How to Stop Sperm Discharge After Bowel Movement Fast Naturally?

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Stop Sperm Discharge After Bowel Movement

Causes of Sperm in Urine During Bowel Movement

There are multiple causes of sperm discharge after bowel movements. Wide range of causes makes this problem difficult to handle.If a male sees traces of semen or sperms after bowel movement occasionally these are not regarded as problem. Once in a while due to various mild reasons males can face some discharge during or after bowel movement. But if this occurs frequently proper treatment is very necessary because implications of this disorder are very severe over health and potency. Male body produces sperms on regular basis, as soon as body loses sperms it replenishes these as quickly as possible.

Sperm production is a process which has series of various processes and utilizes vital minerals and nutrients. Regular loss of sperms during bowel movement can cause serious debilities in a short time. Along with this passing of seminal fluids during bowel movement raises risk of infections in male UTI, bladder or kidney infections are always at cards in males suffering with sperm discharge after bowel movement. When male loses sperms on regular basis it puts his reproductive system in overdrive. Regular production of sperms stresses reproductive system out and even lower testosterone level, it also causes distressed liver, all of these conditions raise frustrating sexual disorders and deteriorate male’s fertility and potency.

Males generally suffer with sperm discharge after bowel movement due to irritated and congested prostate gland. Prostate gland is located close to urethra surrounding urinary canal. This gland is responsible for producing seminal fluids which accompany sperms to cause fertilization. Prostate gland can get irritated due to various reasons. Some of the common causes of congested prostate gland are excessive hand-practice, excessive copulation, arousals without ejaculation, long sitting hours, too much cycling or riding etc. These factors cause fluid build-up around prostate.

When pressure is applied during bowel movements these fluids ooze into urethra or urinary canal and are passed out later. Prostate gland also gets enlarged due to ageing which is also referred as BPH and it can get swollen due to bacterial infections. Due to location of this gland enlargement or inflammation constricts urinary canal and obstructs flow of semen and urine. When male ejaculates, part of semen remains in urethra which is later passed out after bowel movement or during urination. Enlargement or inflammation of prostate both are common causes of sperm discharge after bowel movement.

Nerves are responsible for keeping sperms locked in testicular region. But to perform their jobs these need regular energy supplementation. Males running low on energy, having weak or damaged nerves, suffering with hormonal imbalance, or having higher toxin presence are victims of sperm discharge after bowel movement. Nerves allow sperms to flow out on slight excitement during the day into urethra which are expelled by body either with urine or during bowel movement.

Other than these use of sedatives, smoking, alcoholism, drugs use, long term medication and lethargic or sedentary lifestyle also cause problem of sperm in urine during bowel movement. Obesity restricts flow of blood particularly in pelvic region and cause weakness in nerves or prostate gland malfunctions. This condition too is potent cause of sperm in urine during bowel movement. Males need not panic if white discharge comes out during stool passing but should notice if this is occurring frequently. If occurrence of sperm discharge after bowel movement is frequent, proper treatment is available which can eliminate the problem completely.

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Stop Sperm Discharge After Bowel Movement

Males generally suffer with aggravated symptoms of the problem because they try to ignore them or wait for these to go away over on their own, neither of these happens. Regular loss of sperms continues to deteriorate nutritional reserves and energy and promotes weakness in reproductive system. In short duration males see depressing symptoms like loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, low semen volume and very low energy and stamina.

These conditions raise psychological problems like irritability, mood swings, depression etc. which further add to the misery. Sperm discharge after bowel movement in male is a sign of weakness which needs proper attention and with correct steps condition can be reversed completely. Natural methods are right approach to stop sperm discharge after bowel movement. If causes of the problem are mild and not serious simple natural methods can alleviate the problem easily.

Fibre Rich Foods

High Fiber Diet

If sperm comes out during stool passing frequently make some changes in the diet. Include foods that are high on fibre and minerals. Fibre rich foods maintain healthy digestion and eliminate toxins in digestive tract. Mineral rich foods suppress deficiencies and maintain nutritional reserves of the body. Include wholegrain, veggies, fruits, seeds and nuts in regular diet. All type of green veggies are good for male suffering with the problem.Consumption of oats, barley, quinoa, brown rice etc. and red fruits are most suitable for handling the problem. Almonds, walnuts, raisins, flaxseeds and chia seeds are excellent foods for treating sperm discharge during bowel movement.


