Causes of Seminal Leakage during Stool Passing

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Semen Discharge after Bowel Movement

If your semen is present in the system where it shouldn’t be, sperm discharge after bowel movement occurs regularly.The problem seems scary and actually it is. In short duration it can be source of severe debilities and stubborn infections. It deteriorates your virility and adds salt to wounds. Many males conclude this problem as untreatable after trying various methods. We here describe most reliable and effective treatment how to stop sperm discharge after bowel movement.

If your reproductive fluids aren’t there where they should be your system will discharge them through urine. This happens in many males during urination and in many when they urinate during bowel movements. The problem of sperm discharge after bowel movement is actually problem of semen with urine. It is just that you notice it while passing stools or fluids are in noticeable volume during bowel movement.

Retrograde ejaculation is one of the commonest causes of the problem. This condition arises when you have enlarged or swollen prostate gland. When prostate has overgrown or is swollen it constricts urinary canal preventing complete discharge of semen. Part of semen remains in urethra which is later expelled with urine. Fluid build-up around prostate gland allows seminal fluids to ooze out of your male organ when pressure is applied to pass stools out.

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Support Prostate Gland and Eliminate Debilities

Males suffering with the problem generally have sluggish reproductive system, weak nerves, poor stamina and unstable emotional status. These conditions further add to misery and make life problematic. Home remedies for sperm discharge while passing stool are simple but very beneficial ways to resolve the problem. These not only stop sperm discharge after bowel movement but reverse its ill-effects on your health and potency. The natural ways to solve the problem provide long-lasting results. By taking simple precautions you can stay protected from the problem in future always.

Best Foods for Healthy Prostate Health

Correct diet and lifestyle is how to stop sperm discharge after bowel movement. Diet provides what body needs to stay fit and healthy, and lifestyle prevents excessive strain over organs and system and keeps them upbeat. These steps reduce intensity of the problem and begin reversal of side effects.

There are foods which are reckoned as highly supportive for prostate gland health. Turmeric, salmon, pomegranate, asparagus, pumpkin seeds, tomatoes, green tea, Brazil nuts and broccoli are recommended as good foods for healthy prostate. Include these in regular diet for faster treatment.

Stop Sperm Discharge after Bowel Movement Naturally

Also eat wholegrain, fresh veggies and fruits, lentils, beans, eggs, seeds and nuts regularly to get complete nutrition. Include low fat dairy products and healthy spices and cooking oils too. Optimum nutrition improves energy production, provides healthy nerves and eliminates debilities in reproductive system to stop sperm discharge after bowel movement.

Make your lifestyle healthier by maintaining proper eating and sleeping timings. Stay physically active, exercise if possible, maintain water intake higher and avoid stress. Strictly avoid all sorts of abusive sexual behavior via hand-practice, porn material, erotic conversations etc. Limit or stop use of alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco etc. and also avoid indiscriminate use of OTC medicines. These steps improve good effects of diet and keep internal systems healthy to resolve disorders and reverse debilities.

Gain Higher Energy, Stamina and Strength

Use NF Cure capsules and Shilajit capsules for most effective home remedies for sperm discharge while passing stools. These come with herbs which are natural remedies for variety of disorders. Herbs naturally invigorate body’s mechanism to recover from disorders and their ill-effects on health and potency. Both these supplements come with highly beneficial herbs which provide healthy prostate gland. These pills resolve problem of congested, swollen or enlarged prostate and allow smooth flow of semen.

Complete discharge prevents accumulation of fluids around gland or in urethra to stop discharge during bowel movements. These pills are aphrodisiac in nature you get higher testosterone release, stronger reproductive system, higher muscular endurance and sharper brain functions. These supplements make your nervous system stronger so that you do not lose sperms unnecessarily or involuntarily even in bed.

Herbs to Cure Enlarged Prostate

Best Way to Get Rid of Semen during Stools

NF Cure and Shilajit capsules are highly nutritive, energizing and protective supplements. These provide bioactive nutrition in wide range and speed-up metabolic rate. You gain higher energy, stamina and strength. These supplements ensure even circulation of energy all over body so that every muscle and organ of your body stays energized and strong.

The powerful purgatory properties of these supplements eliminate toxins, microbes and free-radicals from your body. These are hazardous compounds which raise disorders and diseases and also deteriorate vitality. With all these advantages you not only get rid of semen during stools problem but achieve much better overall health.

NF Cure and Shilajit capsules even reduce intensity of existing health problems and improve your health. Strong hormone balancing herbs in these pills keep your physical and mental health sound for much longer period. You stay mentally sharp and relaxed and stay protected from psychological problems and emotional disturbances. These supplements can be used without any medical prescription due to their herbal nature. In combination with healthy diet and lifestyle these provide permanent results.

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