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How to Stop Sperm in Urine When Passing Stools Naturally?

Sperm in Urine When Passing Stools

Causes of Sperm in Urine after Bowel Movement

The problem of sperm in urine when passing stools or after a bowel movement is a type of spermatorrhea. This condition encompasses various conditions which cause loss of sperms and seminal fluids involuntarily in males.

This condition is more of a symptom than the problem itself. It signifies the presence of weaknesses in male reproductive system which can lead to other problems of serious nature.

This problem comes with severe ill-effects over health and potency of a male. Longer this problem is allowed to stay deeper its implication get which can make the life of a male miserable.

Sperm production is an on-going process in the male body after puberty. These are kept stored in testicles and guarded by nerves which prevent them from escaping out of the testicular bag easily. But when guards are asleep sperms can escape out of their home and flow through sperm canals to get deposited in the urethra.

Guards or nerves fall asleep or become lethargic when they get exhausted and tired. Lack of energy supplementation allows them to doze off. Sperms which get accumulated in the urethra are passed-out through urination later.

When a person passes stool it causes some pressure over the urinary canal, bladder, and urethra. Sperms present in urethra ooze out of male organ due to this pressure and male see sperm in urine when passing stools.

Nerves can become weak due to various reasons. Smoking, alcoholism, hand-practice, hormonal imbalance, poor flow of blood in the pelvic region and nervous system disorders all can cause weakness in nerves of the male genital region and trigger spermatorrhea.

Apart from nerves congestion in the prostate gland is another condition which is a common cause of sperm in urine when passing stools. Congestion is prostate gland occurs due to excessive hand-practice or copulation, very long duration of foreplay before copulation, arousals without ejaculation and too much involvement with porn material.

Due to congestion, there is the presence of sperm in urine when passing stools. The prostate gland can become enlarged due to growing age and other reasons. If gland gets infected with bacteria it can become swollen. Enlargement and inflammation of prostate gland both cause retrograde ejaculation.

Due to overgrown size or inflammation prostate gland constricts urinary canal and prevents complete discharge during ejaculation. The part or large volume of semen stay in the urethra which is later passed out with urine during or after bowel movements.

These conditions also cause sperm in urine when passing stools. Apart from these conditions males taking sleeping pills, or undergoing treatment for depression may face the problem of sperm in urine after bowel movements due to side effects.

Obesity, sitting jobs, excessive cycling or riding can irritate prostate gland and cause sperm leaks while passing stools.

Regular loss of sperms causes many side effects as the body tries to replenish lost sperms each time. Regular production stresses the reproductive system out and also wipes-off nutrient reserves of the body.

Males feel pain and burning during urination and also suffer from thinning of urine stream, delayed start of urine stream and frequent urination due to incomplete evacuation. Along with these males suffer from low libido and the problem of low semen volume.

Sperm in urine after bowel movement causes poor fertility by decreasing the number of sperms in semen and also affects the quality of an erection by causing less intense arousals or pain after erection. This problem can frustrate a male affect his mental and emotional status negatively.

Stop Sperm in Urine When Passing Stools

The problem of sperm leaks while passing stool Is not to be ignored. As already mentioned it has serious side-effects. Early treatment not only prevents the problem from aggravating but also protect health and potency from its ill-effects.

Males are generally shy and reluctant to discuss their sexual problems with anyone else. They hesitate to visit doctors as well. If this problem is not treated it keeps on progressing and cause severe harm.

Fortunately, there are few very effective natural treatments which also work as home treatments to resolve the problem of semen discharge during bowel movements. These treatments are easy and can be used without disclosing the problem to others.

Dates and Warm Milk – Home Remedy to Cure Sperm Leakage

Dates are very useful and trusted remedies if sperm comes out during stool passing. Take 15 Ajuva dates and remove their seeds. Fill these with banyan milk and add to 2 liters of cow’s milk.

Boil this mixture until it gets reduced to half. Store this mixture in a glass jar and consume one tablespoon every day to get rid of the problem.

A glass of warm milk boiled with few strands of saffron and sweetened with honey is a source of magnificent properties and vital nutrients and helps in curing the problem.

Home Remedies to Stop Sperm in Urine When Passing Stools

One glass of almond milk in the morning is nutritious and energizing and helps in eradicating the problem of spermatorrhea. Dietary changes are also very useful natural ways of treating spermatorrhea. Eat 1-2 bowls of yogurt every day for treating the problem.

