Toddler Dental Care Tips To Protect Your Child’s Teeth

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Toddler Dental Care Tips

Taking dental care of toddlers is an uphill task, they are unable to take care of their dentures themselves and do not understand its importance too, plus they are surrounded by things out of which mostare harmful for their tender gums and teeth. Here are few toddler dental care tips which can be of immense help and strengthen child’s dentures to keep them protected. Though dental problems are quite common but these are most common in toddlers. By the age of kindergarten nearly 40% children have cavities. The oral problems at young age can keep surging-up again and again throughout life to cause misery. By following the tips to protect your child’s teeth one can prevent these problems right at the beginning and protect oral health. By following these simple tips to protect your child’s teeth parents can ensure that their child enjoys good oral health now and in future as well.

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Dental Care Tips to Protect Your Child’s Teeth

Start Early

Most of the parents feel that they need not to brush teeth of young kids, it is wrong. According to recent studies parents shall even brush or wipe gums of infants with a gauge or wet cloth. Once first tooth arrives wipe off with gauge and use floss if two teeth are touching each other. Starting early is one of the useful toddler dental care tips which prevent problems from occurring. Use toddler toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste to brush teeth of young child, children can brush their teeth themselves after the age 4-5 years, teaching them to brush at this age is one of the effective tips to protect your child’s teeth.

Avoid Eating between Meals

This is one of the major causes of oral problems in toddlers. Children at young age do not know what to eat and what to avoid, they just go by taste or peer pressure. Keep an eye on what child is eating between meals, avoid sugary and starchy foods or rinse your child’s mouth as and when he or she eats something. Teaching young children to rinse mouth thoroughly after eating anything is one of the effective toddler dental care tips.

Take Care of Fruit Juices

Fruit Juices

For the sake of child’s health and nourishment no one can negate fruit juices out of his or her diet but these can be harmful for teeth as well. Dilute the juice before giving it to your child or watch him till he finishes it completely and ask him to rinse his mouth thoroughly later. Providing juice in a beaker and allowing child to drink it at his own convenience will let acids present in juice stay in mouth for longer duration and corrode delicate enamel of teeth to allow formation of cavities. These are simple tips to protect your child’s teeth from harmful acids of fruit juices without compromising nutrition. Encouraging child to drink fruit juice with a straw is also very effective toddler dental care tips.

Avoid Sippy Cup

This cup is great help in teaching kids to drink from regular cup and give-up bottle. But if this cup stays for longer duration with kid during the day, it becomes source of bacteria and allows growth of harmful microorganisms in his mouth. Ensure that cup is washed few times in a day thoroughly before use and it does not stay for long with kid. These steps too are great toddler dental care tips. One must ensure that kids do not drink anything sugary in this cup, even if they do, ensure that their mouth is rinsed thoroughly after finishing-off. All of these are good tips to protect your child’s teeth.

No Bedtime Eating

Make sure that child does not eat or drink anything but water before falling asleep. Discourage child from eating anything at night once he or she has brushed teeth. Employing these toddler dental care tips stay with a person for whole life and protect oral health. Bedtime eating also alters PH balance of mouth which is damaging for teeth and gums; no bedtime eating is one of the effective tips to protect your child’s teeth.

Discipline and Incentives

Children after age of 4-5 years can brush their teeth on their own, enticing them to do it regularly works as one of the useful toddler dental care tips. Encouraging them by making it rewarding, offer them something which they like if they brush regularly twice in a day. These steps are effective tips to protect your child’s teeth.

Encourage Eating Vegetables


If you can encourage toddler to eat raw vegetables like carrots, celery and fruits like apples etc. these are excellent tips to protect your child’s teeth. Increase your child’s calcium intake by consuming calcium rich foods. Persuade your toddler to eat detergent foods like popcorn after meals. Crispy and dry foods do not stick over teeth, these also remove food particles which are between teeth and keep mouth clean after meals. These steps are good toddler dental care tips.

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