9 Best Home Remedies for Conjunctivitis

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Best Home Remedies for Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis is caused by viral infections, bacterial infections, fungal infections, allergies and very rarely by parasitic infections. These infections cause inflammation of outermost layer of eye conjunctiva and inner layer of eyelid membrane. Even children and new born babies can get affected by these as conjunctivitis due to infections can spread from one person to another easily. Redness, swelling, pain, stickiness, discharge from eyes and sensitivity to lights are common symptoms of conjunctivitis. Pink eyes usually signify problem due to viral infection whereas yellowish discharge along with other symptoms is generally caused by bacterial infection. Home remedies for conjunctivitis provide relief from troubling symptoms and also cure infections and allergies in a short time.

Home Remedies for Conjunctivitis

Put few drops of rose water in each eye right from the moment you start feeling any swelling and redness. Rose water is effective eye cleanser, it also relax eyes and help in removing dust and other foreign particles. You can also wash eyes with cold water on first symptoms of the problem. Both of these work as the best home remedies for conjunctivitis.

Mix two teaspoons of Indian gooseberry powder to a glass of water and add two teaspoons of honey to it. If you do not trust packed powder you can make it on your own and keep it stored for use. Just cut few Indian gooseberries into small pieces and keep them out in Sun to dry. When these are completely dry grind them to form a powder. Mix this powder, honey with water and drink twice in a day to prevent and cure the problem. The higher dosage of vitamin C, provided by these fruits, works as excellent home remedies for conjunctivitis.

Take two teaspoons of fennel seeds, add these to a glass of water and boil the mixture, let the mixture boil for few minutes and later strain it. Discard the seeds and allow the liquid to cool down, use this water to wash your eyes thoroughly, repeat this few times in a day to curb the infection and relieve the symptoms of the problem. This is widely used home remedies for conjunctivitis. Coriander seeds can also be used in the same manner, but add a handful of seeds in 60 ml of water, boil the mixture for few minutes and cool and strain it well before using the liquid as an eye wash. Decoction of both coriander and fennel are effective home remedies for conjunctivitis.

You can use teabags too for curing conjunctivitis. Green or chamomile teabags are most effective. Just take two teabags and dip them in hot water, when content starts to flow out, take these bags out and put them in a refrigerator or freezer, let them become cold completely. Later take them out and place them over eyes for few minutes, let the tea trickle down your eyelids. Repeat for few minutes and wipe off with clean cotton ball. Repeat this few times, these work as the best home remedies for conjunctivitis.

There are few more simple home remedies for conjunctivitis. You can slice a potato and keep them over your eyes for few minutes these also work as effective treatments, repeat few times in a day for faster relief. Take two tablespoons of marigold leaves and soak them in a bowl of water for at least an hour, later strain the mixture and store it. Use the liquid to wash eyes thoroughly. It works against conjunctivitis caused by all sorts of infections. Both of these are simple and effective home remedies for conjunctivitis.

Extract vegetable juice, add 300 ml of carrot juice with 200 ml of spinach juice, add two crushed cloves of garlic and blend the juice in a blender. Drink this throughout the day, it gives boost to immunity and also infuses nutrients in the blood which curb inflammation and pain caused by infections or allergies.
Take two teaspoons of chamomile flowers and add them to a glass of boiling water, stir the mixture so that flowers release their entire content in water. Let the mixture cool down, strain and remove the flowers and wash your eyes with the liquid, it is one of the wonderful home remedies for conjunctivitis.

Scrape out fresh aloe vera gel by cutting few leaves vertically. Mix this gel well to make it smooth and apply over your closed eyes with the help of a cotton balls, cover your entire eye socket and lids. Relax for 10 to 15 minutes and let the gel stay. Later wipe it off with a cotton ball dabbed in cold water. Repeating this treatment few times in a day cure the problem caused by any reason. This is one of the best home remedies for conjunctivitis.

Take necessary precaution if you have conjunctivitis particularly at home and at work place. Do not touch eyes directly, wash hands with soap if you have, do not share towel or glasses with anyone and stay away from children particularly young babies.

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