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How to Stop Sperm Discharge with Urine?

Herbal Remedies for Semen Leakage in Urine

The problem of semen with urine is highly debilitating and troublesome. It is a sign of severe nerve weaknesses and poor prostate gland health. If this problem is not handled properly, its side effects can even lead to impotence.

Males do feel anxious and panicky after seeing seminal fluids in urine but do not discuss the problem because of hesitation.

Here we will recommend herbal remedies for semen leakage in urine which can be used at the convenience of home without any need of expert advice.

How Is Sperm Produced?

Semen is a combination of seminal fluids and sperms. Sperms are a vital part of semen responsible for fertilizing woman’s egg. Seminal fluids are discharged to protect sperms and let them reach egg safely.

Sperms are regularly produced and stored in testicular sac where nerves keep them locked. Nerves allow sperms to float out of sac only when male wishes to.

Seminal fluids are produced mainly by the prostate gland. Seminal fluids constitute 98% of total semen volume, remaining is formed by sperms. Seminal fluids are produced and released when a male becomes excited and is ready to make love.

Causes of Semen Leakage in Urine

The problem of semen with urine is mostly related to poor prostate gland functions and weakness in nerves. Herbal remedies for semen leakage in urine handle these issues efficiently and provide fast relief. These not only stop semen discharge after urination but also eliminate its ill-effects to provide better vitality and virility.

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Herbal Remedies for Semen Leakage in Urine

To treat the problem of semen leaks while urinating via natural measures firstly you should improve your diet. Eating foods that are low on nutrition and energy does not help in improving the condition of the victim. But eating the right kind of foods improves the effects of treatment and brings better results.

Focus on eating foods that are rich in minerals, vitamins, healthy fats, complex carbs, antioxidants, and lean protein. Combination of such foods in the regular diet provide body optimum dose of nutrient, body getting healthy nutritional support produces higher energy and provide maximum support to nerves and all the systems of the body.

Include foods that are rich in fiber. Dietary fiber maintains healthy digestion and regular excretion of waste matter. Fiber and nutrient-rich foods stop semen discharge after urination and eliminate debilities caused by regular loss of sperms and seminal fluids.

Causes of Semen with Urine

Lead an active and healthy lifestyle. There are many causes of semen with urine problem directly related to lifestyle. Hand-practice, use of porn material, arousals without ejaculation, too much erotic thoughts and fantasies, sedentary lifestyle, long sitting hours and use of recreational products are common causes of the problem.

Cut-out harmful sexual activities and habits, limit or stop the use of recreational products and stay physically active to counter these causes to stop semen leaks while urinating. Eat at proper timings and take sufficient sleep and rest to maintain energy in the body.

Get Faster Recovery from Debilitating Effects

Shilajit capsules and NF Cure capsules come with excellent herbal remedies for semen leakage in urine. Shilajit herb is renowned for providing everlasting youth, vitality, and potency.

This herb invigorates the body’s natural mechanism, eliminates signs of aging and cleanses internal systems to provide age-defying youth and vitality.

You gain balanced hormonal secretion, strong nerves, energized the reproductive system and a dose of anti-oxidants to get youthful stamina, energy, and verve.

Shilajit is an excellent remedy for prostate problems. It treats congested, swollen and enlarged prostate and stops loss of fluids during or after urination. The healthy prostate gland also increases the quantity and quality of semen and improves fertility.

Shilajit capsules are a strong aphrodisiac which makes them excellent herbal remedies for semen leakage with urine. Due to aphrodisiac nature, these pills elevate the level of testosterone hormone and rejuvenate male reproductive system.

By using Shilajit capsules you gain riddance from semen with urine problem and its ill-effects on health and potency.

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NF Cure capsules along with Shilajit capsules make treatment better and faster. NF Cure capsules come with multiple herbs which are trusted herbal remedies for semen leakage in urine.

These pills too improve nerve functions and energize the reproductive system. These also come with nutritive and energizing herbs which enhance physical energy and provide optimum support to all the bodily system sand organs.

Both these supplements balance release of youth, growth and metabolic hormones. Proper release of these hormones in right balance provides sound vitality, higher virility and potency, and optimum fertility. Balanced hormonal secretion is great for sound mental health and a balanced emotional state.

Both these supplements treat the problem of semen with urine holistically and in the presence of a healthy diet and lifestyle provide permanent results. These take overall health and virility of a male to a much higher level and improve the quality of life by many times.

Not only one gets riddance from the problem but better working efficiency and mental faculties. These keep a male protected from disorders in the future as well by eliminating hazardous toxins and free-radicals from the body.

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