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Moringa Oleifera Capsules



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Moringa Oleifera leaf extract or Moringa Oleifera capsules are excellent immunity boosters and protect health from infections and allergies. These supplements come packed with nutrients and energy enhancing properties.

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Moringa Oleifera Capsules

Moringa Oleifera is often called as Miracle Tree. It is also known as Ben tree, Horseradish tree and Drumstick tree. It is source of unique set of nutrition which makes it an excellent food. Today Moringa Oleifera capsules are available in pills form for people who do not get this food in natural form. In fact these supplements are better sources of nutrition than natural form as these are free from contaminations and pollutants which accompany this food item due to soil and water pollution and use of pesticides etc.

Moringa Oleifera leaf extract has been found as even more beneficial for health then pods. The leaves generally are not used in cooking but their nutritional value has been found as useful for sound health and treating many commonly found disorders. Moringa Oleifera capsules possess extract of leaves and entire range of nutritional and medicinal properties to provide various health benefits. The leaf extract is fast becoming popular as morning drink and super food whereas capsules are easier ways to get all the goodness and stay healthy so these too are popular health supplements.

Moringa Oleifera Pills for Immunity

Boost Immune System

Immune system is not any organ of the body, it is a system which works with the help of glands and cells, Moringa Oleifera capsules come with anti-toxin properties which reduce load of toxins over blood and liver. These are anti-inflammatory and diffuse inflammation which puts pressure on heart and also restrict immune system functions. Moringa Oleifera leaf extract is enriched with anti-microbial properties. It is powerful anti-bacterial which controls all kinds of bacteria causing UTI, digestive tract and blood infections.

Moringa Oleifera leaf extract is also anti-fungal and protect skin, scalp and nails from fungal infections. Moringa Oleifera capsules are excellent for faster healing of wounds. The paste made of its leaf powder and water has long stood as potent remedy to treat sores, cuts and wounds in traditional medicine. It speeds-up formation of clot and protects wound from infections and stops bleeding. Its anti-inflammatory properties help in faster healing of wounds.

Improve Mood, Memory and Focus

Moringa Oleifera leaf extract has excellent properties to lift mood, sharpen memory and improve focus. Moringa Oleifera capsules come with properties that neurotransmission in brain. Better neurotransmission and communication between cells improves memory and enhance brain’s recalling and memorizing powers. Moringa Oleifera leaf extract improve neurotransmission and also normalizes serotonin, Dopamine and noradrenalin to maintain response to stress and pleasure and maintain sound mental health.

The high vitamin E and C content in Moringa Oleifera capsules protect brain cells from oxidative stress. It is effective aid against stress, anxiety, mood swings, poor memory and deteriorating focus. It provides protection from diseases like Alzheimer’s and improve cognitive functions in young to elderly.

Increase Energy Level

Moringa Oleifera supplements come with plant-based protein which is effective for improving body’s strength and resistance. These pills are great sources of vitamin like A, C and E and fight back free-radicals. The free-radicals scavenge cells of the body and also increase chances of cancer.

Antioxidants inhibit activities of these damaging rapidly growing compounds and protect health. There is abundance of amino acids available in Moringa Oleifera supplements which make them highly nutritive and energy enhancing supplements. Regular dose of Moringa Oleifera pills provide vital minerals like calcium and potassium which is generally missed by even healthy diet and shows-up serious consequences.

Moringa Pills for Weight Loss

Help to Lose Weight

Moringa Oleifera supplements are good ways to lose weight fast and in healthy manner. Their anti-microbial properties keep digestive tract free from toxins and regulate eating pattern. These pills are good for liver functions and improve bile secretion for faster fat metabolism. These rejuvenate entire health and keep energy levels high by protecting organs and systems from free-radical damage. One gets high protein and mineral supplementation which helps in growth of muscle mass and faster rate of fat into lean muscle conversion.

Powerful Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory

Moringa Oleifera pills come with strong anti-inflammatory properties. These are enriched with polyphenols and vitamins like E and C which are well-known as super-charged antioxidants. Anti-inflammatory properties of these supplements protect health from respiratory, coronary, metabolic and other types of chronic diseases.

Rich Source of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Plant Protein

Moringa capsules are rich sources of potassium, calcium and plant-based protein. These are also loaded with polyphenols which cleanse liver and keep toxin overload in blood under control. These capsules provide rich content of vitamins like A, C and E which are vital for sound health. The nutrient content of Moringa supplements makes them popular as Super-food and powerful health and energy supplements.


