of musculoskeletal system considerably. Long Looks are highly efficient height growth supplements which work for every individual and can grow height up to six inches.

Long Looks natural grow taller pills improve mineralization of bones and also provide flow of cerebral fluid to the brain which keeps a person in positive frame of mind and happier. Long Looks capsule provides flexible and strong spine for straighter back. All these benefits provided by these capsules are completely free of side effects. One should take proper sleep by going to bed early in the night and also perform endurance and cardio exercises to improve effects of Long Looks capsule. Healthy diet and active lifestyle also bring in quicker results. One can use these capsules without any medical prescription.



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Spirulina, Amla Extract Powder, Neem Extract Powder, Preservative and Antioxidant

Direction of Use

Take one or two Long Looks capsules with water or milk for about 3 to 4 months regularly as a natural supplement to increase height.

11 reviews for Height Growth Supplements

  1. dylanpatrick

    My son’s height has increased after having Long Looks capsule. He is 19 years old. Now, he no longer feels inferiority complex from his taller friends.

  2. Aakash Sukhreja

    I tried several products previously and none of them seemed to work. As a last attempt to gain few inches I purchased Long Looks. I have been taking the pills for the past four months and my height is now about an inch. I am 22 years old guy. This product has worked for me.

  3. Taylor Swift

    Nice supplement! I am using it from 2 months and gained about 2 cm. I am 18.

  4. Ashish John

    My 13 year old daughter always used to complain that she stood in the second position in her school assembly due to her short height, since they have to form a line height-wise. So, I wanted to do something about this. With a brief research about the reasons of short height and its remedies I came into conclusion that Long Looks might help her. So, I bought three months course for her. In a month she gained half of an inch. Way to go! I am positive.

  5. Tanmay Lodha

    My sister was upset about her height as she is short as compared to her other fellow members, and she is 19 years old. I searched over the internet and suggested this to her. She is improving!

  6. Jyotsana Banerjee

    My dad bought me this. I have experienced increase in my height by 5 inches in just 2 months. Isn’t it amazing for a girl of 17 years! I wish to increase it in more inches.

  7. Roy

    This capsule gave me my lost confidence by increasing my height. Thanks a lot Long Look capsules.

  8. Jason

    Previously I was afraid of giving height gain pills to my son. Then because of my friend’s recommendation I bought this and gave it to my son for 4 months. Now I can see improvement in his growth. Great result without any negative effects.

  9. Isabella

    Both my children were deprived of a good height. I wanted to help them in some way. We tried almost everything we could but results were not that satisfactory. Then I thought of trying a herbal treatment. Within few months of starting the treatment, we could see the change and difference in both their heights. It worked equally well for my son and daughter both. I am very happy with these results and so are my children. Thank you for this product.

  10. Annie Stewart

    In love with this product. I was hesitant to order it first, but so glad that I did. I have been using it for 2-3 months and have already seen about an inch of growth. Great product.

  11. John Patrick

    I’ve been using long looks for 2 months, and I’ve grown around an inch already. Great product at low price.

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