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9 Best Home Remedies for Stiff Neck to Ease Pain

Home Remedies for Stiff Neck

Head is the heaviest part of the body which is supported by the neck for all the time we are awake. Even when we are sitting our neck holds the weight of head. Levator scapula muscle is the one which attaches neck with shoulders and provide power to neck to turn the head in all four directions and bear its weight, due to many reasons this muscle gets strained and cause pain. Wrong sleeping, sitting or working postures; meningitis and other bacterial infections and problems like cervical herniated disc and osteoarthritis are serious causes of stiff and painful neck. Stiffness in the neck due to mild reasons goes away on its own as cervical spine has powerful recuperative properties but when it stays, needs attention as it is bothering and hinders routine activities. Home remedies for stiff neck provide smooth movement and relieve the pain in a short duration.

Home Remedies for Stiff Neck

Hot Compresses – Natural Treatment for Stiff Neck

Hot compresses are easiest and capable remedies for stiff neck. Soak a towel in warm water and wring it to flush excess water out, wrap this towel around the neck and let it stay for few minutes. Repeat this few more times and perform on regular basis for few days.

Warm Oils – Natural Remedies to Curb Neck Pain


You can also try massages with warm oil, it is better if you have someone else to give you a massage. Warm half cup of mustard, olive or coconut oil in sufficient quantity, add a teaspoon of camphor and mix. Massage entire shoulder and neck area by sliding hands from shoulders up to lower ends of the ears and back. Massage upper back region too and relax for few minutes. This works as one of the effective techniques for stiff neck.

Epsom Salt – Home Remedy to Get Rid of Joint Pain

You can also take a warm water bath; it will enhance blood flow all over the body and will help strained muscle in recuperating quickly. Just fill a bathtub or shower yourself with warm water. You can also try Epsom salt tub baths these have also been found as potent home remedies for stiff neck. Just add two cups of Epsom salt to your bathtub and soak yourself in, make sure that you are dipped in it up to chin covering your entire neck region.

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Warm Rice Bag – Home Remedy to Reduce Neck Pain

Warm Rice Bag

Applications of warm rice bag are other very useful methods. In fact this remedy works for muscle pull and strain at any part of the body. Just wrap few tablespoons of rice in cloth and soak the bag in hot water for one or two minutes. Let the water flow out and apply to the troubled part when it is bearably warm. Apply few times and you can repeat again if pain persists. It is one of the best home remedies for stiff neck.

Celery Leaves – Home Remedies for Stiff and Painful Neck

Celery leaves also provide immense relief in case of stiff neck. Just blend fresh celery to extract a cup of juice and drink; you can repeat this few times in a day. Soak a napkin in apple cider vinegar and wrap it around your neck for few minutes, repeat it few times it also works as one of the effective home remedies for stiff neck.

Exercises – Natural Treatment for Stiff Neck


You can perform a simple exercise to relieve stiffness in neck. Lie down straight on your back on a mattress spread over floor. Do not use pillow. Take deep breath 3 to 4 times and later turn your neck towards left side, take it as far as you can and hold there, breathe deeply for 30 to 40 seconds and then slowly turn it to right side, go as far as you can, hold it there, and breathe again deeply for 30 to 40 seconds. Repeat this at least 5 to 6 times. Now lie down on your belly, keep your head turned towards left and breath for same duration, later turn towards right and breathe again. After repeating it 5 to 6 times you can stand up you will find the stiffness is gone. It is one of the best home remedies for stiff neck.

Ice – Home Remedy to Resolves Pain and Stiffness in Neck

Touch of ice is also good for relieving stiffness in neck, ice numbs the area first and then entices higher blood flow, and higher blood flow in the region resolves pain and stiffness quickly. You can apply ice directly and rub it over the affected part or you can wrap few cubes in a towel and press it over the troubled part. In any way ice works as wonderful home remedies for stiff neck.

Essential Oils – Herbal Remedy to Relieve Stiffness in Joints

Essential Oils

You can utilize immense pain-relieving properties of essential oils to get rid of stiffness in neck. Apply and gently massage oils like rosemary, lavender, pine or juniper. These oils promote blood flow and relax strained muscles to cure the problem quickly. These oils are also tremendous home remedies for stiff neck.

Do not force movements when the neck is stiff, turning head forcefully can aggravate the problem and take more time to heal. If pain accompanies nausea, vomiting, vertigo or inability to imbalance, relax and avoid going out till problem subsides.

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