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How to Protect Your Liver from Alcohol, Heal Liver from Alcoholism

How to Protect Liver from Alcohol

Natural Supplements to Protect Liver from Alcohol

Alcohol intake has been found as a major reason for liver damage in most of the cases. When a person consumes alcohol it gets transferred into the blood. This blood then enters the liver for cleansing where certain metabolic activities take place to breakdown alcohol.

These metabolic activities produce certain chemicals as a by-product which damage liver cells, in case of chronic alcoholism liver needs to metabolize alcohol regularly which causes more cell damage and make liver fatty and later forms scar tissues.

Due to rapid cell damage liver becomes slow and weak in its functions, toxins keep coming along with alcohol and also with food, air, water and medicines, sluggishness in liver functions increases toxicity which further speeds-up its deterioration. The damage to this organ keeps on progressing and if not checked it can cause liver failure or cirrhosis which are irreversible and life-threatening conditions. One needs to be extra careful to protect liver from alcohol damage if he or she is in the habit of consuming it.

The liver plays many crucial roles. It produces bile to metabolize fat, when it becomes toxic and weak due to alcohol consumption bile production reduces which deteriorates conversion of fat into glycogen and promotes fat deposition.

Glycogen stored in the liver is supplied to the body in the form of glucose to produce energy when sugar levels fall or body needs quick energy. Fatty liver is unable to convert fat into glycogen and provide it to body in the form of glucose to fulfill energy requirement causing severe fatigue and tiredness.

Fatty liver is also unable to purify blood properly; it has high toxicity level which prevents it from performing its functions efficiently. Blood loaded with toxins damage organs and tissues all over the body and lead to poor digestive functions.

Other then these there can be host of other health issues which can surge-up due to poor liver functions and deteriorate entire health of a person. One can protect liver from alcohol by taking proper treatment and reducing alcohol intake.

Alcohol damage shows certain symptoms. Though these can be due to other disorders too but ring a bell to a person in habit of consuming alcohol. Fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea and frequent bloating after small meal, are symptoms of fatty or toxic liver. If disease is not checked more serious symptoms may occur like jaundice, swelling in lower extremities, blood in vomit, frequent bruising, itchy skin, dark patches on skin, weight loss, breathlessness and mental confusions. If one faces these symptoms it is high time to protect liver from alcohol.

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How to Protect Your Liver from Alcohol Naturally?

Herbs to Protect Liver

Livoxil capsules are regarded as the most effective remedies to protect the liver from alcohol damage and also to recover from damages. Using this remedy is the most effective way to how to protect your liver from alcohol. These capsules come loaded with herbs which have been trusted since ancient times for curing disorders and damages caused to this vital organ by toxins.

These capsules contain ingredients like Pitpapda, Sarpunkha, Jhabuka, Makoy, Bakhur-E-Mariyam, Guduchi, Chitraka, Daru Haridra, Arjun, Mandur Bhasma, Bhui amla, Branjasif, Kasmard, Amla, Vayviding, Kutki, Harad, Bang Bhasma, Himsara, Kansi and Punarnva.

Intake of these herbs is how to protect your liver from alcohol and its ill-effects. These capsules promote the production of enzymes which nullify toxins and flush them out quickly. The herbal ingredients of these capsules also nullify incoming toxins and provide a protective layer over the liver.

Livoxil capsules prevent loss of functional integrity of the cell membrane and also protect the liver from hepatic parenchyma. These increase bile production and its secretion to enhance fat metabolism, higher fat metabolism cures fatty liver and control further damages caused by alcohol intake.

Livoxil capsules are the best ways to how to protect your liver from alcohol as these digest alcohol and prevent its hepatotoxic effects; these also supplement active and powerful anti-oxidants which improve blood flow in the organ and prevent back pressure on blood vessels which supply blood. Higher blood flow enhances cell and tissue generation and rejuvenates liver by reversing ill-effects of toxin build-up and alcohol intake.

These capsules supplement vitamin B and E and also important amino acids to further enhance liver functions. These capsules regulate serum cholesterol and maintain healthy levels of triglycerides, lipoprotein, and phospholipids. Some of the herbs used in Livoxil capsules are diuretics these improve urine output and ensure smooth and complete evacuation of toxins from the system.

Regular intake of Livoxil capsules not only work as an effective way to how to protect your liver from alcohol but also enhance its functions by many times. These are wonderful supplements for women who are at high risk of developing toxic or fatty liver due to alcohol intake and also for those who have suffered from hepatitis, have a family history of liver disease, are obese and are diabetic.

One should supplement this herbal treatment by giving up alcohol or limiting its intake to the minimum. This supplement can be taken without any prescription.

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