Use of raw garlic and onion also helps in alleviating symptoms and avocado and asparagus are very useful foods for treating the problem. All types of red fruits come with nutrition that helps in eliminating spermatorrhea naturally.

One shall switch to a healthy lifestyle to get rid of the problem. Staying away completely from porn material, hand-practice, smoking, alcohol, drugs, etc. is a must to get rid of the problem.

One should lead an active lifestyle that may include exercises too. Walking is the most suitable exercise for males of all age-groups which help in eliminating the problem by improving the flow of blood in the pelvic region, metabolizing fat and improving digestion.

Avoid long sitting hours and too much cycling or riding. Yoga poses can be very helpful in treating the problem of spermatorrhea. These help in improving overall health and also enhance focus. Male is able to shed stimulating and arousing thoughts and stays energized during the day by performing Yoga.

If a male does not get desired results by these natural methods and sperm comes out during stool passing regularly herbs shall be used to get sure cure.

Herbs are natural remedies trusted in Ayurveda for treating all sorts of health problems holistically. These come with zero side effects and provide a long-lasting solution to health problems.

These are suitable for males of all ages and along with treatment provide numerous other priceless health benefits naturally.

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Natural Treatment for Sperm in Urine while Passing Stool

Herbs provide their complete benefits when these are used in a proper manner. Although herbs are natural vegetation these cannot be used directly. To invigorate their properties and remove anti-nutrients attached to these herbs are refined first before use.

Today herbal supplements are available which come with multiple pre-processed herbs as ingredients. These supplements are easy to use and deliver beneficial properties of multiple herbs with each dose.

Use of herbal supplements provides holistic cure to health problems and numerous other benefits which make good results long-lasting.

For treating the problem of sperm discharge during bowel movements use of No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules are widely recommended. These herbal supplements come with the herbal composition which covers an entire range of causes of the problem and provides relief.

These supplements also eliminate all the ill-effects of the problem and enhance a male’s physical and mental health quickly. One gain fast and reliable treatment at ease of home and on regular use gains enviable vitality, virility, and vigor at any age.

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules come with nerve tonic herbs which strengthen weak nerves and repair damaged ones. These eliminate ill-effects of abusive practices like hand-practice and use of recreational products like tobacco and alcohol.

One also gains considerable relief from disorders related to the nervous system by using these herbs. Strong and healthy nerves prevent passing of sperms on slight excitement or pressure and keep them locked safely to check the problem.

Herbs to Stop Sperm Loss During Bowel Movement

Shilajit, Kaunch and Kesar are main herbs of No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules which are renowned remedies for prostate gland problems. These herbs diffuse inflammation and clear bacterial infections and also shrink enlarged gland back to its normal size.

By providing healthy prostate gland these clear fluid build-up around the gland and prevent oozing of seminal fluids during bowel movements. By diffusing inflammation and bringing prostate to its normal size these herbs cure problem of retrograde ejaculation and stop sperm loss during bowel movement.

Males cannot stay free from disorders if they suffer from debilities in their physical health. No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules come with nutritive and energizing herbs which fulfill nutritional requirements of the body and increase energy production. These also circulate energy all over the body so that each and every cell gets optimum nutrition and oxygen supply.

Proper circulation of energy improves metabolism at the cellular level and boost-up male vitality. These supplements come with anti-toxin, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant herbs. These herbs cleanse internal systems and organs and keep blood purified. These also inhibit free-radicals and rejuvenate entire health.

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules provide a male upbeat potency and virility by elevating the level of testosterone hormone in the body. This hormone energizes the male reproductive system and improves muscular endurance and also sharpens brain functions.

An optimum level of testosterone hormone keeps a male in sound physical and mental health and also maintains his virility and vigor.

Along with aphrodisiac herbs these supplements also come with hormone balancing herbs which maintain healthy release of metabolic and rejuvenating hormones to promote male vitality and longevity.

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules are easy to use. These do not require any complicated method and even busy males can use these without misses. These due to their herbal nature do not require any medical prescription.

One can use them as protective as well as curative remedies. These supplements are non-contradictory and can be used with other treatments and medicines.

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