Milk can be very useful in handling the problem. If whole milk is not suitable choose fat-free or low-fat version of milk. Drink a glass of hot milk before bedtime to relieve digestive tract and gain nutrition. Saffron milk is very useful as it relaxes nerves and makes them active and also improves digestion. It is aphrodisiac too and improves mineral supplementation. 1-2 glasses of almond milk or a glass of milk boiled with few dates are also trusted ways to stop sperm discharge during bowel movement. Along with these dietary changes better lifestyle also helps in stopping white discharge during bowel movement in male.

Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds

Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds

Pumpkin and sunflower seeds are rich in zinc which gets wiped-off from the body and distresses liver due to regular sperm loss. Inclusion of these in the diet maintains zinc and relieves liver to improve health and alleviate the problem.

Stay active during the day, perform exercises like walking or jogging to maintain digestion and even blood flow. Take sufficient rest and sleep to avoid stress. Cut-out harmful activities like hand-practice, exposure to porn material, use of sleeping pills etc. completely. Drink plenty of water and avoid excessive tea, coffee, beverages, junk and processed foods. Drink herbal teas like sage and licorice in place of other drinks and consume few glasses of fresh fruit juices in daily diet. These natural methods improve health and help in alleviating the problem naturally and safely.

If dietary and lifestyle changes fail to deliver desired results it suggests that weaknesses are too deep rooted and need stronger treatment. Herbs are excellent for treating even most stubborn disorders and debilities naturally and safely. Use of these provides holistic treatment with long lasting results to male of any age. Today one can use most effective herbs at convenience of home and get rid of most disturbing health problems naturally. Herbal supplements provide easy way to males to get benefits of multiple herbs and get rid of problem of sperm discharge during stool naturally and safely.

Natural Treatment for Sperm Leakage During Stool Passing

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules are two most reliable and highly effective herbal supplements which have been designed to treat and cure problem of sperm discharge with stools completely. These supplements possess highly acclaimed and time-tested herbs like Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Kaunch beej, Kesar, Shatavari, Vanshlochan, Brahmdandi and bhasma like Swarna and Lauh bhasma. The collection of these herbs and Bhasmas in these supplements makes them most efficient natural methods to get rid of problem of sperm discharge after bowel movement.

The natural properties of these supplements stop sperm loss and reverse their ill-effects on health. On regular use these take male’s vitality and virility to much higher level so that problems like these do not arise in future and male leads a passionate love-life. If a male take these supplements with regularity and follow healthy dietary and lifestyle regimen these supplements provide renewed vitality, virility and vigour along with holistic treatment for sperm loss during bowel movement.

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules in combination eliminate nerve weaknesses and repair damaged ones. These also ensure that nerves get regular energy supplementation and perform their job perfectly. These supplements reenergize entire male reproductive system. Aphrodisiac herbs present in these pills elevate level of testosterone hormone which guides flow of energy towards male reproductive system and keep all the organs in optimum function. This hormone also sharpens brain functions and improves muscular endurance.

Male cannot maintain their nerves and reproductive system healthy and energetic if they are running low on physical energy. No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules by virtue of their nutritive herbs fulfil nutritional requirements of the body and increase rate of energy production. These also come with hormone balancing herbs which promote release of health promoting hormones and improve metabolism at cellular level to boost-up energy, stamina and strength of a male.

Shilajit and other herbs are prolific in improving prostate gland functions. These herbs even handle age-related enlargement of gland and protect males from surgeries. These diffuse inflammation and clear fluid build-up around gland quickly. Healthy prostate gland functions treat and cure problem of involuntary loss of semen and enhance male’s fertility. In short duration of use, males gain riddance from sperm loss during stool passing and gain much improved vitality. These supplements increase sperm count, quality of erections, libido and semen volume to make a male capable lover in bed.

Anti-aging and purgatory herbs present in these supplements protect health from stressors like toxins and free-radicals and maintain youthful energy, stamina and verve in a male. The herbal ingredients of these supplements are natural remedies for commonly found disorders like diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid malfunction and psychological problems like mood swings, anxiety, depression etc. These supplements are easy to use and do not need any prescription due to their herbal nature.

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