How to Prevent Ejaculating While Passing Stool During Bowel Movement?

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Prevent Ejaculating While Passing Stool

Causes of Sperm Leakage During Stool Passing

Involuntary loss of semen or sperms in males is category of health problem which is referred as spermatorrhea. Any condition that promotes involuntary loss of semen in un-excited state falls under this category.Ejaculating while passing stool is also a type of spermatorrhea, which is sign of debilities in male body and reproductive system. Occasional occurrence of discharge is not treated as a problem.

Males suffering with temporary constipation can discharge during or after bowel movement due to excessive pressure applied to pass stools. Many times males get excited during the day or during sleep. Such excitement causes fluid secretion in reproductive system which may get released during bowel movement. But males, ejaculating while passing stools frequently are victims of the problem which needs treatment. To stop sperm leakage while passing stool one needs proper treatment to protect health and potency.

Semen discharge during bowel movement is a symptom of serious debilities in reproductive system. These debilities can arise due to poor diet, lifestyle, health issues and psychological problems. Males can also suffer with weaknesses and disorders due to bad habits like smoking, drinking etc. and due to abusive sexual practices like hand-practice, too much involvement with erotic material etc. medication and use of OTC medicines like sedatives, antacids, laxatives etc. Males suffering with chronic constipation also find discharge after or during bowel movement. These factors cause trouble for certain organs of male body and male begins ejaculating while passing stool frequently.

Weakness in nerves is one of the major reasons of semen with bowel movement. Sperms are produced in testicles and are kept stored. Nerves keep sperms protected and prevent them from flowing out until male wishes to. But due to various reasons like smoking, health issues, OTC medicines etc. nerves become weak and lethargic. Lethargic nerves cannot keep sperms locked and allow them to flow out on slight excitement or pressure. These sperms get accumulated in urethra and passed out with urine.

Poor prostate gland health is another major reason behind male ejaculating while passing stool. Congestion, enlargement and inflammation in prostate gland are conditions due to which sperm comes out during stool passing. Congested prostate gland has fluid build-up around it, when pressure is applied to pass stool the fluids ooze onto urinary canal and urethra and come out.

Enlarged or swollen prostate gland constricts urinary canal. Due to constriction when male ejaculates during lovemaking part of semen gets trapped in urethra and not ejaculated. This remaining part comes out when male passes stools. Prostatitis is bacterial infection in prostate gland which makes it swollen. This can be acute and chronic. Flares of prostatitis can bring frequent episodes of problem.

Apart from these health conditions which exhaust reproductive system and affect nerve functions negatively are also causes of the problem. Obesity, long sitting hours, cycling riding etc. are certain conditions which irritate male’s prostate gland and sperm comes out during stool passing. Once a male begins ejaculating while passing stool frequently proper treatment shall be taken as side effects of this problem aggravate quickly and can cause serious harm to male’s health and potency.

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Prevent Ejaculating While Passing Stool

To stop sperm leakage while passing stool males can try natural methods at home. These methods are few changes in dietary and lifestyle regimen but have been found very useful in handling the problem. If the problem of spermatorrhea is occurring due to mild to moderate reasons natural methods in the form of dietary and lifestyle changes are efficient enough to relieve it. For treating the problem occurring due to more serious kind of reasons herbs are recommended which are natural remedies for all sorts of health problems. All these treatments are convenient and can be used at home by male of any age.

Fibre Rich Foods

High Fiber Diet

Include fibre rich foods in the diet to prevent sperm discharge after bowel movement. Dietary fibre improves metabolism and helps in expelling harmful chemical and acids and compounds which get accumulated in the system. These harmful substances cause slow digestion and constipation and trigger problem of sperm loss with stools. Veggies and wholegrain are good source of dietary fibre so all types of green veggies and wholegrain like oats, barley, quinoa etc. shall be taken with regular diet.


Yoghurt also helps in suppressing the problem by improving metabolism and digestion. 1-2 bowls of yoghurt in a day is good natural remedy for spematorrhea. Fruits are good sources of antioxidants and vitamins.

Red Fruits

Red Fruits

Red fruits particularly help to prevent ejaculating while passing stool. Avocado is very nutritious fruit which can be used as natural remedy for spermatorrhea.


