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9 Powerful Herbal Remedies for ADHD

Herbal Remedies for ADHD

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This condition can seriously come in the way of doing well in studies. Students, who are diagnosed with this condition, go through a difficult time due to this. This condition makes the patient very difficult to focus on just one thing at a time. For the same, it could affect studies and grades.

This condition needs to be dealt with at the right time. The main problem with this condition is that most of them would not even realize that they have this condition. The medication available for this condition might result in several side effects including headache, insomnia, weight loss, depression, etc. There are several effective herbal remedies for ADHD.

When it comes to herbal remedies for ADHD, there are plenty. The best thing about herbal remedies is that they don’t offer side effects. Herbal remedies will be able to deal with this problem in a delicate manner. Let’s take a closer look at some of the effective herbal remedies for ADHD below.

Herbal Remedies for ADHD

Though there are many herbal remedies for ADHD available for our disposal, there are other measures which need to be taken to keep this condition under control. Keeping a routine is one of those measures. ADHD might draw the attention to new adventures, activities and change. And it will result in more nervous energy and lack of focus. To beat this, following a strict routine is going to be very helpful. They need to engage in activities which are relaxing, calming and nurturing. Instilling regularity and structure is very important when it comes to dealing with this condition. It will help keep chaos at bay.

Relaxation – Herbal Remedies for ADHD

Relaxation is as important as other herbal remedies for ADHD. Allowing one to relax for 10 minutes a day is going to very helpful in dealing with ADHD. Yoga is an en excellent choice as it has many asanas and breathing techniques, which allow one to be relaxed. Breathing techniques are very helpful in brining inner peace and tranquility. Doing this on a regular basis is going to be very helpful in dealing with this condition in a natural manner. It prevents overstimulation in a natural manner.

Bedtime Massage – Natural Remedies to Treat ADHD

Bedtime Massage

Bedtime massage is as effective as other herbal remedies for ADHD. This condition is basically a vata disorder. The bedtime massage is going to be very helpful in balancing vata. It can have a calming effect on the mind and brain. You can use either sesame oil or olive oil for this purpose. Bedtime massage should be done at least twice a week for maximum effectiveness. A head to toe massage is what preferred. However, one can go for feet massage if time doesn’t permit. Proper and effective massage is very effective in dealing with ADHD.

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Healthy Diet to Keep ADHD under Control

Healthy diet is as effective as other home remedies for ADHD. When it comes to hyperactivity, poor diet can heighten the symptoms of this condition. Reducing the consumption of sugar, processed foods, packed foods etc., are going to be helpful here in dealing with this condition. Following a strict diet with nutritious rich food items would be very helpful in keeping ADHD under control. Right diet can improve focus like anything.

Vitamin B-Complex – Herbal Remedies for ADHD

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B-complex is one of the effective herbal remedies for ADHD. There are plenty of food items with this vitamin and try to have them on a daily basis to keep this condition under control.

Omega-3 Fatty Acid – Herbal Remedies to Improve Focus

Omega-3 fatty acid is one of the effective herbal remedies for ADHD. Seafood has got plenty of these enzymes. Cultivate a habit to eat fish on a daily basis. One can also go for fish oils. One can improve focus and alertness with the help of omega-3 fatty acids.

Natural Rx – Herbal Remedies to Improve Concentration

Natural Rx

Natural Rx is one of the effective herbal remedies for ADHD. There are several herbal ingredients which can calm the nervous system. Brahmi is one such herb, which has got the ability to improve concentration and memory in an unbelievable manner. It has got the ability to nourish the nervous system in a natural manner. One can also go for lemon balm, hops, chamomile, skullcap, passionflower, etc.

Staying Away from Technology for ADHD

Staying away from technology is effective as other herbal remedies for ADHD. Computer, internet, television and mobile phone have the ability to rob one’s attention for hours. So, it’s important to draw a line as far as the technology addiction is concerned. ADHD can become worse with the incorrect use of technology. This constant interaction with the technology might also result in electromagnetic radiation. It can totally affect the nervous system, making this far worse.

Minimizing medication is as good as other herbal remedies for ADHD. No need to go for medication all through the year. One can avoid taking medication during the holidays etc. One can omit them even on weekends. Medication should be taken only when things are going worse. Else, stick to the prescribed diet and meditation plan – everything will be alright. ADHD is a difficult condition and it can be effectively treated with the right approach. There are many powerful herbal ingredients in nature which will be able to provide long-lasting relief from this condition.

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