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7 Best Home Remedies for ADD in Children

Home Remedies for ADD in Children

Attention deficit disorder (ADD) in children is very harmful and can stunt their mental growth and personality development. This disorder can be classified into three categories – inattentiveness, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness.

All these categories show different symptoms but all are part of ADD in children. Poor focus, inability to follow instructions, losing belongings frequently, not listening properly, getting bored very quickly and unable to finish the work on hands are symptoms of inattentiveness.

Excessive talking, short-temperament, climbing at impossible places, fidgeting, squirming, always doing opposite to what is asked to do are the symptoms of hyperactivity.

ADD in children due to impulsiveness shows symptoms like interfering in other children’s work, not waiting for his or her turn, a sudden outburst of anger, acting without thinking abruptly and making lots of guesses.

There can be other symptoms of the problem too one needs to notice the child and his behavior keenly to confirm the presence of the problem. Medical experts diagnose ADD in children by the method of elimination, they first check for other psychiatric and physiological disorders and eliminate chances of their presence before confirming ADD.

Home remedies for ADD in children are effective and safe ways to reduce the intensity of the problem and promote normal behavior.

Home Remedies for ADD in Children

Lemon Balm – Home Remedy to Relieve Symptoms of ADD

Remedy to Relieve Symptoms of ADD

Lemon balm works as capable remedy to relieve symptoms of ADD in children. On regular use this herb is potent remedy as it strengthens nervous system, improves brain functions and calms agitation.

Bacopa monnieri or Brahmi is an excellent aid to enhance mental focus, sharpness and calmness, it also enhance attentiveness and prevents hyperactivity.

Both of these are the best home remedies for ADD in children, the dosage of the herbs shall be worked-out after consulting an expert.

Passion Flowers – Natural Treatment for ADD in Children

Make a pack of passion flowers; keep this pack on the head side of the child’s bed. The aroma of this herb is relaxing and soothing and brings sound sleep.

Better sleep improves calmness and prevents agitated behavior of the child. This is one of the widely prescribed home remedies for ADD in children.

Almonds and Butter – Home Remedy to Cure ADD in Children

Home Remedy to Cure ADD-in-children

Soak few almonds in water, about 5 to 6 pieces and let them sit overnight. In the morning peel them off and grind them to form a paste.

Take a teaspoon of clarified butter and heat it over a pan, add the paste and fry it just for a while and add a glass of milk to it. Let the mixture boil.

Let the child drink this glass of milk once in a day. This is highly nourishing glass of milk which is also very useful for mental abilities, focus and memory. This is one of the best home remedies for ADD in children.

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Eat Oats Enhance Concentration and Focus

Prepare breakfast with couple of dishes including oats. These are natural agents which strengthen nervous system, calm stress, prevent mental exhaustion, enhance concentration, improve mental clarity and treat depression.

Oat water also works as effective treatment for children suffering with ADD. You can either mix a cup of oats in five glasses of water, let them sit overnight or can boil a cup of oats with five glasses of water.

Strain the mixture, discard the oats and let the water cool down if you have boiled it. Let the child drink this water during the day on regular basis. Both ways oats work as potent home remedies for ADD in children.

Flaxseeds – Home Remedy to Treat Symptoms of ADD

Home Remedy to Treat Symptoms of ADD

Flaxseeds are very simple to use and effective home remedies for ADD in children. Just dry roast some flaxseeds and store them in an airtight container.

Take a tablespoon out and give your child to eat. If he or she does not eat it this way you can grind them and sprinkle over food items.

These are excellent remedies for enhancing brain functions, nullifying toxin activities and improving internal processes to curb symptoms of ADD.

Maintain a Disciplined Routine to Cure ADD in Children

Design a set timetable and pattern for your child. You should maintain a disciplined routine for child to wake up, eat, play, study and sleep. Structured routine gives child much less to think about and get distracted and lets him focus on his own business.

Remove all sorts of chemicals from the diet. Junk food, processed foods, preservatives, coloring agents, flavor enhancers etc., shall be curtailed from your child’s diet completely.

Let him play outside, put away video games, computer etc., and if he is reluctant persuade him and join him as and when possible. All of these changes work as the best home remedies for ADD in children.

Children suffering with ADD respond to one to one attention very well. So, join him and help him in finishing his homework.

Start a reward and punishment system. Follow this system with strictness and never ignore any bad behavior or good one.

Do not give too many warnings. Just take action whenever child has ignored your instructions. It may appear harsh but needs to be done for the benefit of your child.

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