Milk provides few useful natural methods to treat spermatorrhea. Drinking a glass of hot milk before bedtime can prevent sperm discharge after bowel movement. For more effective treatment boil a glass of milk with few strands of saffron and drink. Glass of milk boiled with deseeded four pieces of dates and consumed twice in a day also helps in treating the problem. Use of cow’s milk is best for handling spermatorrhea. Garlic, onion and tomatoes are good spices and veggie for treating problem of sperm with bowel movement. Use tomatoes in cooking as cooked tomatoes are more beneficial and supplement antioxidants which handle prostate problem efficiently.

Garlic and Onion

Garlic and Onion

Garlic and onion are anti-bacterial and also aphrodisiac in nature. 3-4 cloves of raw garlic and a medium sized onion in raw form in a day are good ways to handle the problem. Asparagus and foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and zinc are excellent natural remedies for semen with stool problem. Pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds are good sources of zinc and one can get sufficient dosage of omenag-3 fatty acids through flaxseeds, fish and fish oil to handle the problem.

Switching to healthy dietary regimen are also very useful natural ways to control the problem of involuntary loss of semen. Stay active during the day. Avoid long sitting hours or lethargic daily routine. If you are in sitting job take a walk after every couple of hours to maintain blood flow. Regular exercises like walking, jogging etc. help to prevent ejaculating while passing stool. Physically active lifestyle and walking improve digestion and also keep blood flow towards pelvic region healthy to maintain nerve and reproductive system functions higher. Take sufficient sleep and rest to counter stress. Avoid harmful activities like hand-practice, porn material etc. completely. These aggravate weaknesses and make problem serious.

Limit or cut-out smoking, alcoholism etc. Strictly eliminate drugs or other kinds of highly intoxicating recreational products. Drink plenty of water not only it keeps one energized but also facilitates digestion and smooth bowel movement. Avoid excessive tea, coffee, junk and processed food items to maintain digestion healthy. Drink herbal teas during the day. Sage, licorice, fenugreek and cinnamon teas are good herbal teas which help to prevent ejaculating while passing stool and supplement vital nutrients to keep one energized.

Natural Treatment for Sperm Discharge After Bowel Movement

If natural methods fail to provide desired results use of herbs along with natural treatment surely alleviates the problem. Herbs are natural remedies which possess innate properties. These properties are beneficial in treating health problems that affect human beings. Ayurveda is biggest system of medicine which has analysed and documented properties of innumerable herbs. Combination of right kind of herbs in proper dosage provides holistic treatment to problem of sperm with stool.

These natural remedies not only stop the problem and cure it but also reverse its ill-effects on health. The positive impact of herbs take a male’s vitality, virility and potency to much higher level and provide him much pleasurable and healthier life. Today one can use herbs at convenience of home. Herbal supplements are designed and developed for treating health problems thorough herbs. No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules are two most reliable supplements which provide holistic and fast treatment for sperm loss after bowel movement.

These supplements come with multiple herbs as ingredients. Use of these supplements in combination addresses root causes of the problem and alleviates the problem. Since herbs treat the problem by curing its causes the results are long-lasting in nature and male stays away from problem in future. Herbs invigorate body’s natural mechanism to resolve problems by improving body’s internal functions and processes these provide numerous other benefits which other treatments fail to deliver.

In case of semen after bowel movement males by using No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules in combination for sufficient duration gain enviable vitality, virility and vigour and lead a passionate love-life later. These supplements are easy to use. Even in rush of daily life one can use these as there is no complicated method of use. Due to purely herbal nature No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules do not require any prescription before use these are non-contradictory and males undergoing any other treatment can also use these without any worries.

By using No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules one gets benefits of nerve tonic, aphrodisiac, nutritive, hormone balancing, purgatory and anti-ageing herbs with each dose. Nerve tonic herbs repair damaged nerves and strengthen weak ones to stop involuntary loss of sperms. Aphrodisiac herbs elevate level of testosterone hormone and provide a male rejuvenated and reenergized reproductive system. These herbs improve testicular functions and increase sperm count to boost-up male’s virility and fertility.

Nutritive herbs supplement bioactive nutrition which gets absorbed in the body directly and eliminates deficiencies. These herbs improve energy production and keep a male high on stamina and strength. Purgatory and anti-ageing herbs cleanse internal system and make it free from harmful toxins and debilitating free-radicals. Male gains sound health and stay protected from disorders and weaknesses due to effect of purgatory and anti-ageing herbs. Hormone balancing herbs maintain male’s health and energy level higher and also resolve psychological issues. These supplements not only provide holistic treatment for semen with stool problem but much pleasurable, happier and healthy life to a male naturally.

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