Top 10 Foods for a Healthy and Clean Liver, Improve Liver Function

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Top Foods for a Healthy Clean Liver

Foods That Improve Liver Function Naturally

Liver is body’s filtering system which passes the good and holds the bad. It breaks down the bad and utilizes whatever good comes out of it and flushes out the remaining.If this filter receives more bad than good it is going to clog. This clogging can be understood as liver toxicity, where liver has too many toxins entering it and out-pacing its cleansing process. Higher toxic load in blood due to medicines, alcohol intake, infections, poor diet or poisonous substances can cause toxin accumulation in liver and make it toxic.

Toxicity allows harmful substances to flow freely with blood and affect all the organs of the body including brain. Liver toxicity shows symptoms like fatigue, feeling of fullness, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, low energy levels, poor brain functions and inflammation in liver. The reasons for toxicity in liver can be alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic.

One can keep liver healthy by taking few simple steps. This organ has immense properties to regenerate itself, even if two-third of its tissues are damaged remaining one-third can revive entire organ in no time. All this organ needs is little support and cooperation and in return it will keep energy, immunity and overall health sound and upbeat. Simplest way to keep liver healthy and free of toxins is by eating supportive diet. Here are top ten foods for a healthy and clean liver, include them in daily diet and stay energized, disease-free and strong.

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Top 10 Foods for a Healthy and Clean Liver


Foods for Healthy and Clean Liver

Its taste and smell is awful but its goodness is incomparable. This provides protection against 30 different types of bacterial, viral and fungal infections and cleanses blood. Apart from these it supplements allicin and selenium which are natural compounds for liver cleansing. It has immaculate properties to activate enzyme that helps in flushing-out toxins. It is one of the top foods for a healthy and clean liver.

Leafy Green Vegetables

These are perhaps the most effective foods for a healthy and clean liver. These absorb toxins from the blood and also nullify ill-effects of pesticides, insecticides, heavy metals, chemicals and poisons which enter human system through diet and water. There are many types of green vegetables which are excellent in improving liver health like bitter gourd, spinach, dandelion, cabbage, mustard green, etc.



Fresh juice of grapefruit is rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidants which stimulate liver’s cleansing properties. This food enhances secretion of enzyme capable of removing toxins and promoting cell generation.

Green Tea

This is tastiest way to keep liver healthy. Every cup of green tea is rich source of catechins, an active and powerful anti-oxidant which enhances liver functions.

Vegetable Oils

These foods for a healthy and clean liver can suck-up toxins and take off load from liver. These vegetable oils can be used for cooking but their use as salad dressing is most effective, these create a lipid base which encapsulate toxins and remove them from liver. Flaxseed and olive oil are most effective and shall be used in diet to improve health.



This spice can be used in any veggie or non-veggie dish and even as taste enhancer in salad, soups etc. This is excellent detoxifier; its abilities to enhance secretion of enzymes which detox liver and flush harmful agents like carcinogens make it one of the top foods for a healthy and clean liver.

Citrus Fruits

Amla and lemon are great sources of vitamin C. These foods synthesize toxin material into substances which can be absorbed by water and flushed-out through urine. Vitamin C also works as potent anti-oxidant which not only enhances cell generation and protects tissue damage but also improve immune system.



Apples and avocados are top foods for a healthy and clean liver. Apples are high on pectin which ensures synthesis and elimination of toxins from digestive tract making liver’s cleansing job much easier. Avocadoes promote production of glutathione which is wonderful substance to nullify and flush toxins.



These are rich sources of omega 3 fatty acids and glutathione which boost-up liver cleansing process. These contain high amount of amino acids arginine which is major contributor in digesting ammonia.

Red Colored Vegetables

These are generally rich sources of beta carotene and protein-flavanoids, beet and carrots certainly are super foods for a clean and healthy liver. These enhance overall liver functions and are beneficial in form of juices as well as in raw form.

Natural Liver Support Supplements

Livoplus capsules provide benefits of all these foods with every dose and perhaps even more. Consumption of one or two capsules everyday keep liver free of toxins, protect liver from incoming toxins and enhance its functions naturally and safely. These capsules contain only herbs which are free of side effects and are natural remedies.

These protect liver from alcohol damage, drug abuse and contaminated diet; these capsules also reverse the damage caused by viral hepatitis, chronic alcoholism, drug-induced toxicity or due to infiltration of poisonous substances. Regular intake of Livoplus capsules ensures clean and healthy liver in men and women for longer period in life.

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