Is Moringa really a Superfood?

Moringa qualifies as Super-food in every possible way. It improves internal mechanism of the body which helps in energy production and maintain stamina and strength. This is nutrient-packed and supplements essential amino acids, vitamins and protein. The antioxidant properties of this food makes Moringa supplements as most effective health supplements which protect health and rejuvenate it to bring youthful verve, stamina and strength and also impart younger looks.

What does Moringa do for you?

Moringa fulfills nutrient requirements and also improve liver functions. It cleanses digestive system and also diffuse inflammation. Moringa immunity enhancer pills protect health from infections and allergic reactions. These speed-up healing of wounds and enhance reach and response of immune system. Anti-inflammatory properties make these immunity enhancer pills even better supplements to provide protection to health.

These are excellent herbal memory supplements too. Along with memory these supplements provide better cognitive functions and improved focus and also improve neurotransmission. These herbal memory supplements protect from diseases like Alzheimer’s. Moringa supplements are anti-ageing and effective weight loss supplements too. These keep you in good shape, health and fitness and provide better looks and appearance.

What vitamins and minerals are in Moringa?

Moringa has wide range of nutrients which are amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Though there is a wide range of these nutrients available in Moringa but vitamin A, C and E and minerals like potassium and calcium are in decent amount.

What are the side effects of taking Moringa leaf extract?

Moringa leaf extract is deemed as safe for humans. In controlled quantity it is free of even mild side-effects. It can be used in supplements form and even as tea.

How much pills should I take a day?

1-2 pills in a day is safe dosage to get all the benefits. If quantity is higher than your system can handle you may have mild laxative effects.

Is Moringa good for weight loss?

Moringa supplements are used by people for controlling weight. The properties of Moringa Oleifera which cleanse liver and improve its functions are most favorable for weight loss in healthy manner. Healthy liver produces bile and releases it in optimum amount for faster fat metabolism. Liver also stores glucose and promote protein metabolism which is also helpful for weight loss. The powerful antioxidants make these supplements good for healthy and faster weight loss. Moringa comes with plant-based protein in bioavailable form. Protein is great for higher energy and it is also building block for muscles. Higher muscle mass provides fitness, strength and also reduces fat in the body.

Is it high in protein?

Moringa capsules supplements good amount of plant-based protein. These may not be considered as protein supplements but are certainly sources of good amount of protein with every dose. The most important part about these pills is that these come with wide range of nutrients along with protein. Consumption of these supplements provides vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, amino acids and protein to fulfill requirements of the body. The tag of Super-food is not because of just protein but a compact dose of all the essential nutrients.

Is this supplement good for skin?

Skin like any other organ of the body needs nutrition to stay healthy and beautiful. Use of Moringa supplements is great for skin as it provides nourishment and removes blemishes from inside. Antioxidants present in these supplements open-up capillaries of skin and promote flow of blood in these.

Healthy flow of blood generates skin cells and makes it tighter. Flow of blood also promotes collagen which keeps skin tight and removes wrinkles and lines. The antioxidants protect skin cells from damage caused by sun, pollutants, toxins etc. and dissolve dark spots, dull skin tone and blemishes by replacing melanin-containing cells with fresh ones.

Is Moringa plant good for high blood pressure?

Yes it is good for people suffering with high blood pressure. The properties of this supplements clear arteries and keep them free from blockages caused by plaque deposition. The leaf extract of Moringa is also very effective in controlling cholesterol and maintain healthy blood lipid profiles. Both of these benefits control high blood pressure and also keep heart healthy.

The effects of Moringa leaf extract over brain health too are exceptional. It sharpens memory, fights back stress, and promotes normalization of serotonin, Dopamine and noradrenalin to maintain calmness. By protecting blood pathways from blockages improving heart health and maintaining mental health of a person it works as useful supplement for hypertension.

Is it good for hair growth?

The rich dose of antioxidants provided by Moringa leaf extract and vitamins like K makes it excellent aids for good hair growth and scalp improvement. The nutrition provided by these supplements nourishes scalp from inside to clear hair problems like thinning of hairs, slow growth and higher hair-fall. It also treats and cure scalp infection due to its powerful anti-microbial and immunity enhancing properties.

Is this leaf extract good for cancer patients?

Cancer patients need support to control free-radical mechanism and protect healthy cells from mutation and damages. The antioxidant rich Moringa is beneficial for cancer patients. It is also capable of eliminating side effects of strong cancer treatments like chemotherapy.


