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12 Best Home Remedies for Pink Eye

Home Remedies for Pink Eye

Pink eye can be caused by bacterial and viral infections as well as by other agents too; this is also called conjunctivitis. This causes itchiness, watery eyes, red eyes and sticky eyes, a person suffering from pink eyes can have shut-eyes in the morning due to eyelids getting stuck to each other.

Membranes over the white part of the eyes and the one lying beneath eyelids get swollen due to infections or activities of other agents and cause redness, pain, and itchiness.

Other than virus and bacteria, pollens, environmental pollutants, substances in water, washing powder, soaps, etc., can also cause conjunctivitis or itchy eyes. Home remedies for pink eye alleviate the problem safely and in a short duration.

Home Remedies for Pink Eye

Honey – Home Remedy to Cure Pink Eyes

Honey provides couple of simpler and easier home remedies for pink eye. Just dropping few drops of honey in the eyes can provide relief, though immediately after use honey can cause some pain and burning sensation but it subsides in few minutes.

Chamomile – Home Remedy for Healthy Eyes

Home Remedy for Healthy Eyes

Take few glasses of water and keep it to boil, once water starts boiling remove the water from burner and add few flowers of chamomile to it, let the mixture sit till it cools down completely. After cooling use this water to wash eyes few times in a day. On regular use this works as one of the best home remedies for pink eye.

Compresses – Natural Treatment for Eye Problems

Hot and cold compresses also work as effective home remedies for pink eye. Take two towels and soak them, one in lukewarm water and another in cold water, cover the eyes with these towels one by one for few times. These compresses improve blood flow, reduce swelling and treat symptoms of pink eye very well.

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Potatoes – Home Remedy for Pink Eyes

Remedy for Pink Eyes

Potatoes provide few very useful home remedies for pink eye. Grind a peeled potato to form a paste, apply this paste directly over the eyes and relax for half an hour, later remove this paste and wash the eyes with clean water.

Potato paste poultices also work as very effective home remedies for pink eye. Prepare the paste and tie it in a clean cloth, cover eyes with these poultices for half an hour, these also provide relief from swelling, itching and stickiness and cure the problem.

Aloe Vera Gel – Home Remedy to Get Rid of Pink Eyes

Soaking eyes with aloe vera juice is also one of the best used home remedies for pink eye. Take a clean cotton ball dipped in aloe vera juice and cover eyes with it, let this soaked cotton stay over eyes for 20 to 30 minutes and repeat this two-three times in a day. Aloe vera juice can also be used as an eyewash to treat conjunctivitis. This is one of those home remedies for pink eye which can treat a problem caused by infectious agents as well as by toxic or aggressive chemicals and substances.

Fennel Seeds – Home Remedy to Cure Eye Infections

Remedy to Cure Eye Infection

Fennel seeds also work as effective home remedies for pink eye. Infection curbing, swelling diffusing abilities of these seeds can be utilized by boiling two teaspoons of fennel seeds with two-three glasses of water, let the mixture boil for 15 to 20 minutes and later allow it to cool down. Use this water as eyewash three-four times in a day; one can also rinse eyes with this water by dabbing cotton ball to cure pink eye or conjunctivitis.

Like fennels seeds, coriander seeds are also wonderful home remedies for pink eye. Add couple of teaspoons of coriander seeds to two-three glasses of water and let the mixture sit overnight. In the morning strain the mixture and use it to wash eyes.

Yogurt – Home Remedy to Treat Eye Problems

Yogurt poultices also work as beneficial herbal remedies for pink eye. Fresh yogurt can be tied in a piece of clean cloth and these poultices can be used to cover the eyes for half an hour every day for a few days. These also work as effective remedies to treat pink eye occurring due to infections or other reasons.

Baking Soda and Honey – Home Remedy to Relief from Eye Infections

Baking Soda and Honey

Soaking eyes with a mixture of baking soda and water by using a cotton ball is also useful treatment to relieve troubling symptoms of conjunctivitis. Adding two tablespoons of honey to four cups of water makes a mixture which is one of the highly effective herbal remedies for pink eye. This mixture shall be used to wash and rinse eyes thoroughly in the morning and before going to sleep.

Artificial Tears – Home Remedy to Keep Eyes Clean

Using artificial tears to keep eyes clean and also for diffusing swelling in its membranes, also work as protective herbal remedies for pink eye. These tears keep eyes clean of debris and harmful agents which enter through water and air and also maintain blood flow to curb swellings and infections.

Certain precautions are necessary to protect eye during conjunctivitis. Avoid looking at bright lights; do not strain eyes in any way like by watching TV or reading and writing. Do not rub eyes as it can cause wounds in the delicate membrane and aggravate redness and pain. Use of herbal remedies for pink eye is safe and alleviates the problem in a short time.

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