Health Benefits of Moringa Oleifera Capsules

The health benefits of Moringa Oleifera are as follows –

Anti-Fatigue and tiredness – Moringa Oleifera releases energy by maintaining metabolism. It fights back physical and mental stress and keeps a person active. It treats and cures fatigue, weakness and tiredness effectively.

Anti-stress – The energizing properties of Moringa makes it excellent remedy and protection from stress. It also controls release of hormones which promote stress in brain and keep a person protected from abnormal reactions to stressful or anxious moments.

ImmunityMoringa supplements are reckoned as immunity enhancing pills due to their positive impact over immune system functions. The leaf extract comes with powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and improve level of protection to health. These immunity enhancer pills also protect health from toxin, chemical, pollutants and heavy metal damage caused to cells.

Digestion – Moringa Oleifera supplements are great for digestion. The antimicrobial properties of these supplements cleanse digestive tract and remove bacterial growth. These cleanse liver and improve fat and protein metabolism for smooth and faster digestion. These supplements come with high dose of dietary fibre which regulates bowel movements and also speeds-up metabolism. These supplements are good for treating digestive problems which affect health.

Diabetes control – Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is another health benefit of Moringa Oleifera. This supplement improves insulin sensitivity in cells and promotes better sugar utilization. It relieves intensity of type2 diabetes. And also improves energy level by promoting sugar metabolism.

Bone strength – These pills come with calcium and vitamin C and K. These nutrients are wonderful for improving bone density and flexibility and suppress bone related disorders like osteoporosis. The nutrient supplementation of Moringa Oleifera keeps people free from joint disorders and problems too. It is effective aid against problems like arthritis.

Weight control – The benefits of Moringa Oleifera are very useful for controlling weight. The fibre dosage one gets with use of these supplements helps in controlling dietary intake which lower extra calorie intake. Plant-based protein supplementation improves muscle mass and increases energy requirements of the body. Higher energy requirements improves fat burning rate and brings down extra weight in healthy manner.

Skin and scalp health – Regular use of Moringa Leaf extract improve stone and texture of skin and also promotes hair growth. It prolongs life-span of hairs over scalp and prevents conditions like dandruff, fungal infections etc. It controls thinning of hairs and keeps them long and soft.

Uses of Moringa Oleifera Supplements

There are multiple uses of Moringa Oleifera supplements due to wide range of benefits these can provide. Some of the top benefits of these are listed below –

Weight loss supplements – Moringa Oleifera leaf extract is effective weight loss supplement. It control dietary intake and reduces calorie supplementation to body. It also speeds-up fat metabolism and utilizes available fat for energy production. These supplements increase muscle mass and also improve body’s endurance to allow a person to stay active and exercise longer. These are wonderful supplements for attractive and shapely body.

Anti-diabetic – People suffering with type 2 diabetes or having a family history of diabetes can use these supplements to prevent problem form occurring. These supplements improve insulin sensitivity and promote better utilization of sugar in body. One gets better liver functions which stores excess sugar for future use and prevents its level from going up in blood.

For staying fit and active – Moringa supplements keep a person mentally and physical charged. These promote release of energy and keep a person active. These are anti-fatigue and anti-stress supplements and prevent problems from occurring due to physical exhaustion.

Memory and focus – These are herbal memory supplements. The nutrition, antioxidant properties and ability to normalize hormonal secretion in brain improves memory and focus. These supplements improve neuron transmission and keep mind alert and sharper. People suffering with psychological disorders due to stress or fatigue gain immense relief by using these supplements. In young and elderly these supplements are amazingly beneficial for improving cognitive abilities. These herbal memory supplements minimize chances of deadly diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Anti-cancer – The antioxidant present in these supplements protect a person from diseases like cancer. These supplements protect cells from free-radical damage and maintain their membrane by speeding-up protein metabolism.

Anti-aging – Use of Moringa leaf extract in supplement form improves looks of a person. These rejuvenate skin and promote hair growth. People suffering with skin blemishes gain smooth, evenly toned skin naturally. These supplements improve fitness and provide shape and healthy weight as well which makes a person look lot younger than his or her age.

Muscle supplement – Moringa leaf extract is useful supplement for faster muscle growth. It supplements protein and essential amino acids. It improves energy production and allows a person to exercise longer. It is also fat metabolizer and utilizes fat for energy production.



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Moringa Oleifera leaf extract

Direction of Use

Take one Pure Moringa extract capsule twice a day with water regularly for about 3 to 4 months to obtain good result.

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